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Software Review: Qvinci Adds Power to QuickBooks

Qvinci displays QuickBooks data in intuitive charts and dashboards. No need to export or import data, and the program’s impressive graphics capabilities show trends in real-time.

Review: Peachtree by Sage 2010

We take a look at the expanded features and customization available in the annual refresh of Sage’s venerable accounting software.

Review: Klix Online Accounting

Klix Online uses the Internet as the ultimate office network to provide decent accounting capabilities at a reasonable price for businesses with up to 100 users.

Review: FileMaker Pro 10

Version 10 provides powerful improvements to handle your data-management needs while remaining easy to understand and use. It’s a worthwhile upgrade.

Review: ACT by Sage 2009

ACT by Sage 2009 helps you make sense of and track your vital contacts. The newest version offers new integration with Microsoft Outlook, which makes it a worthwhile upgrade.

Review: Business Plan Pro 2008

If you’ve got a great idea for a business, the first thing that you’ll need is a plan. And to help with this, Business Plan Pro, now in version 11, offers an effective tool that can organize thoughts, analyze finances and summarize your strategy.

Life Beyond QuickBooks

If your company's growth rate is straining QuickBooks at its software seams, perhaps it’s time to take the next step in accounting software evolution. We look at four applications that can escort your small business into the mid-market.

Online Services Reduce Payroll Pain

If you’re having trouble understanding the various payroll forms, regulations and procedures, online services such as ADP, Intuit, Paychex and PayCycle will gladly perform the task -- for a price. And for many small businesses, the price is right.

Review: Trend Micro Internet Security 2008

If you want plenty of protection for your data and PCs, Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 can provide it. The venerable program's 2008 edition offers stronger protection against malware, more efficient scanning, and some interface updates.

Intuit Forces Your Upgrade Hand in QuickBooks 2008

The few new improvements and features in QuickBooks 2008 don't merit an upgrade for most people. But if you’re trying to get by with an older version, Intuit’s new policy may make your upgrade decision a foregone conclusion.

Norton Internet Security 2008: Faster, Stronger, Edgier Protection for Your PC

They're everywhere and they're out to get you. No, this isn't a "B" horror movie; it's the deluge of viruses, spyware and hackers assaulting your PC every day. Fortunately, Symantec's latest Norton Internet Security 2008 release is equipped to protect your personal data.

NetBooks: Accounting Meets Business Management

Web-based accounting plus business-management capability adds up to NetBooks, a new contender with impressive sales, vendor and product management features.

Peachtree Produces Smaller Crop of Fresh Fruit

Version 2008 doesn’t offer any new must-have features, but a few improvements plus its reliable inventory management, multi-user security and full-featured accounting may make your business life a little easier.

7-Zip: A Digital Sledgehammer and Crowbar

A good compression tool like the freeware 7-Zip can be a helpful friend that saves storage space and reduces upload and download file transfer times. The real question is how 7-Zip stacks up against its well-entrenched competition, WinZip and PKZip.

The Best RSS Readers

Staying current with your favorite RSS feed requires a top RSS reader. Here are the best choices among desktop, Web-based, and plug-in options.

Choosing an Accounting Package

When it comes to managing a business, you want the strongest accounting package on your side. But which one can serve your business the best? Here are a few tips to help you choose between Microsoft Office Accounting, Peachtree by Sage or Intuit's QuickBooks.

360 Degrees of PC Protection

Symantec has repackaged its security features and PC utilities into a consumer-friendly product that protects your PCs and backs up important data online. While Norton 360 doesn't do everything that Symantec's standalone packages can, it offers a good security mix for home networks.

Microsoft in Hot Pursuit of Your Accounting Business

A dark horse in the race to win your bookkeeping dollars, Microsoft offers a viable application — but is Microsoft Office Accounting Professional good enough to lure customers away from QuickBooks?

Growing With QuickBooks

Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions supports up to 20 people simultaneously, controls access privileges and handles loads of transactions, customers and products. Any firm that relies on QuickBooks and needs more capacity to accommodate growth can turn to Enterprise Solutions as a logical next step.

Beyond PC-cillin: Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 Plus TrendSecure

Beyond scratching the old "PC-cillin" name, Trend Micro has created an impressive new security suite that incorporates its predecessor's anti-virus engine while offering new features to root out rootkits, spyware, phishing schemes, spam, hackers, Wi-Fi attacks, smartphone threats and more.

Review: QuickBooks Premier Edition 2007

As predictable as sparrows returning each year to Capistrano, Intuit's annual QuickBooks upgrade is migrating to retail shelves near you. The 2007 version offers time-tracking and unit conversion capabilities plus marketing features from Google.

Writing a Roadmap to a Better Business

You can't expect to launch a successful business without a detailed plan. Palo Alto's Business Plan Pro 2007 simplifies a daunting process and helps you define a direction and formulate a strategy.

PeachTree Ripe for Picking

Peachtree accounting products turn 30 this year, and in addition to the annual refresh of its standard titles, the company has a higher-end version aimed at the mid-sized business market.

Microsoft Office 2007 Preview: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

The long-awaited Microsoft Office 2007 is now available in a pre-release beta. A look at the preliminary version indicates some well thought-out changes, but will a largely evolutionary update ultimately prove worthy of an upgrade?

Preview: Microsoft Windows Live, Part 2

We continue our series on Microsoft's upcoming online software with a look at Windows Live Toolbar, Windows Live Safety Center and Windows Live Favorites.

Preview: Microsoft Windows Live, Part One

What will be "live" and online from Microsoft in the coming months? Read on as we review beta versions of Windows Live Mail and Windows Messenger, two of the major components in Microsoft's upcoming online services.

Cabinet NG Conquers Chaos

If a clumsy, out-of-control filing system has you drowning in paper, the Cabinet NG software system lets you scan paper documents for easy search-and-retrieval later. It also works well with Intuit's QuickBooks.

Corel WordPerfect Office X3 — Standard Edition

In the battle of the office suites, X3 offers its first-rate word processor, Quattro Pro spreadsheet and a PDF innovation that's unmatched by Microsoft. Plus, it costs nearly $100 less.

Internet Explorer 7: Beta Late than Never?

Microsoft's still playing catch-up with competing Internet browsers, but the latest preview release of Internet Explorer 7 gives a glimpse of what we can expect from the final product.

Take Your Office Suite With You

Portable Apps Suite offers a set of powerful — and free — tools to use on any PC.

Intuit's Cure for Growing Pains

Worried about outgrowing Quickbooks? Don't. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 speeds through accounting tasks, accommodates more information and offers that patented QuickBooks ease-of-use.

A Fresh New Look for Quickbooks

Premier 2006 is faster and more intuitive to use than its predecessors. For the first time in years, it may well be worth the upgrade.

High-Security Data Protection on the Cheap

To ensure 100 percent protection for your computer from spyware, sniffers, prying eyes and other hazards, you'd have to work in a vacuum. The next best thing is Steganos Security Suite 2006.

PowerArchiver 2006: The New King of Compression?

A wealth of features combined with excellent ease of use makes PowerArchiver a compression contender right up there with WinZip and PKZIP.

New ACT, Same Success Story

If you can't keep up with your customers, colleagues and clients, contact management software such as ACT 2006 can track every correspondence, meeting and e-mail when your memory can't. While version 2006 lacks any groundbreaking features, it's great for managing your hectic schedule and many business ties.

Business Plan Pro 2006: Don't Start A Business Without It

Investors and bankers demand well-written business plans before doling out the dollars. If you're facing that daunting task, Palo Alto's Business Plan Pro 2006 offers a comprehensive and powerful package that gets the job done.

Microsoft Accounts for Itself

Can Small Business Accounting 2006 out-maneuver and out-feature its entrenched competition and coax longtime customers away from Peachtree and QuickBooks? In this second of a two-part review, we contrast and compare the three major accounting packages.

Microsoft Plays Numbers Game

Despite arriving late to the ball, Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 offers a comprehensive feature set and incomparable integration with Microsoft Office applications. Small business accounting is a viable three-horse race.

Payroll: It Doesn't Have to Get Ugly

If payroll is your least favorite task, payroll services can do the dastardly deed for you. We take a look at how PayCycle and Paychex — and payroll features in Peachtree and QuickBooks — can simplify your life.

Peachtree 2006 Bears Fruit for Small Business

The company's annual accounting harvest offers convenient new features plus dedicated versions for construction firms and nonprofits.

A Very Viable Alternative: WordPerfect Office 12

With its lower price and interface compatibility with Microsoft Office applications, WordPerfect Office 12 doesn't necessarily come out on top, but it's a great alternative. And perhaps that's all it needs to be.

eProcurement Services for SMBs

Consumers have long used Internet-based services to comparison shop and locate deals. Now, small business owners can do the same with eProcurement services such as BuyerZone, e-z-quote.net and goWholesale.

Dude, You're Gonna Get A Dell � Printer

Dell's 3100cn color laser delivers great text and good color at a price designed to attract the small-business crowd.

Search Engine Toolbar Round Up

Most of the major Web search engines offer toolbars that become part of your browser, letting you conduct quick Web searches at any time and from any site. We compare three of the most popular search toolbars currently available.

Satellite Equals Broadband Lite

You want broadband Internet access for your business, but DSL and cable technologies aren't available in your area. Is satellite broadband a worthy option?

Simply Accounting Upgrades for a New Year

New features and incremental improvements should appeal to longtime customers, but Simply Accounting 2005 doesn't offer any compelling reasons for QuickBooks or Peachtree customers to switch — or for new SMBs to start using it.

Affiliate Marketers: 'Blocking Software Is Killing Us'

The capability to block cookies and pop-up ads is generally a good thing. However, if you are an affiliate marketer, you may have a different take on well-meaning products from companies such as Symantec and McAfee.

QuickBooks 2005 — New and (Slightly) Improved

While they're excellent programs, the latest QuickBooks for 2005 don't boast any killer features. For this fiscal year, QuickBooks mostly offers a series of tweaks and minor enhancements.

Getting Started on eBay

Considering selling via eBay — but don't know where to begin? Here's a basic primer on the why's and how's of launching a business through the e-commerce site.

NetSuite's Online Advantage

NetSuite Small Business lets you manage your financial and accounting data from any Internet-ready PC. But is that enough to make you abandon QuickBooks?

Cheap Software for Novice SMBs

MySoftware offers basic applications geared to the very small business newbie, and you can save a lot of money. Does the performance match the savings?

Projected Financials: Overkill for Most SMBs

If you want to analyze your business finances but don't want to work with spreadsheets, Projected Financials offers an effective pre-defined approach. But is it more than you need?

Sell on the Web: E-Commerce Made Easy

There's money to be made online, and Actinic has the software to help even the techno-phobic among you get an e-commerce site up and running.

The Virtual Conference Room

Online collaboration is a great way for far-flung employees and contractors to work effectively. The latest version of eRoom.net makes it more affordable for small businesses.

Payday by Peachtree

Beyond the usual minor enhancements that we see each year, Peachtree now offers an online payroll service (finally!) that can help make sense of those mind-numbing payroll calculations, deductions and deposits. With that, Peachtree for 2005 is the best version yet.

Priced to Move — and Print, Fax and Scan

The capable, reasonably priced HP OfficeJet 4215 meets the needs of small businesses with low-volume printing and copying needs.

Small Business Guide to Dealing With Spam

Like unchecked vermin, there is seemingly no end to spam. But with the right tools and techniques, you may be able to reduce the volume of spam and ultimately get some work done. Learn about anti-spam options for your small business.

Build an e-Biz With ShopSite

New and experienced online merchants alike can benefit from this simple, yet full-featured, shopping cart system. The company's claim that you can build a Web site in 15 minutes may be true, but you and ShopSite deserve a little more time than that.

What to Look for in a DVD Writer

If you've outgrown CDs to back up and share data, a DVD writer may be a viable and convenient solution. And besides offering lots of data real estate, you'll be able to work with video as well. Learn all about the ins and outs of DVD writers.

Corel Possesses Great Drawing Power

Effectively putting digital pen to digital paper, CorelDRAW offers powerful tools for manipulating vector-based drawings, editing digital photos and creating animated graphics. It's a fantastic design tool for artists and graphics professionals.

TaxCut Cuts Through the Jargon

For tax year 2003, TaxCut offers solid advice and a first rate interview that walks you through the tax preparation process. If you do your own taxes, TaxCut is worth a look, as it can help to navigate that difficult, confusing and rocky tax road.

Intuit's QuickBooks 2004

QuickBooks offers some useful new features for 2004, but its industry-specific versions and new services steal the spotlight. Overall, as you might expect, the family of QuickBooks products remains a trusty accounting solution for many small businesses.

Forecast the Future with Cash Compass

Beyond the cash flow tools found in accounting programs, Cash Compass provides detailed financial analysis that not only helps a small company monitor its cash flow, but can manage its budget and forecast the future as well.

Fireball CyberProtection Suite

When you need to secure a PC, Fireball CyberProtection Suite is a competent product that offers effective firewall, intrusion detection, privacy and parental controls, as well as system assessment and IPSec VPN features.

Quicken 2004 Premier Home & Business

Intuit makes its new version of Quicken easier for novices to set up and improves its investment tracking capabilities. The Home & Business edition can effectively manage a tiny service or retail business.

Peachtree Premium Accounting 2004

Peachtree raises the stakes in the accounting game with some new features, and it maintains strengths found in past versions. As before, Peachtree will appeal to businesses that manufacture goods, as well as to service and retail companies.

WLANs Serve Small Businesses Well

So you think WLANs are only for small home-based businesses or large global enterprises? Here's one small business that found it's better equipped to compete with larger businesses because it deployed a wireless local area network.

Software Review: Microsoft Money 2004

Bigger and not much badder, Microsoft Money 2004 retains everything that was good in the last version and serves some minor new enhancements. Small business owners with basic retail and service companies may find the Small Business version useful, particularly with its year of free payroll service.

MYOB for Windows and Mac

A big fish in the Mac world and a definite contender in Windows, MYOB's latest accounting programs, MYOB Plus version 12 for Windows and AccountEdge for Mac OS X version 3, can help small businesses keep their debits, credits and financial ducks in line.

Microsoft Money 2003 Deluxe

Microsoft Money 2003 offers great Web integration, strong setup tools and excellent planning tools — everything that was good in the prior version. Can Microsoft Money 2003 manage the financial needs of your small business?

WordPerfect Office 11 Standard

The latest WordPerfect Office 11 offers more polish than useful new capabilities, but power users, particularly those in the government, legal and application development arenas, may find the upgrade worthy.

Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003

The latest Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003 will appeal to businesses that manufacture goods or have lots of inventory to manage. Despite the latest enhancements, for many small businesses, the latest version is probably not worth the upgrade.

Software Review: McAfee VirusScan Professional 7.0

McAfee's VirusScan Professional 7.0 offers powerful anti-virus capabilities and related utilities to help keep business-oriented PCs secure and safe. But will it work for your small business?

Software Review: Simply Accounting 2003

Simply Accounting 2003 offers adequate accounting features for just under $40 bucks. But its new e-commerce capabilities really steal the show, making the acocunting application highly appealing to Web-oriented small businesses.

Working With Latest Version Of QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier 2003 effectively combines ease of use and strength, and is a first-rate program for small businesses with up to 20 employees. This year's edition offers some enhancements over last year's version and continues to make clear sense of a company's bottom line. Combined with Intuit's related services, QuickBooks Premier 2003 is tough to beat.

First Look: Norton Internet Security 2003 Professional Edition

The product is designed to address the security needs of small business users with protection against hackers, viruses, threats to information assets, and Internet productivity distractions in one solution.

First Look: Quicken 2003

The latest version will work with the new Quicken Brokerage that's powered by Siebert.

First Look: E-Mail Filter For Individuals and Businesses

Targeted specifically to parents, home individuals, or small work groups, MiserMail claims the ability to remove up to 99% of spam and porno from your inbox.

GFI Email Security Zone

GFI Email Security Zone is a free site with ten tests that help you determine if your e-mail system is secure against current and future e-mail threats, including e-mails containing infected attachments, e-mails with malformed MIME headers, and HTML mails with embedded scripts.

McAfee Updates Its Anti-Virus, Security, and Utility Product Line

McAfee's newly revamped products include McAfee VirusScan Home Edition 7.0 with heuristics via Hostile Activity Watch Kernel (HAWK) protection and an integrated personal firewall; McAfee Internet Security 5.0, a security suite with extended sets of privacy protection and parental controls, McAfee Firewall with hacker tracing capabilities, and McAfee QuickClean 3.0, with cleaners and added spyware detection.

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