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50 iPad Apps deliver Your Free News Fix

Stay informed with all the news that fit to print, um, post. And since you work hard and deserve a little fun, our list of includes a few iPad apps that will entertain you, too.

50 Apps to Secure Your iPad

This list of 50 iPad security apps means you no longer have an excuse for walking around with an unsecured mobile device. Take your pick and let your iPad have a safer New Year.

Small Business Communications: 50 iPad Apps

With apologies to Paul Simon, here are 50 ways to communicate on your iPad. Small Business communications have never more fun or effective.

Dropcam Echo Security Camera Review

This wireless surveillance video camera is the easiest to use ever. The only thing we'd change about this one is its price.

Top 50 Mobile Apps for iPad

These iPad apps run the gamut of free and paid, with just the right mix of business and pleasure and a bit weird tossed in for fun.

Google Rides Collaboration Wave

Although still in beta, Google’s Wave combines the benefits of e-mail, instant messaging and word processing.

D-Link Wireless Webcam Not Ready for Its Close-up

If you’re looking for a nifty little wireless Webcam, look elsewhere. The D-Link DCS-1130 Wireless N Network Camera disappoints on nearly every level.

Top 50 iPhone Apps Provide the 411

These iPhone apps help you keep your fingers on the pulse of news, weather, sports, tech, business, and just about everything else you might need.

Roam Warrior: The 50 Best Business Apps for iPhone

A slew of iPhone apps pack power in your pocket and keep you productive when you’re away from the office. We run down the top 50.

Collaborate Online with Apple's iWork.com

Along with new versions of the three included apps -- Keynote, Pages, and Numbers -- Apple has built in one-click integration with its new collaboration service, iWork.com.

Smartphone Reviews: Samsung Saga, LG Incite & HTC Fuze

These three smartphones all run on Windows Mobile, but provide completely different user experiences. We'll help you find the one that's right for you.

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Tips, Part II

Can't get enough info on your new BlackBerry Storm? Read our second installment of useful smartphone tips.

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Tips, Part 1

Want to get more from your BlackBerry Storm? Check out this collection of usage tips.

Review: 10 Must-Have T-Mobile G1 Apps

Some fantastic applications that'll make your Google-phone even better—and you won't have to pay a dime

Review: Palm Treo Pro

It's beautiful, it's business-friendly, but is it too little too late for Palm?

OpenOffice 3.0 Beefs Up Collaboration, Battles Microsoft

The free alternative to Microsoft Office and other commercial office suites is looking more professional and full-featured than ever.

Review: iPod touch 2nd Generation

The newest version of the Wi-Fi-enabled iPod touch is billed as "the funnest iPod ever." And who couldn't use a bit of fun right about now?

Review: iPhone 3G

It's not just hype that's made the iPhone the hottest smartphone around. If you're due for an upgrade, take a good look at the iPhone 3G.

iPhone 2.0: A Must-Have Upgrade?

There's much to like about the 2.0 software upgrade, which adds a huge variety of features and programs to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Does Your Site Need to Add Video?

And, if so, is a video content provider right for you? There are several services around that let you add videos to an established site, but what do you get for your money? And do they create a better user experience?

Review: Samsung SCH-i760 - A Sturdy Business Smartphone

Flexible and ready to work however you like, the SCH-i760 sports numeric keypad, a touch-screen, and a side-out QWERTY keyboard.

Review: T-Mobile Shadow--A Smooth Operator

New Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone from T-Mobile is both full-featured and surprisingly easy on the eyes.

2008: The Year of the Wireless Monitor

It's true: wireless monitors are coming. DisplayLink announced that it will demonstrate the first working models next month.

iReview the iPod Touch

The new Wi-Fi-enabled iPod is a "touch" disappointing.

Limitations Hinder Google Apps Premier Edition

The Google Apps Premier Edition is divided into tools for communication, collaboration and publishing, but it's not as fully featured as other tools.

Review: Palm Treo 700wx Improves on 700w For Sprint

The latest iteration of the Palm smartphone doubles storage space over previous Windows Mobile model and bundles push e-mail out of the box.

Central Desktop: Quick, Convenient Collaboration

This browser-based instant workplace system adds online and phone conferencing.

Zimbra Improves with Sharing, Device Compatibility

Already a strong product, Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.0 is now even more useful with online document creation and mobile device compatibility.

A RAZR-Thin Communicator

How did they fit all those features into such a slim and sexy package?

Collaboration in a Box

Joyent's Accelerator combination hardware-and-software solution offers small businesses multiple collaboration features.

Document Management as a Service

Formerly known as DocExchange, SpringCM is an inexpensive, hosted-document management system that offers small businesses plenty of features without a lot of complexity.

Don't Walk, Sprint: A Pocket PC Phone That's Worth the Price

Sprint's new Pocket PC Phone runs on Windows Mobile 5 and offers workers a raft of tools to stay connected on the road.

Last-Minute Gifts for the Palm in Your Hand

Still need the right present for an on-the-go relative, friend or colleague? Our eclectic list of accessories for PDAs, Smartphones and handhelds could be just the ticket to a happy holiday.

Wi-Fi in the Palm of Your hand

The mid-range TX is the lowest priced Palm handheld to ever integrate Wi-Fi — and it's a good all-around business and personal tool.

Build Your-Own Intranet

A company intranet lets employees share information, tools and resources. Vialect 's software lets you create one easily — without an IT department.

Dreamweaver MX 2004: A Dream Come True?

The release of Dreamweaver MX 2004 is so cutting edge that it's apparently three months ahead of the calendar. With cascading style sheets central to this latest version and improved integration with Microsoft Word and Excel, it will not disappoint.

Content Management For Any Type Of Content

Progressive Information Technologies would like you to know that Vasont is more than your typical content management system. For starters, content is stored in a pure state that is unassociated with any specific content type. This allows you to repurpose that information into a book, Web site, internal resource center, or anything else.

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