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Super Tuesday, The Holiday Heavyweight

Online retailers pull for Super Tuesday, the heaviest online traffic day of the holiday season. Or so says the data.

Kasperksy Admits Antivirus Flaw

Some call the flaw critical, but the security firm downplays the hole.

PayPal Reduces Micro Payments

The online payment services firm adjusts micro payments to lure new customers.

Small Devices, Big Risks

Businesses still overlook security risks posed by their workers' USB memory sticks, iPods and PDAs.

Apple Releases Slew of Security Patches

The company addresses a number of OS vulnerabilities with security update.

HIPAA Deadline Passes, SMBs Fall Short

Health care organizations still working to comply with HIPAA.

LinkedIn Services B2B

The networking company that brings people together expands its arsenal to include business services.

310,000 Exposed by LexisNexis Data Breach

Company estimates data breach affected 10 times the U.S. residents as originally reported.

Your Personal Info: Who Lets it Slip?

Report says banks and insurance companies most likely to hand out personal information.

Is eBay Past Its Peak?

As eBay prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Internet giant is having perhaps its roughest stretch since the company founder launched the site as a way to help his wife trade Pez dispensers.

McAfee Enhances Anti-virus Protection

The security vendor battles for the right to protect your business from computer viruses as it releases an enhanced version of its Managed VirusScan.

Virus Threatens Mobile Phones Again

The latest mobile phone virus is capable of going global in minutes.

Microsoft Upgrades Small Biz Offering

The release promises better financials, streamlined reporting and order processing — among other things — for smaller companies.

Viruses Crowded Internet in 2004

It was a banner year for virus writers, hackers and spammers, as worms and phishing attacks rocketed to new levels and security concerns headed mainstream.

Write-Protect Your Hard Drive

Centurion's software, CompuGuard Cornerstone, aims to wipe out mistakes and viruses — but not your critical data — every time you reboot

The Risk of At-Work Surfers

A recent study shows that most employees are unaware of security risks associated with surfing the Internet on the job — are yours?

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