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Let's Talk 'About Us'

Countless Web sites have an 'About Us' section. Few of these relay much useful information at all. Even fewer convey what a small business really want customers to think they're all 'about.' Usually, 'About Us' is where all the company blather is moth-balled. Let's reconsider the 'About Us' page.

Eight Ways To Land On A Logo

Spending months trying to get your logo just right? You might be suffering from logoitis. Consider spending less time developing a graphic image and more time developing your business.

Make Your Web Content Gender Aware

Guess who's coming to your Web site? The new online shopper is mature, female, and ready to buy. Avoid stereotypical trappings and learn how to target this cautious, thoughtful, female audience.

Better Content Starts Today

When it comes to Web content, you should always be discontent. That is to say — you can't rest on your laurels — Web content needs to be fresh. A content management expert offers nine new ways to breath new life into your Web site.

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