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Dell Unveils Data Warehousing and Virtualization Solutions for Midrange Companies

Data warehousing, desktop virtualization and private clouds top the list of Dell's new midrange offerings.

Office Live Almost Ready for Prime-Time Testing

Microsoft offers details on the services it will include in its soon-to-be-released hosted software for small businesses.

Salesforce Outage a Blow to On-Demand Sector?

Rivals revel at nearly 6 hours of downtime, but hey, stuff happens.

Yahoo Analytics Marries Online And Off

A partnership with Marketing Management Analytics aims to check ROI across media.

Sony, GlowPoint Team for IP Video Service

Sony will sell 'Instant Video Everywhere' to business and consumers.

Yahoo Finally Hits Blog Scene

Late to the party, Yahoo joins other search entities with social networking and blogging services of its own.

FTC Closing CAN-SPAM Loopholes

Spam-fighting feds figure out the fine points of anti-spam law.

Microsoft's Rolling SMB Thunder

Microsoft takes its show-and-tell for small businesses on the road.

HP Launches SMB Security Initiative

HP offers a variety of new products and services to help SMBs fight viruses and improve security.

A New Breed of Phish

As new attacks leave banks vulnerable to a mix of hacking and spoofing, SMBs should stay alert and avoid clicking on any URL links embedded in the e-mail they receive.

Don't SPIT on VOIP

It's only a matter of time before spam and denial of service attacks affect VoIP. Is anyone ready?

Spammed If You Do, Spammed If You Don't

The Federal Trade Commission concluded recently that a national registry of consumer e-mail addresses would just make things easier for spammers and could actually increase the total amount of spam.

eBay Makes Shipping More Fluid

If you operate an eBay store, shipping your wares just got a little easier. The auction giant inked a deal with Pitney Bowes to allow customers to calculate and pay shipping costs as well as print labels from the desktop.

Salesforce.com's In-Office Appearance

The hosted customer relationship management service provider uses the Web to send its customer information directly to Microsoft Office documents, allowing SMBs greater integration and customization.

Windows98 Back on Life (Cycle) Support

The decision to extend support reverses an earlier Microsoft announcement that Windows 98 was reaching the end of its support period on Jan. 16, 2004. An analyst contends that the move was influenced by CEO Steve Ballmer.

Trust Issues Loom Over E-Commerce

A new survey conducted for TRUSTe shows consumer fears about privacy and information safety could hurt sales for online retailers, especially for small business e-commerce sites that don't post a privacy policy.

Small Business Server 2003

The newest edition to Microsoft's server lines has great integration and ease of use, analysts say. But the company may have to work to get price-sensitive small- and medium-sized businesses to see the benefits of server-based computing.

E-Commerce On a Steady Rise

Online pure plays like Amazon and eBay are faring well, while the brick-and-mortar set still struggle to drive online consumers to their offline stores and then back to the Web. For smaller businesses, it pays to latch onto the success of others.

Bogus E-mail Targets Citibank Customers

The latest variation on the 'phishing' fraud alert scam warned that the recipient's checking account could be suspended. Its muddy language makes it easier to spot.

Intuit Acquisition Bulks Up E-Tax Offerings

After a successful partnership last year, the tax software provider buys Income Dynamics, in its quest to create special products for customer niches.

VAT Kicks In, Headaches Begin

The European Union's version of sales tax on digital downloads may end up backfiring with many e-tailers asking, 'How's the EU gonna find me to collect?' A lot of smaller companies aren't aware of this law. Many don't see how they can comply.

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