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Online Research Sites and Tools

All small business owners need reliable information about their respective industries and, at times, a host of other subjects. The Internet's a great resource, but where to begin? Here are some sites to get you started.

Small Business Financing: Online Resources and Tools

Looking for funds to kick your business into high gear? A host of online tools can help you find new sources of cash. But digital convenience isn't a silver bullet — you still need to have all your financial ducks in a row.

Protect and Compress: WinZip Adds Oomph to Outlook

WinZip Companion dovetails neatly with Outlook to let you compress and encrypt your documents and e-mail.

Write Locally, Print Nationally — FedEx Kinko's Makes It Happen

The oddly named File,Print FedEx Kinkos lets you deliver printed materials to your clients down the street or across the country.

IT Financing for SMBs

Banks and other commercial lenders aren't the only financing options available to SMBs. We take a look at what big-name tech companies have to offer.

What's Your Plan? A Little Strategy Goes a Long Way

So you want to join the e-commerce rush? Our Small Business Advisor has a few important tips on business planning to help you increase your chances of success.

End of Year Tips for Building a Better Business

Our Small Business Advisor takes a look at a few last-minute ways you can save money, improve your business, become more competitive, and get a jump on April 15th.

Online Research Options & Sources

Finding the right information for business proposals or any client-related projects can be daunting. Fortunately, our Small Business Advisor has a few research tips up his sleeve.

Tech Protection for Natural Disasters

When disaster strikes, a protection plan can be all that stands between your business and the brink of bankruptcy. Here's what one Floridian SMB owner learned.

Build Your SMB Web site on a Budget

A Web site can do wonders for an SMB, but not everyone can afford their own personal Webmaster. The good news is that you can build one yourself without spending a lot of money.

Get the 411 on SEO

Whether it's for free or for a fee, search engine optimization helps bring the world to your Web site.

How to Succeed in E-Commerce Business

Sure, anyone can open an online store, but not everyone will be successful at it. The Small Business Advisor outlines the technical and nontechnical issues you need to consider before you hang your virtual shingle.

Preserve the Sanctity of Your E-mail List

This month Steve Windhaus, our Small Business Advisor, answers reader questions about e-mail marketing ethics, adding services to local government Web sites and low-cost software for mass e-mailing.

What to do When Your Boss is an IT Scrooge

Broadband? Bah humbug! This month our 'Small Business Advisor' helps a frustrated office manager connect with 21st Century computer technologies. Learn how to get you boss to loosen the ties that bind employee productivity in a small office.

Hiring a Consultant? Factor In The Intangibles

Not certain what intangibles to consider when hiring a consultant? Let our 'Small Business Advisor,' Steve Windhaus, help you discover what illusive attributes to look for when seeking a small business consultant.

Meet Our 'Small Business Advisor'

Small Business Computing.com is more than just an online magazine. We are a resource for small businesses struggling to keep up with new technologies. Meet the latest addition to our team — Steve Windhaus — your 'Small Business Advisor.'

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