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A Chromebook Review: The ASUS C300

The compact ASUS Chromebook C300 is an affordable and highly functional companion to keep your small business humming while you're on the go.

Run Your Small Business in the Cloud

Desktop software, server applications and even PCs are technological relics. Everything you need to run your small business is in the cloud. This resource will help you get started.

Disaster Relief: 10 Tech Tools to Save Your Business

Many small businesses did not survive the record number of natural disasters in 2011. Make 2012 the year that you protect your data -- and your livelihood. These 10 tools can help.

A Small Business Guide to Desktop Databases

We look at three of the top desktop databases favored by small business owners just like you.

10 Top Small Business Security Tools

Protecting business and client data should be top priority for every business owner. Our 10 small business security products help protect against threats both outside and inside your organization.

5 Email Security Tips to Protect Your Small Business

An essential part of daily business, email is also a gateway into your company. These five email security tips will help secure the gateway and protect your business from email attacks.

Top 10 SMB Tech Predictions for 2011

The SMB Group has published its Top 10 SMB technology predictions for 2011, with mobile computing and social media looming large for small businesses in the coming year.

Review: HP Compaq 6005 Pro Desktop Computer

This souped-up small business computer has enough power for even the most demanding software. C'mon, take it for a ride.

Smartphones Most Popular Mobile Device by 2011

The Nielsen Company projects that smartphone sales will outpace those of standard feature mobile phones within a year.

A Guide to Small Business Color Laser Printers

Confused by all the options when it comes to choosing a small business printer? This handy guide provides everything you need to buy a color laser printer that suits both your needs and your budget.

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A Wi-Fi Wish List for the Holidays

Give or get the gift that keeps on giving all year long: Wi-Fi gear. These wireless goodies will keep you mobile and in touch no matter where business, or pleasure, takes you.

Free Web Resources for Small Business

Service Magic, Ask500 Independent People, PDFtoWord and TheFreeLibrary — free Web sites that can make your life a whole lot easier.

PrinterShare: Print Documents Over the Web

Remote printing with Printshare lets you print files over the Internet for those times when you either can’t — or don’t want to — send it via e-mail.

Free MS Office Versus Google Apps

The clash of the software titans continues as Microsoft plans to release a free version of its popular Office suite.

Google Bumps Chrome from Browser to Operating System

The search giant plans a free operating system to take on Windows with netbooks as the first target.

HP Unifies Storage, Eases Virtualization for SMBs

HP bolsters its small business lineup with new unified data storage systems, SANs and a virtualization in a box bundle.

Five Ways to Drive SharePoint Adoption

These simple steps can help your employees adapt and accept portals as a collaborative, successful way to get the job done.

Economy Drives Growth in Web-based Software

Industry pioneers Salesforce and NetSuite successfully set the hosted-business software table and, in a down economy, other companies rush to grab a seat.

HP Aims ProBook Notebooks at Small Business

The new mainstream laptop line replaces the Compaq brand and also offers an optional pre-installed Linux operating system.

Netbooks on the Verizon

The major wireless telecom provider plans to start selling netbook computers.

Apple Rolls Out New iMac, Mini and Mac Pro

Apple today announced new Mac models.

Gateway Unveils Value-Priced Quad-Core Desktops

Need a computer that multitasks as hard as you do? Gateway introduces a pair of fully loaded quad-core PCs designed to wring the most from 64-bit Windows Vista, with thoroughly modern features like HDMI output and Labelflash DVD creation.

Xerox Intros Affordable Color Laser and MFP

Color print speeds up to 26 ppm and full-featured scanning, copying, and faxing are among the attractions of Xerox's newest Phaser color printer products. Both use a new, finer toner for higher resolution and crisper image quality.

Getting Virtual: VMware Endorses Iomega Desktop Storage Devices

The biggest name in server virtualization gives its VMware Ready Certified status to Iomega's dual- and quad-drive, $300-and-up network attached storage (NAS) arrays.

Netbooks Take Center Stage in Vegas

Debate continues on the role of the netbook: laptop and desktop companion, or a replacement that could become yet a third computing option.

Palm Debuts 'Pre' Smartphone, Operating System at CES

Pre impresses, but can it win back customers from iPhone?

How to Use Teamwork Tools in Microsoft Word 2007

When working on documents with other people, tracking changes has the potential to save time and help keep others well informed and on the same page.

Tech Companies Push Stylish, Personal Design

Taking a page from Apple's playbook, PC vendors finally add flair to standard PC fare.

Last-minute Gadgets for the Small Business Jock

It's never too late for a great gift. Whether you're a holiday procrastinator or just looking for a good deal, these suggestions will put a smile on your favorite athlete.

Equal Net Access? Google Wants a 'Fast Lane'

OpenEdge proposal would favor Google content, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

iPhone Says 'Welcome to Wal-Mart'

Word on the street says the mammoth retailer plans to sell a $99 iPhone starting before Christmas.

Facebook Hit With 'Koobface' Virus

A persistent attack takes advantage of social networking's booming popularity.

Hot Deals on Cool Mobile Phones

Trying to cut costs but still want a fancy phone? Take a look at these ways to save without sacrificing geek chic.

WPA-Enterprise for Small Businesses (Part 4)

In Part 4 of our five-part series on setting up a WPA-Enterprise wireless network in a small business environment, Eric Geier shows readers how to set up wireless clients on the network and configure the wireless router and/or access points.

Fire! Sony's Laptop Batteries Spark Recall

Over-heated laptops lead the comapany to recall 100,000 batteries world-wide.

Build Your Online Business with Opt-In Lists

Opt-in lists, sometimes known as permission based marketing, is an effective way of building your business. In this article, you'll learn the different ways of collecting data for ongoing campaigns.

Apple Eases Recession Fears, Slashes Notebook Prices

Apple cut the price on its entry-level notebook computer to $999 and introduced a line of aluminum-clad machines aimed budget-minded buyers.

How To: Laptop Security Basics

How secure is your laptop? These tips written by a member of the AntiOnline Security Forums at our sister site EnterpriseITPlanet will help keep your data out of grabby hands.

Mobile Phone Users Smart on Security

A survey shows that as dependency on mobile devices increases, users know the importance of protecting stored data and network access.

Microsoft Adds Subcription Model for Office

Redmond adds a new twist in its pricing plans for the ubiquitous office-productivity package.

Google Starts Letting You Edit Documents Offline

Internet down? No problem. Now you can keep working and edit your Google documents offline.

Microsoft to Expand Its Web Services

Fighting off increasing competition, Microsoft plans to increase its e-mail and collaboration Web services and make them available to businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Cuts Vista Prices

In an effort to urge people to upgrade to the Vista operating system, Microsoft plans to cut prices at retail outlets.

The Best Free Service You've Never Used

Zoho isn’t so much a replacement for Microsoft Word as it is an additional source of fun and useful tools.

Internet Helps Doctor Get Back to Basics

Since Dr. Howard Stark moved his medical practice online, he feels more like a small-town family doctor.

Dell Updates Blade Server Offering

New PowerEdge M1000e is designed to set up and run as easily as a Dimension desktop.

Telecommuting Not So Great for Those Left Behind

Telecommuting may boost morale and cut stress, but it can have the opposite effect on those left behind in the office, according to a new study.

Slim Apple Laptop Expected at Macworld

Will Apple's latest products, including a new thin laptop, pack the wow-factor of the iPhone?

Apple Shipping New Mac Pro and Xserve Server

New hardware has business, not consumer, bent.

Microsoft Vista Sales Hit 100 Million

Bill Gates announces the milestone as the business world awaits Service Pack 1, due in Q1 2008.

Electronics Makers Vie to Make Machines Green

Ahead of next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, electronics firms are competing to outdo each other as environmentally friendly.

SanDisk Flash Drive to Offer Automatic Web Storage

The company teams with BeInSync to put data backup in the palm of your hand.

The Top 5 E-mail Marketing Uses In 2007

E-mail marketing experienced another year of explosive growth. With so many new businesses putting e-mail marketing software to work, there's been increased activity in almost every industry imaginable.

Microsoft Releases Office Update Ahead of Schedule

Microsoft said yesterday that it released the first major update of its Office 2007 productivity software at least one month ahead of its projected target.

Dell to Sell PCs at Best Buy

The Round Rock, Texas company takes another step outside its traditional buy-direct business model.

ESET Smart Security: Efficient PC Protection with Minimal Overhead

ESET Smart Security is a relatively compact security tool that provides broad and effective protection against Internet-borne malevolence with minimal overhead.

How to Promote Your Product with Organic Search

Pay-per-click marketing is often quite expensive and one of the major complaints of small businesses. An alternative? Work at improving your organic search results.

Verizon Wireless Opens Network

Verizon Wireless said it will open its network to any phone or application, making it the first major U.S. mobile service to give in to Google's demands.

Dell to Offer Google Search Devices to Businesses

Dell and Google team up to make it easier for companies to search their own sites.

Google Plans Service to Store Users' Data: Report

Is Google preparing to become the world's hard drive?

Telecommuting Boosts Morale, Cuts Stress

Stress, work-family balance and employee motivation aren't just big business concerns. Some small businesses can benefit from thinking outside the cubicle, too.

Wireless Security: Say No to WEP, And Yes to WPA

If reports and studies are accurate, a significant percentage of wireless LANs (especially those used in homes) are still using outdated and insecure WEP for their encryption.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Your wired network can let rogue devices connect, but with the right tools, it can also help distinguish threats.

DIY Tips for a Spam-Free Inbox

McAfee anti-spam researcher Guy Roberts shares his dos and don'ts for reducing spam in 2007.

Many Office Functions, One Low Price

Furnishing a home office on a $200 budget? Lexmark's ready with an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax/copier complete with features often absent at this price such as automatic document feeder, flash-card slots, preview LCD and optional six-ink color for photo printing.

ACT For Palm Receives Major Update

Take your ACT on the road and keep your business contacts in the Palm of your hand with a new mobile version of this popular PIM.

HP Advances Mobile Messenger Line

HP's hw6900 makes a good choice for anyone looking for a BlackBerry-style Windows Mobile smartphone with a QWERTY thumb-keyboard.

A BlackBerry by Any Other Shape

The 7130e's new mobile-phone design is less clunky and features a fast EV-DO Internet connection.

Windows OneCare Live: Total PC Protection from Microsoft?

Ever feel like you spend all your time protecting and maintaining your PC? Just released in beta testing Windows OneCare is Microsoft's answer to the hassle of installing and maintaining system security tools such as antivirus apps, firewalls and system restore utilities.

Shrunken Sony, Shocking Price

Light and wide is in these days, and Sony's gone and whittled down the Vaio TX670P to a waif-like 2.8 pounds. The bigger screen is a sight to behold, but that price — ouch.

A Disconnect Between SMBs, VoIP

SMB decision-makers are interested in VoIP, but service providers aren't making it easy for them to buy.

Basic Security Safeguards for Pocket PC

You can take certain step to secure your Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone, the information on it, and the network the handheld is attached to without purchasing third-party software.

Testing Backup and Restore: Why It Matters

A consultant and small business owner shares lessons learned from a lost weekend and explains why it's important to make sure that your backup system works before you need it.

Printer Sets Good Example for Small Business Security

While recent surveys suggest that small businesses aren't prepared for ever-present security issues, this Boston area printer has maintained a pristine operation since a scare six years ago.

Inside Spyware: Part Four

In the final installment of our series, we look at even more spyware and adware prevention methods.

Inside Spyware: Part Three

In part three of our four-part series, we look at a variety of ways to avoid spyware infestation.

Inside Spyware: Part Two

In part two of our four-part series, we discuss identifying and removing spyware.

Inside Spyware

Online pests can range from the annoying to the downright dangerous. This four-part guide takes a step-by-step approach to diagnosing, removing and preventing spyware infestations.

Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition: Advancing the Fight Against Malware

To halt annoying spyware and adware, as well as viruses and worms that want to wreak havoc on your PC, Symantec has released Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition, an enhanced version of its Norton Internet Security 2005 suite that seeks out and attacks spyware.

Sounds of Silence: Optiplex Goes BTX

A powerful PC in the new BTX chassis makes a strong-but-silent addition to your small business.

A Network In A Box

If you're looking for big security features in a small package, this network appliance is ready to serve and protect your small businesses by providing a firewall, VPN capabilities, URL filtering, virus screening, spam filtering and more in one easy-to-configure device.

Apple's New iMac — It's All in the Display

SMB's that work on Macs will love the iMac's new look that's both stunning and space saving.

Does Adding NAS Attract Worms and Viruses?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is an excellent option for SMBs that handle large amounts of data — we look at ways to keep viruses at bay. Plus, we tell you how to configure your router for online games and voice chat.

Two LANs Aren't Better Than One

One house, two LANs and a single Internet connection just don't add up. We look at how networks in two rooms can share one cable modem.

Voice Over Wireless Networks: Almost Ready for Prime Time?

The combination of WiFi and VoIP offers the potential for dramatic savings. Even if you're not ready to do it today, you'll want to be planning to try it soon.

Wide Area File Services Make Your World a Little Smaller

When one office needs to stay in synch with another, WAFS is the next best thing to being in the same building.

Avoiding Information Overload in Storage Management

Network monitoring is essential but the reams of data can quickly overload you. Here's how one company got its head above water.

Active Storage Experiment Aims to Solve a Common Problem

A federal agency leads a project that hopes to pioneer a technique for sharing data while reducing network bottlenecks.

Network Security Fix Breaks Some Websites

Microsoft's release of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 will close some security holes but a number of common Web design techniques will need to be changed.

Plan for Foiling Spammers Adances

Sender ID aims to take away one of the spammer's favorite tools: a faked return address.

Bringing Passwords Under Control

As companies clamp down on security, the cost of managing passwords is going up. Here's one solution.

Surprise Storage Risk: iPods Threaten Network Security

They seem innocent enough but analysts warning that MP3 players could bring viruses inside your company and let valuable intelligence escape.

Special Reports on SmallBusinessComputing

Learn about new technolgies that are essential to running a successful small business.

Software Review: StarOffice 6.0

With a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation creation tool, drawing application and database, Sun's business productivity suite remains a popular alternative to Microsoft Office.

Low Budget Search Engine Marketing

Need to be found in the search engines but can't afford to hire a specialist? How can you attract visitors to your web site with little or no funding? Three experts share their proven low budget techniques.

Understanding WLAN Routers

Wireless Local Area Network routers have definite advantages over access points when connecting multiple devices to a broadband network. Learn what routers do and how to configure them for a small business or home office setup.

SMBs Do More With Less By Outsourcing CRM Systems

With limited expertise, infrastructure, and budgets, small to mid-sized business demands can exceed internal resources. Outsourcing to a hosted solution enables SMBs to focus on other priorities, like day-to-day business sales and operations.

Tech Data Announces New SAN Bundle for Small Business

The offering combines products from Brocade Communications Systems, Computer Associates (CA) and Emulex.

Don't Let Lost Data Put Your Business At Risk

Sales transactions, customer contact details, and other business records reside at the core of your daily business routine. Take a cue from the U.S. Small Business Administration and cover your assets — if you haven't already implemented a data recovery system, now is good time to give your data its due.

First Look: NETGEAR 802.11a+b Access Point

NETGEAR now offers both dual-band wireless access points and PC cards that promise an ability to migrate existing wireless networks to 802.11a speeds while protecting 802.11b infrastructure investments

Online Retailers Ring Up a Merry Christmas

E-tailers thrived this season despite a shorter shopping season and a weakened economy, a sign of stronger e-tail seasons to come.

Test Drive: D-Link AirPro 2.4GHz/5GHz Multimode Wireless Access Point

With no real Wi-Fi unity ahead in 2003, it's time to embrace dual-mode products, and they don't come much better than D-Link's 802.11a/b+ access point.

The Top 6 Trends of 2003: Don't Predict the Future, Invent It

You can guess what's going to happen next year, or you can go right out and make it happen.

Buyer's Guide: Network Appliances

An appliance is a self-contained device that offers one or more network services, from search to e-mail hosting. Are they a good fit for your organization?

Curtailing Credit Card Fraud

Learn how your business can minimize the risks of online credit card fraud while building a smarter — fraud savvy customer base.

D-Link DUB-E100 USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter

Who says Ethernet ports have to be integrated? With the advent of 480Mbps USB 2.0, attaching an external Fast Ethernet external device is now possible.

A Media Buyer's Wish List

Close your eyes and imagine a future in which advertisers, publishers, agency folks, and Internet users live in peace and harmony.

Gateway Tablet PC: Ultimate Workplace Companion?

More reliable than a Post-It note and more colorful than an Etch A Sketch, the union of Gateway and Motion Computing produces yet another tablet PC offering.

Maximizing Wireless LAN Performance

As companies deploy higher performance wireless LANs to support enterprise applications, it becomes crucial to consider techniques that improve performance. Here's what to consider when maximizing WLAN performance.

First Look: Simply Accounting 2003

Simply Accounting 2003 offers small businesses an accounting system that includes payroll and e-commerce features, for $39.99. The Simply Accounting 2003 Pro version adds multi-user, multi-currency, and time billing capabilities for $89.99.

First Look: NetLedger Salesforce.com Migration Program

NetLedger announced new migration capabilities that will let businesses switch from Salesforce.com's legacy stand-alone SFA application.

Non-Bland Brand Building

Making customers smile (or even laugh) is hardly the worst thing that could happen to your brand.

Is Shopping At the Mall a Part of Christmas Past? Not Yet.

Online shopping hasn't put brick and mortar stores out of business yet. But ecommerce is growing, and bringing with it some fundamental changes in consumer behavior.

Report Points to Massive Increases in Viruses, Spam

Probably you don't need anyone to tell you this, but the email security service provider MessageLabs confirms it anyway: email-borne computer viruses are on the rise, as is spam.

Email's Getting More Personal. Should You?

Unique, dynamically generated emails aren't for everyone. Are they right for your business?

Linksys Announces New Network Attached Storage Device

Linksys' new EtherFast Instant GigaDrive network-attached storage device offers file, print server and web-based management.

Choosing an Email Newsletter Broadcast Service

Coming up with a plan is only half the battle. Find out how to execute and get those newsletters out there.

Internet Abuse Drains Time and Money

Fun, games, shopping, and porn is costing American corporations millions in lost productivity.

Test Drive: IBM NetVista S42

Office workers love tiny, space-saving PCs (especially with LCD monitors), but IT managers prefer models with traditional drive bays, PCI slots, and ports instead of proprietary 'legacy-free' designs. IBM aims to satisfy both, with a compact yet compatible, connectible system with ample Pentium 4 horsepower. Is this the definitive desk station?

Monitoring Employee Internet Use: Is It Bad Business?

Many employers monitor employee use of the Internet. A privacy advocate says that is an ineffective business decision.

What the Holidays Mean to the Heavies

The holiday stats are good, but what are the creative trends? To get a sense of what's really happening in online advertising, ChannelSeven talked with seven industry veterans - working for both small and large firms - to ask what they're seeing this year.

First Look: Inksaver 1.2

Software promises to save money on inkjet cartridges and adds support for popular printers.

Selecting A Colocation Data Center

Once an organization decides to locate all or part of its IT operations offsite in a colocation processing center, choosing which facility best meets its requirements requires considerable analysis.

Think Like a Publisher

Got an e-newsletter? You're a publisher! You need to think like one. Here's how.

Top Twelve Viruses For November 2002

Central Command released its monthly listing of the top twelve viruses for November 2002.

First Look: MCAFEE Small Business Edition Anti-Virus Solutions

McAfee introduced small business editions of its Active Virus Defense and Active VirusScan product bundles that include the management and reporting capabilities of ePolicy Orchestrator, the console responsible for enforcing the anti-virus security policy for some of the world's largest businesses.

Newsletters Need Someone at the Wheel

Give someone the authority to ensure that your newsletter really speaks to your audience.

Test Drive: HP Color LaserJet 2500

Laser printers are swift and sharp workhorses for text documents, but most color lasers' prohibitive size and price make small-office workers settle for slower, fuzzier inkjets for color printing. Now printer kingpin HP offers a color laser starting at $999. Is it an offer you can't refuse?

The Guts of WLAN Security Policy

Because of the use of radio waves, a wireless LAN will not be secure unless you take special precautions. Follow these recommendations when defining the wireless LAN security policy for your company.

Early Numbers Show Shopping Strength

If the figures for the first two weeks of November are any indication, the holiday shopping season could be a gift to e-tailers.

First Look: Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2.0

New DVD creation software promises to save time and facilitate sharing.

First Look: ClickTracks Analyzer Version 3.0

ClickTracks announced the release of version 3.0 of ClickTracks Analyzer, the site metrics tool. According to the company, Version 3.0 maintains the visual user interface of previous versions and the same price point while adding functionality to the program.

Holiday Fraud May Cost Nearly $300 Million

The stakes get bigger and both the good guys and the bad guys are escalating their efforts in the ongoing online battle between merchants and thieves.

Analyzing Web Analytics

The Web analytics market has shifted toward the ASP model, but will Web-based applications continue to offer advantages over licensed software when it comes to analyzing Web-site traffic?

Gateway Expands Managed PC Lineup - By Shrinking It

Gateway introduced a new compact case option for its E-Series managed PCs for businesses and institutions with space constraints. The small form factor Gateway E-2000 and E-4000 PCs are 35 percent smaller than their micro tower equivalents, yet still provide the upgradeability, maintenance and expansion benefits of larger desktop PCs.

Test Drive: SonicWALL SOHO3 and TELE3

Whether you're a VPN user who needs a TELE3 to connect with the main office without fuss or muss, or just a small office or home user who wants a SOHO3 to block Internet attacks, SonicWALL may have a product for you.

Watchfire Adds Accessibility Testing to WebQA

WebQA 2.0 includes accessibility checks for Section 508 and the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content ccessibility Guidelines.

Buyer's Guide: Network Performance Tools

Don't know the difference between monitoring and analysis? Don't know why everything on your network is moving at a crawl? Long before you consider upgrading hardware, you should invest in some decent tools.

Capturing Holiday Digital Dollars

Traffic seems to be headed to virtual department stores and consumers are primarily buying books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, toys, and apparel for the gift-giving season.

Intuit Unveils New Quickbooks 2003 Financial Product Line

Intuit introduced its new line-up of QuickBooks products for 2003. New financial solutions for small businesses include the release of QuickBooks, specialized versions of QuickBooks for contractors and accountants, as well as an updated version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Business Management software for larger and more complex businesses

Cisco Gives iSCSI the Network Boot

A new feature for its SN 5400 Storage Router portfolio lets customers boot servers directly across an IP network.

Email Marketing: More Than Just Email

Putting the user experience back into email marketing.

First Look: LaGarde's StoreFront 6.0 e-Business Software

LaGarde announced the immediate availability of its StoreFront 6.0 e-Business software. StoreFront is designed to offer a secure, sophisticated solution for small businesses to extend their business online with 'Amazon.com-like' Web stores - at a fraction of the cost to deploy and maintain.

Test Drive: Microsoft's Small Business Server

Microsoft's Small Business Server offers an integrated bundle of several Microsoft servers, including the well-known Windows 2000, Exchange, ISA, and SQL servers, priced for the small business' budget.

Buyer's Guide: Tablet PCs

Pundits have expressed skepticism about the broad appeal of and marketing hype for Microsoft's pet-project Tablet PCs. But now that the pen-based portables and versatile new version of Windows XP are here, they may prove harder to overlook than you expected. Here are the pros and cons we spotted at Microsoft's Manhattan launch event.

Beware of Electronic Greeting Scam

Beware of the next electronic greeting card you receive. It may not be quite so friendly. An e-card scam is circulating, conning people into clicking onto a phony Web site where they can infect their system with a virus or have their address book stolen.

Demand Marketing: By Their Actions You Will Know Them

Adware companies are on to something. You need to understand it and practice it.

First Look: Viewsonic Tablet PC

ViewSonic Corporation announced the launch of its Tablet PC V1100. According to the company, its Tablet PC V1100 combines all the features of a mobile PC with pen-activated screen and digital inking to enhance wireless computing, making it possible for information workers to bring the power of their business PC into more places than ever before.

Wireless Networking - Wi-Fi Security

How do you protect your WLAN from prying eyes? We'll explain to you just what WEP is, why it isn't secure, and why you need to use it anyway. Plus other security you can use and what WEP's replacement will do at home.

Bells Beginning to Jingle?

A none-too-spectacular holiday season is upon us, but online's under the mistletoe. A projected mild spending increase sure beats last year's lump of coal.

Tablet PC to Forge New Market?

Analysts are skeptical that tablets will see much early uptake outside vertical markets, but Microsoft and its partners believe the new computers will forge a new market for PCs, and early adopters agree.

Test Drive: Norton Internet Security 2003

By last year, even casual Internet users had learned they needed antivirus and firewall protection. This year, those users have probably gotten into instant messaging and grown worried about fast-spreading worms and obnoxious e-mail spam - and Symantec's ready with Norton Internet Security 2003.

Wireless Home Networking - Wi-Fi Standards

There's 802.11b, 11a, and more letters than anyone can keep track of. Here's what you need to know about the real-world standards and technologies used for wireless networks.

Sony's Biometrics Footprint Widens

The latest addition to Sony's fingerprint identification devices is designed for large organizations looking to secure access to sensitive corporate information.

Test Drive: LabelMANAGER PC

DYMO's new label printer makes it easy to create labels on a PC and immediately print them.

First Look: ClickTracks Analyzer

Analysis software superimposes visitor data on top of the website to show how visitors are interacting with it.

The Latest in Sleazy Marketing Tools

Combine spam, spiders, and referrer log files, and Web marketing hits a new low.

Dirty Dozen - Top 12 - Viruses For October 2002

Worm/Klez.E holds off new-comer Worm/BugBear, and W95/CIH re-enters list over four years after its discovery.

First Look: ViewSonic UltraBrite CRT Monitors

Viewsonic's new monitors are high-brightness, HDTV-capable displays that start at less than $200.

Landing Page Magic and My Two Cents

Better landing pages can result in more flexible and profitable marketing efforts.

Test Drive: D-Link DWL-900AP+ AirPlus 2.4GHz Wireless Access Point

In addition to great speed, this access point is also capable of functioning as a wireless repeater - the first available in the SOHO market - an Ethernet-to-wireless bridge, and more... all for about $100.

First Look: PestPatrol Version 4.0

New version is designed to detect over 60,000 internet pests.

Wireless Security Lessons To Learn

The world of wireless communications can learn much from the mistakes long made in the wired world, according to a corporate information security administrator and wireless security author.

Behind the Scenes: What Works and What Needs Work

B2B email marketers reveal some of their secrets.

First Look: iSurfJanus Multi-Homed WAN Gateways for SMEs

iSurfJanus Family may integrate broadband WAN backup & load balancing plus firewall & VPN at a starting price below $1,000.

Test Drive: Actiontec Dual-Mode Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router

For almost any user, especially those with Actiontec's USB-based DSL modem, this router is a competent product available at a reasonable price, but advanced network builders should look elsewhere.

Customer Optimization: A Holiday Primer

What do marketers have up their sleeves this holiday season? Here are eight steps for fourth-quarter success. One: Make a list. Two: Check it twice....

First Look: NetLedger NetSuite

New online suite combines ERP and CRM functionality and is aimed towards mid-size companies.

Making A Home for Your Intranet

Building an intranet is a complex task that involves making a myriad of choices, any number of which can directly affect the ultimate success of the venture. This article discusses whether you should build your own intranet, or have someone else do it for you.

First Look: InkSaver Software

Strydent Software announced its InkSaver - a software solution that's designed to reduce the cost of inkjet printing for Windows users. The company claims that its software reduces the amount of ink used by inkjet printers - thereby extending the life of ink cartridges and saving users money every time they print.

Test Drive: HP Pavilion 753n Review

Everyone's hoping for a holiday-season bounce in PC buying, but what kind of PC will shoppers find for $999? We test HP's aim at the psychological price point and find consumers are in for some good news and bad news - impressive 2.53GHz Pentium 4 power, storage, and software, with one not-so-impressive cost-cutting measure.

First Look: Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Recorder

Device captures and stores digital images and lets users reference their digital voice recordings visually using pictures.

Aim for Who, Not What

Why would anyone want to do business with a company led by technology?

Novell Rounds Out Web Development Tools With MySQL Pro

Novell has announced it will ship open source MySQL Pro as its standard database with NetWare 6, relieving customers of the cost of commercial licensing and the obligation to release their source code.

Tablet PCs: Should You Buy In?

After buying the latest and greatest 'efficiency' tools in the late 90s, you may or may not want to jump on the Tablet PC bandwagon.

Opt-This, Opt-That: Putting Permission to Rest

The levels of email permission and why they matter as much to you as to your clients, customers, and contacts.

Smith Micro Unveils WebDNA Intranet Edition

Solution promises to enable fast deployment of company intranets and support document exchange, company news, photo albums, company directories, employee benefits forms and more.

Test Drive: D-Link AirPro Multimode 2.4/5Ghz Wireless Router

Do you want to go wireless but are torn between two Wi-Fi technologies? If you can't decide between the widespread 802.11b or the faster but less prevalent 802.11a, then D-Link's new dual-band wireless router may save you from having to decide.

Hotspot Venue Negotiation

When a wireless hotspot provider comes knocking, what's in the deal for the venue?

Security Expert Gives Operating Systems Poor Security Grade

Recently, Purdue University Professor Gene Spafford gained attention in the Linux community for his disparaging remarks on the Linux operating system's security. But Linux administrators and users should not take his remarks personally: Spafford believes that Linux and Windows each have poor security designs.

A Setback for Consumer Confidence

Online scams deal a blow to those of us trying to encourage online commerce, but we can fight back.

First Look: Oracle Small Business Suite Version 8.0

NetLedger introduces Oracle Small Business Suite, Version 8.0 with new enhancements that are designed to help small businesses grow.

HP's New PC Works Like a TV

As PC hybrid products become increasingly popular, Hewlett-Packard joins hands with Microsoft to release its Windows XP-based Media Center.

Test Drive: X10's Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Kit

While the ads imply that you can become a high-tech peeping Tom or Tamara, can X10's Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Kit deliver viable business surveillance?

Test Drive: X10's Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Kit

While the ads imply that you can become a high-tech peeping Tom or Tamara, can X10's Ninja Pan n Tilt Kit deliver viable business surveillance?

Why Buy Name-Brand Sites?

There are techniques galore for generating millions of clicks and impressions. Do they move units?

Buyer's Guide: Mini-Mouses

Can a humble office-supply clerk upset the mouse king? Mighty Microsoft has released its first mini-sized mouse for notebook PC users (or small hands), but so has mouse-pad and paper-holder maker Fellowes - and the latter has more features. How do the newcomers compare to the trend-setting Logitech MouseMan Traveler?

Do You Want to Inform or Sell?

How to design a Web site that persuades visitors to buy.

First Look: Sony's VAIO PCV-W10 Desktop PC

Sony's first all-in-one desktop computer comes with a built-in flat-panel display; keyboard; and speakers.

Test Drive: SMC 2.4 GHz Wireless USB Adapter

The SMC 2664W is a svelte little 802.11b USB adapter with a lot to admire, though it would have more if it came with Windows XP utilities and were a little bit cheaper.

Worst Viruses For September 2002

Worm/Klez.E continues its dominance while the September 30th Worm/Tanatos outbreak catches users off guard.

First Look: HP Deskjet 6122 and Deskjet 6127

HP's new inkjet printers are designed to offer basic networking for micro-business and home office.

Never Be Boring

Every page of your site, no matter how deep or infrequently accessed, should be written to inform, entice, and keep users lingering.

Top Ten List of Network Dangers

Security experts are hoping the just-released list of top network vulnerabilities will help corporate administrators besieged and overwhelmed by the weekly deluge of risks and vulnerabilities.

Buyer's Guide: Giving Your Servers A Good Home: Colo Q&A

No space for a secure, safe server room? Bandwidth costs out of hand? It might be time to consider a colocation facility. Here are the questions you should ask before making the move.

ServGate Offers Upgradeable Security Appliance

ServGate Technologies introduces a security appliance targeted at small to medium-sized businesses that can run multiple applications and scale as user requirements warrant.

Test Drive: Plus Lightware Series V

Can an ultra-portable, two-pound LCD projector serve all your presentation needs at the same time that it saves your shoulders? Plus' V-1080 weighs about two pounds and promises XGA-quality images at 800 lumens.

First Look: ViewSonic Pocket PC V25

ViewSonic plans to introduce a thin, light, and low-priced Pocket PC that may be the first to be under $300.

Site Specific

Construct a two-way street between your online and offline marketing efforts.

Virus Advisory: New Bugbear Worm

New mass-mailing worm alters security program settings.

Test Drive: Gateway Profile 4XL

Think Apple's modern-art iMac was the first LCD-screened desktop? Gateway's all-in-one Profile has been around since 1999, and the new fourth generation combines blazing Pentium 4 power and a cool 17-inch flat-panel display at an affordable price. Is this the peak of PC chic?

Advertisers and Publishers: Clean Up Your Act!

Clutter, clutter everywhere. If common sense won't compel us to reduce it, studies on clutter and ad effectiveness may do the trick.

Office 97 Users Warned: Upgrade Or Face Security Risks

Giga Information Group is warning the millions of corporate users still running Microsoft's Office 97 to upgrade before they get sidelined with security and technical flaws.

Introduction to Access Controllers

If you're setting up a significant wireless network, you may want to consider the use of access controllers to beef up security and reduce the costs of a wireless LAN deployment.

Test Drive: Microsoft Natural MultiMedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse Blue

As a fashion magazine might say, 'Blue is the new beige' - or at least the new theme of Microsoft's mid-priced optical mouse and ergonomic keyboard offerings. We test the mouse giant's latest combination of smooth control and shortcut audio/utility buttons.

CenDyne Ships Two New DVD Burners

New Drives offer DVD-R/RW technology to burn DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD-RW and CD-R discs.

Improving Biz/IT Convergence: An Action Plan

Every once and while it's therapeutic to step back and look at the forest. Then after you feel a little better, it's fun to target some trees. Here are 10 things you can do to improve the relationship between business and technology. Some of them are a little draconian, some pretty obvious.

Six Ways to Build an Opt-In List (From Zero)

Small steps, big returns. You'd be marketing by email but you don't have a list? So much for that excuse.

Is Email Marketing Hurting Your Business?

Warning: Super affiliate emails may be hazardous to your company's health.

Nemx Launches New Secure Content Management Products

Products for Exchange and Small Business Server are designed to address security concerns for large enterprises and small to medium sized businesses.

Test Drive: DrayTek Vigor2200E DSL/Cable Router

A great choice for anyone who wants an easy to use device for securing and sharing an Internet connection. Just don't plan on calling Tech Support unless you want to make a phone call to Taiwan.

Filtering Spam With Blocklists

For business professionals, spam is a huge problem that causes clogged in-boxes and wastes many hours of productive time. Many are turning to blocklists to cope with the barrage of unwanted email.

Buyer's Guide: Printers

Whether your office needs color from an ink-jet, or the crisp and clear, black and white output of a laser, there's a printer that will suit your business needs.

Test Drive: Pinnacle Systems' Studio Deluxe

This comprehensive system offers all of the hardware and software that you need to perform video-editing and it's reasonably priced.

First Look: Microsoft's Office 11 Beta

The first beta of Microsoft's eagerly-anticipated Office 11 suite for the Windows XP platform will be shipped before the end of this year, the company said in an e-mail to its testers.

Disaster Recovery: A Preparation Checklist

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 have prompted many IT professionals and network administrators to prepare for the unexpected.

First Look: Gigabyte Compactflash Card

Toshiba's new 1 Gigabyte Compactflash card promises high-capacity removable storage for music, digital still and video images.

Seven Ways to Boost Conversion Rates

Simple doesn't always mean easy. The obvious is too often overlooked. This article offers seven basic (yet crucial) tactics to persuade prospects to buy.

First Look: Olympus' 3.2 Megapixel 10X Digital Camera

The $599 C-730 offers a high quality 10X optical ultra-zoom lens and a compact and stylish body that weighs only 11.1 ounces and measures 4.2' wide x 3.0' high.

Test Drive: YellowJacket 802.11b Analysis System

The Berkeley Varitronics Systems' YellowJacket lacks little (only protocol analysis features are missed) for analyzing wireless LANs right down to the basics.

Guarding Against WLAN Security Threat

Because they use radio waves, WLANs are vulnerable to security threats. Learn how to make your WLAN stand up against hackers and casual snoopers.

Opt-In: More Than Permission to Send

When you gather subscribers for a newsletter or marketing missive, remember the transaction is give and take.

McAfee's Newest VirusScan

McAfee's Enhanced VirusScan Home Edition & VirusScan Professional Edition 7.0 offer increased virus protection and built-in firewall capabilities.

Buyer's Guide: Hardware Versus Software Firewalls

Here's the scoop on the differences between hardware and software firewalls and virus protection, and why you need them.

NetLedger Enters CRM Fray

The California-based maker of the Oracle Small Business Suite eyes the midrange market with NetCRM, and targets Salesforce.com.

Pressed for Advertising Cash?

If you don't have an ad budget to compete with the big boys, how can you level the playing field?

Simplifying PC Migrations

Most PC purchases today go to replace existing machines. Intel, IBM, Microsoft and other firms are now starting to focus on making it easier to migrate software and data from old machines to new ones.

Test Drive: Canon N1000 Office Color Printer

This is not your kids' school-project printer: Canon defies today's disposable-inkjet trend with a $900 office or workgroup workhorse that boasts 3,000-page cartridge life and lower operating costs than some lasers. Could it be today's best business printing solution?

Changes Loom for Novell's Groupwise & Netmail

As the usual sniping with Microsoft continues, a reinvigorated Novell is moving its GroupWise and NetMail offerings forward with a multiplatform world firmly in mind.

New Backup Software

NewTech's NTI Backup NOW! 3.0 Deluxe promises to be a complete and easy backup program that supports a wide array of storage devices and offers drive-spanning and expanded disaster recovery.

Test Drive: D-Link AirPlus Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Router

More speed. Better security encryption. Backwards compatible with existing 802.11b products and even seems to work with them faster. What's not to like about D-Link's 22Mbps wireless router?

The Four Myths of Affiliate Marketing

Too many businesses expect affiliate marketing to be something it's not.

The Four Myths of Affiliate Marketing

Too many businesses expect affiliate marketing to be something it's not.

Buyer's Guide: Filtering Our Rights Along With Our Email?

Can email filtering work effectively to remove unwanted email from our inboxes? We look at the potential downside of the technology-things to consider before you purchase such a system.

Security Warning For Microsoft Office Web Components

Microsoft warns there are three security vulnerabilities in Office Web Components - software used to give users limited Office functionality in a Web browser - the most serious of which could enable an attacker to execute commands on a user's system.

Consumers to Marketers: Don't IM Me

A new study finds that broadband-using consumers find instant messaging 'too personal' for many forms of direct marketing. Is the emerging IM marketing industry doomed before it even gets off the ground?

First Look: Symantec's Norton Systemworks 2003

Symantec's latest version promises new web optimization tools and improved antivirus protection that includes instant messaging scanning, worm blocking, and automatic removal of trojans and worms.

New Sony VAIO Notebooks

Sony's VAIO NVR23 and FXA63 notebook PCs, which are aimed toward the educational market, are powered by AMD Athlon XP 1800+ and Athlon XP 1600+ processors, and come with a 15-inch XGA LCD display, 30GB hard drive and 256MB of RAM.

Test Drive: HP DeskJet 5550

For a modest $149, HP's futuristic-looking inkjet combines everyday aptitude, surprising speed, and support for borderless 4 by 6-inch prints plus an optional six-color photo cartridge.

Worst Viruses For August 2002

The W32/Yaha.E virus dethrones Worm/Klez.E. Meanwhile KaZaa and other file-sharing users remain at risk.

How to Avoid the Email Black Hole

When it comes to email marketing, catchy subject lines and award-winning creative will fail if your audience doesn't receive the message or the message is automatically redirected to a bulk-mail folder. This article offers step-by-step spam filter optimization.

Buyer's Guide: Determining WLAN Hardware Costs

Interested in deploying a wireless LAN but not sure how to calculate costs? Learn what hardware you need and how much to include in your budgets.

First Look: NetLedger Advanced Accounting

The service provider behind the Oracle Small Business Suite will target mid-size enterprises with a Web-based advanced accounting application that will be sold under the NetLedger brand.

First Look: Toshiba's TLP-T700U and TLP-T500U Digital Projectors

Toshiba's new portable digital projectors build in Wi-Fi for easy switching between wireless users in the board room or class room.

Omniva Delivers Painless Wireless Security

Omniva Policy Systems announced its first products, including software meant to provide for secure, encrypted email communications without making users take any additional steps to send or receive mail.

Smoking Out Online Buyers

Give customers a reason to buy online and they will.

Test Drive: Toshiba PDR-3300

A compact digital camera for $349? That's nice, but no longer a novelty - unless it's a 3-megapixel model with sophisticated manual options as well as simple point-and-shoot modes. Toshiba's PDR-3300 blurs the line between bargain and deluxe cameras with anything-but-blurred photos.

Media Buying on a Budget

Don't be intimidated by all those fancy online ads. There's room for the little guy, too.

Test Drive SpeedStream 2614 4-Port DSL/Cable Router

The $99 SpeedStream 2614 has everything you need in a broadband router, and then some. In this case, the 'and then some' consists of a built-in print server and a serial port to be used for modem backup.

Web Addiction on the Rise

With one in four employees addicted to the Internet, Websense leads the charge in alerting corporate America that all that friendly, time-consuming Web surfing can get out of control.

Buyer's Guide: Flash Memory Drives

Sneakernet will never be obsolete, but the media on which we carry files from one PC to another is overdue for a change. We test the modern computer traveler's must-have gadgets - pocket-sized, ever-ready flash memory drives - and find that even their premium prices are bargains compared to fussing with 1.44MB floppy disks.

Test Drive: Sony Vaio PCG-GRX570 Review

When looking at Sony's flagship laptop, one number matters most - not 1.6 (Pentium 4 gigahertz), 40 (gigabytes of hard disk storage), or 8.25 (pounds, putting it closer to luggable than portable status). It's 16.1 - the diagonal inches of its super-sized, desktop-class screen. Can you resist a 1,600 by 1,200-pixel showpiece for under $2,500?

Breakthrough Marketing

If it's not segmented, targeted, and data-driven, it's spam - no matter what the medium.

Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network

This book won't exactly make you hack proof, but it certainly can help readers harden wireless networks against possible problems from the outside.

First Look: Gateway's Entry Server Line

Gateway recently revealed plans to deliver three new entry-priced Intel-based servers targeted to small and midsize businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Norton Antivirus Tackles Instant Messaging

Symantec Corp. is answering the latest wave of online messaging attacks by gearing up to battle viruses coming through instant messaging.

Test Drive: D-Link 2.4 GHz Wireless Internet Camera

The D-Link DCS-1000W gives you video surveillance without the hassle of wiring. However, using WEP might be a problem if you don't have a D-Link access point or wireless router.

Timing Is Everything

You want your e-mail message to hit when potential customers are most receptive. Here are a few things to consider when you map out your next campaign.

First Look: Dell Dimension 2300

This entry level system comes with a 1.7 Ghz Celeron processor, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, 15-inch monitor, and CD drive, and only costs $629.

Test Drive: Wireless LAN Handheld Analyzer

Got very little budget yet need tools to perform WLAN analyzation? AirMagnet is light weight (it runs on a Pocket PC PDA) and may be the ticket to optimizing your setup.

It's Not About the Technology

If you want to tap into the real power of the Internet, don't focus on bits and bytes.

Panasonic Unveils All-in-One DVD/CD Storage

New read/write DVD burner promises interoperability among DVD devices.

Security Flaw Found In Symantec Firewalls

A number of Symantec firewalls, including popular Raptor models, have a security flaw that renders networks protected by the systems vulnerable to intrusion.

Test Drive: Skyline 802.11b USB Adapter for Desktops

Proxim adds a USB based wireless NIC to its line of high quality wireless products (which, despite the name, works fine with laptops). Unfortunately, it doesn't add much range.

First Look: LeaderPhone

LeaderPhone promises to increase efficiency and safety by letting workers schedule 'no dial' calls during commutes, and it lets employees talk to several co-workers at once from home.

More Customers or Better Customers?

If you're still bragging about how many affiliates you have, you've missed the boat.

Test Drive: Samsung's SyncMaster 765MB

In 'This Is Spinal Tap,' rock legend Nigel Tufnel boasts that the dials on his custom-made amplifier aren't numbered from 1 to 10: 'These go to 11.' If you're forever turning up the brightness on your PC screen for a better view of games or DVD movies, Samsung now has a monitor that goes to 11.

What Exactly Is A Blade Server?

With server proliferation a constant problem in enterprises, IT departments are always on the hunt for ways to pack more computing power into a smaller space. Many are turning to blade servers.

First Look: SyncMaster 151v and SyncMaster 171v

Samsung expands its flat-panel monitor family with two displays that are designed to be affordable.

Test Drive: Logitech Pocket Digital

Ordinary criteria don't apply to Logitech's new digital camera: It has no flash, zoom, or LCD monitor, and takes snapshots instead of spectacular pictures (advertised resolution 1.3 megapixels; actual 640 by 480). But it's the size of a credit card, half an inch thin, with all-day battery and image capacity. Gadget lover? Get out your $130.

First Look: WebQA

This automated website testing software scans and analyzes web content and produce over 35 detailed reports to help developers and QA resources pinpoint and fix issues including content and web application defects, and searchability, usability, and accessibility problems.

New, Secure Router

Linksys' new EtherFast Firewall Router promises to protect networks from the internet and offer VPN tunneling to make secure connections to the corporate server.

802.11 Alphabet Soup

Confused by all of the 802.11 letter designations? Here's an overview to help you understand what each one means and how they impact your WLAN deployments.

Delighted to Receive Your Ad!

Advertising failure rate: 97 percent. Beat the odds with permission-based email.

First Look: Corel's "Office" Licensing Alternative

In a play to frustrated businesses, Corel is offering a WordPerfect promotion to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Accounts.

Worst Viruses For July 2002

Despite the Klez Internet Worm, virus reports decline for the first time in 2002.

Ads That Say More

There's been uproar about 'intrusive' ads. Here's an alternative.

Test Drive: D-Link Express EtherNetwork 4-port Ethernet Broadband Router

With its $50 street price, the D-Link DI-604 may be inexpensive, but it certainly is not cheap. It will impress you with its expansive set of features, particularly in the area of security and access control.

Making Sense of Competing Wireless Standards: 802.11a or 802.11b?

Since the debut of 802.11a products, network managers have been struggling with whether to install 802.11b or 802.11a. Here's why you should strongly consider the use of 802.11a for your next wireless LAN deployment.

First Look: Safeweb

This new extranet appliance promises to delivers affordable remote access to small and medium sized businesses.

Securing the Mail: Lock Down Exchange

The problem with 'just anybody' being able to run a simple-to-use mail server is that, sometimes, just anybody does. Be a good 'net citizen and follow along as our expert covers the basics of securing Exchange.

Still Rearing Its Ugly Head: HTML Versus Text

Which is better for business-to-business (B2B) e-newsletter readers: text or HTML? You might think this question has been hashed to death. It hasn't.

Click-Through Deja Vu

Online advertising is a proven branding medium. How come click-through remains the sole metric for measuring email success?

First Look: Sony's Clii Handheld

Sony Electronics recently announced its entry level handheld model that will retail for $150. According to the company, the new CLII PEG-SL10 will be ideal for entry-level handheld users and feature a high-resolution (320 x 320), monochrome screen.

Test Drive: Lexmark Z65 Inkjet Printer

Five megapixels - not per image, per square inch (4,800 by 1,200 dpi). That's the promise of Lexmark's new top-of-the-line color inkjet, the Z65 - a printer that knows whether you've inserted plain, coated, or photo paper, and can rival a laser for draft speed. But can it justify a $199 price in this age of amazing under-$100 inkjets?

Making Connections Through Wireless Notebooks

If you're in the market for a wireless notebook, you may want to know who is actively providing Wi-Fi in today's systems. Analysts and vendors present a state of the notebook industry.

Biometrics Slow To Catch On In Networks

Government institutions and airports increasingly are using biometrics devices like fingerprint, iris, palm and face scanners for physical security. Yet few of these entities - and even fewer companies - are using such technology for network security.

Cross-Channel Synergy? Where?

A little channel integration goes a long way - boosting conversions 35 percent. Why aren't marketers bothering to do it?

First Look: Logitech Adds Video to IM

Now consumers can look at each other while they're IM'ing via AIM or MSN Messenger, courtesy Logitech's new IM Video Companion. What's more, they don't even need a Logitech camera to use the new service.

Test Drive: WinBook J4

Why pack a scaled-back, throttled-down, mobile Pentium 4 when you can carry the real thing? A full 2.2GHz of desktop-processor power (plus 15-inch screen and ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics) make WinBook's luxury laptop the fastest we've tested - with not the worst battery life, either. But what's the cost in weight and, well, cost?

Iterative Design Can Be Lazy Design

You're in charge of a large Web site. Need help to make it better? Develop a common set of design standards, so your site will be easier and more cost-effective to manage.

Confronting Relevance

Relevance is what your customers want. Here's what it is and how to deliver it.

First Look: Dell Inspiron 4150 Notebook

New thin, light Dell Inspiron notebook computer promises performance, flexibility and personality

Guide to Enterprise IM Etiquette

Learn how to be well-mannered in one of the newest areas in cyberspace enterprise instant messaging.

Test Drive: Gateway 600X Notebook

Gateway rolls out the heavy artillery, as today's biggest trend in notebook PCs - full-fledged desktop replacements, packed with power even at the expense of portability - meets one of the biggest screens available (15.7 inches, a match for a 17-inch CRT monitor), at a surprisingly affordable price.

Essential Resources for Small-Businesses

Looking to speed up your Internet connection, find a host for your new Web site or clean up your existing Web site, or leverage your budget with outsourcing? Then check out our lists of essential Internet resources:

Branding With Passion

Build a better brand. Do the right thing - with the right charity.

First Look: askSam Version 5

The latest version of askSam adds email import wizards, support for Adobe Acrobat files, and more.

Emotion: The Next Frontier in Online Advertising?

It's not about grabbing people's attention, it's about capturing their hearts.

Test Drive: Benq 300mini Digital Camera

Benq's Digital Camera 300mini eschews the basics found in good cameras, such as an LCD and flash, but costs less than $100. Is it very practical?

Use Snort for Lightweight Intrusion Detection

If you need a lightweight intrusion detector for smaller networks, Snort runs under UNIX/Linux or Windows, packs a punch, and takes just minutes to install.

First Look: WordPerfect Family Pack 4

Corel's WordPerfect Family Pack 4 bundles WordPerfect 10, Quattro Pro 10, Picture Publisher Digital Camera Edition, and more, and costs less than $100.

Software Management Tools That Help Overburdened IT Departments

While external attacks are serious enough, the threat posed by one's own employees - whether intentional or inadvertent - can often be much worse. But a number of software management tools can help overburdened IT staffs reduce network vulnerabilities.

First Look: Samsung's TFT Monitor, Optical Disc Drive, and Laser Printer

Samsung is touting its latest products that promise performance at affordable prices for small businesses.

Is 'Going Negative' the Way to Go?

Apple's recent anti-Microsoft campaign is a case study in negative advertising that can yield positive results for your brand.

Security Wars: Can Intrusion Detection Even The Score?

It's common knowledge that network attacks are growing more widespread, as well as more sophisticated, and intrusion detection systems provide reams of raw data and plenty of false alarms. How do you assess an IDS, where do you use one, and when does a human need to step in and make sense of what it's telling you?

Test Drive: Belkin Wireless Network Access Point

Though it lacks Web based administration, the Belkin Wireless Network Access Point offers simple set-up, good performance, and excellent security features to make up for it.

Boxed in by Advertising?

Has the concept of 'thinking outside of the box' become mundane? Our e-marketing expert is excited about thinking inside the box. Literally.

Network Security Basics: Tightening Down Your Wireless LAN

By now we're all familiar with the benefits of wireless networks, and we've probably heard most of the horror stories. Ten recommendations to bring security on your WLAN to 'good enough.'

First Look: Olympus C-4000 Zoom Digital Camera

Olympus' latest 4 megapixel digital camera offers 4 megapixel resolution, full manual operation, advanced photographic features and 3X optical zoom lens, and costs less than $500.

Fortinet Allies With Secure Computing To Beef-Up Its Web Filtering System

New web filtering system offers a SmartFilter option that's aimed at home offices and small businesses that want a firmer grasp on employee Web activity.

Need Leads? Put Your Site to Work

Your Web site's not even trying to capture leads or build your opt-in email list? Encourage opt in through your site. Here's how.

Test Drive: ORiNOCO Wireless Home & Small Office Networking Kit

At about $300 street price, the ORiNOCO Wireless Internet Kit is a great value. It comes with an RG-1100 Broadband Gateway, a PC Card for a laptop and a USB Client for a desktop system. What you don't get with this ORiNOCO kit is the type of the configuration flexibility found in other 802.11b products, poor documentation and a host of other shortcomings.

Why Buy New When Used Will Do?

Looking to save a few (thousand) bucks on your next storage networking purchase? The answer may lie in the highly active market for previously owned equipment. Read on to find out how you can get what you need for much less than you thought.

First Look: Gateway E-Series Business Desktops

Gateway's E-Series desktop computers promise long lifecycles and good price and performance, and feature a new graphite and platinum design.

Juicy Rich Media Campaigns

Rich media is winning online converts and effectively selling products. We profile a winning case study.

Quick Start Guide to Network Address Translation

Here's a quick reference for those who need to implement NAT on networks, especially small networks that include Active Directory.

Test Drive: PowerDesk Pro 5.0

You can use Windows Explorer to manage folders and files, but you can also use a pair of scissors to mow your lawn. If you're interested in world-class searching, previewing, organizing, and synchronizing with custom File/Open dialogs and multiple, and quick-launch desktops, check out Ontrack's $30 utility.

First Look: Apple's Xserve

Apple's new 1U rack-mount server promises to be a faster and cheaper alternative to comparable products from Dell, IBM and Sun.

First Look: WorldAlert

A new Experian study indicates that 97% of online merchants have been hit by fraud in the last year. To address this, WorldPay's WorldAlert promises to alert merchants to fraud in real time.

The Worst Viruses of June 2002

A new virus called W32/Yaha.E takes out the Pakistan Government website while Worm/Klez continues to be a major problem.

Buyers Guide: Looking To Cut Costs? Check Those Software & Service Contracts

With money tight, some savvy IT managers are cutting costs by double-checking their support contracts for too much coverage. They're also examining software licenses to make sure they're not paying for programs that aren't being used.

First Look: Yamaha CRW-F1

Yamaha's new CD recorder offers a new design, 24x rewrite speeds, and a $300 software bundle.

Secure Your Network Against Viruses and Spam

Are you doing enough to control the viruses and spam coming in across your mail servers? Here are solutions and techniques for Groupwise, Sendmail, and Exchange.

Test Drive: Yahoo Messenger

What makes Yahoo Messenger interesting isn't the client itself - it's what marketers can do with it

What Ad Formats Do You Recommend?

When planning an online advertising campaign, here's what determines which ad formats and placements a media buyer recommends to her clients.

Finding the Right Desktop PC

Are your desktop computers too slow? Here's advice on selecting the right desktop, as well as an overview of our reviews and previews.

Cross-Platform Chaos? New Virus Infects Windows, Linux

Although it hasn't been unleashed on the Internet, a new virus is able to infect both Windows 32 systems and Linux operating systems, making it the first virus with cross-platform capabilities.

First Look: StoreSense 5.0

New features in Kurant's e-business software may make it appeal more to small businesses.

First Look: ViewSonic Tablet PC and LCD and Plasma Displays

ViewSonic unveils its latest tablet PC, and LCD and plasma products.

First Look: Sony's X Series of Flat Panel Computer Displays

Sony releases its newest LCD displays that include a 20-inch model and a feature for reducing energy consumption.

Stopping Web Performance Thieves

When it comes to running a website, performance and reliability are king. Here's a look at some of the most common issues affecting Web performance and how to identify and catch those thieving scoundrels.

Test Drive: D-LinkAir Pro 5GHz Wireless Access Point

D-Link's entry into higher speed WLANs is secure (152-bit WEP), fast, and offers better performance at greater distances than other 802.11a access points we've seen.

The Ordinary Marketer

Marketing shouldn't be about the occasional one-off print ad or quickie campaign. To be successful, you need to incorporate winning techniques into your everyday marketing practice.

First Look: EZQuest's Boa 48X CD-RW Drive

EZQuest's new 48X drive is designed to be 20% faster than 40X drives and work with Macs and PCs.

Study: Instant Messaging Use Is A Big Security Threat

Instant messaging itself doesn't create security threats, but the people who use IM do, according to a new survey of security managers.

Test Drive: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Photoshop has become the standard by which graphics applications are judged. Even so, Adobe knows they can't rest on their laurels if they're to maintain pole position in a competitive market. The latest release, version 7.0, has a bunch of new features that are sure to delight the novice and experienced user alike.

Think Before You Send

Hold on! Before you hit 'send' on your next campaign, make sure you've done this indispensable groundwork.

Assess Requirements Before Designing WLAN

Thinking about installing a wireless LAN? Here are some important things to keep in mind so you end up with a system that adequately serves your business needs.

First Look: HP Digital Copier Printer 610

HP's new digital copier printer promises an affordable space-saving design with many of the features of larger copiers.

Network Security: Covering the Basics

Everyone loves a good security horror story when it's someone else's security that's horrifying. Sticking to some basics can ease your fears about your own network while others swap war stories.

Test Drive: Backpack Triple Play USB 2.0 CD-Rewriter

When was the last time you saw a product with the spiffy new USB 2.0 interface that also promises to work with any old 16MB Pentium PC and even DOS? We check out Micro Solutions' multi-compatible CD-RW drive, designed for backup or recovery duty with just about any desktop or notebook with PC Card, parallel, or USB interface.

Testing Your Emailing and Improving Results

Whether you're emailing to market directly or publishing an e-newsletter, you can test your mailings and improve your results.

First Look: Sony's VAIO Desktops

Sony's newest desktop PCs feature multimedia capabilities to edit videos and store them onto DVD discs.

How To: Windows XP Network Troubleshooting

Microsoft tries to make it easy to set up a Windows XP network for sharing an Internet connection, files, and printers... but things seldom go as planned. If you've got a Windows-based peer-to-peer TCP/IP network that's having problems, here are some tricks and advice to get your network back on track.

Service Seekers Stay Local

While the global reach of the Internet is largely recognized, a recent study has found that many American consumers use the Web to connect with local service-based businesses and 60 percent of all online requests for quotes (RFQs) are for services, as opposed to hard goods.

First Look: NewsMail2U E-Mail Broadcasting Service

Pacific Software's NewsMail2U promises an affordable online e-mail broadcasting service that allows businesses of any size to send personalized e-mails conveniently and for as low as $0.01 per e-mail.

First Look: PowerElf Server Appliance Line

Greencomputer newest server line promises stronger intrusion detection security for small businesses.

Test Drive: Intel AnyPoint Wireless II Network 802.11b USB Model and PC Card

Whether you want to connect to a wireless gateway or wish to set up a peer-to-peer network, Intel's wireless Ethernet adapters are worth a look.

When Bad Ads Happen to Good People

For online advertisers, does the advantage of being seen counter the disadvantage of being despised? The paradoxical marketing effect of pop-up ads is a real one some advertisers might wisely consider. Just because you got 1 million people to see your ad doesn't mean you'll sell enough product to justify the fact most of them want to see your head on a pike!

First Look: Big-Screen Wi-Fi

Wireless slide projection may be going mainstream: projector veteran NEC is releasing a series of three with 802.11b-connection built in.

First Look: PowerConnect 3048

Dell's new PowerConnect network switches promise flexibility and gigabit ethernet performance.

Privacy Worries Plague E-Biz

Online shoppers are concerned about disclosing their personal information but most would give up the data for a chance at winning some cash.

First Look: ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Professional OCR Software

This new version promises improved word accuracy and format retention to convert scanned documents into editable text.

First Look: Network Associates' Enhanced Online DESKTOP Anti-Virus Managed Service

VirusScan ASaP promises automated updates without internet connectivity and improved protection for dial-up users.

Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines

Optimizing your site so it may obtain the most search hits involves far more than just fiddling with web pages. You have to carefully select keywords and focus your efforts on them to achieve maximum success. Here's how.

Test Drive: Gateway 300X

Gateway elevates its economy-class desktop with Intel's new, Pentium-4-based 1.7GHz Celeron, 845GL 'Extreme Graphics' chipset, USB 2.0, and sleek 15-inch LCD monitor. You get a lot to like for $1,099 - but will home-PC buyers balk at even that value after the dirt-cheap deals of a few months ago?

Access Point Selection Tips

An enterprise serious about its WLAN can't just pick products off the shelf and expect to get the performance needed. A lot of thought and planning must go into getting just the right kind of access point.

Employee Abuse of Internet Rampant

A recent Computer Security Institute/FBI survey reported that 78% of companies polled detected employee misuse of their Internet access privileges. Read about what some IT managers have done and what you can do to address this problem.

First Look: Toshiba Releases Wireless Mobility Server

Available now, the unit is a notebook sized wireless server, or a 'network in a box,' according to Toshiba, with 802.11 connectivity options.

Make Online Ads That Work

Which online ads turn consumers off and which turn them on? Ask some and find out for yourself.

Love at First Site

Envisioning that your Web site is courting your visitors may be a good way to make some improvements. Here are some ways to equate your e-store's relationship with its customers to the dating process where hopefully everyone will live happily ever after.

Test Drive: ORiNOCO Broadband Gateway 2000

Agere's BG-2000 is no wireless speed demon, but this 2-port Ethernet/802.11b Internet router is a breeze to use and builds in some good security (proprietary 152-bit WEP).

Network Monitoring Tools for Windows and Linux

Network monitoring applications can alert you to potential trouble. We discuss tools that are available for Windows and Linux that may appeal to network administrators and tech-oriented business owners.

Creating Traffic With Creative Branding

A pizza joint needed to boost its Web site traffic. Mission accomplished. The one restaurant is now a franchise, and most of its competition is out of business. Here's what it did - and how you can apply its strategy to your business.

First Look: ViewSonic's Consumer LCD Line

ViewSonic's latest LCD displays are designed to be affordable, as well as offer high performance in a sleek design.

VPN's: Ready for More than Simple Remote Access?

By now, organizations with plenty of telecommuters aren't strangers to VPN's but network managers are finding possibilities and problems as they expand the VPN's role.

First Look: Fujitsu's LifeBook S Series Notebook

Fujitsu's LifeBook S Series Notebook now offers wireless capabilities and enhanced performance.

Major Cause Of Spam: Your Employees

A new study by a network security company concludes that employees misusing their Internet connections on the job are forging a path for spam to flood into their companies' inboxes. Here's a look at the problem and a policy that may minimize the nuisance.

Online Ads: What Works, What Doesn't

A recently released report charts the course for online advertisers.

Test Drive: Toshiba Satellite 5105

You've seen hefty desktop-replacement notebooks with jumbo 15-inch screens and Pentium 4 power -- but Toshiba's 1.7GHz, GeForce4 Go multimedia showpiece is under 7.5 pounds, under $2,500, and packed with sleek design features and luxury frills. Does this streamlined system promise laptop nirvana?

E-Newsletters: Advertise and Consent

There's not a lot you can't communicate to customers via email. E-newsletters are a highly effective means of bundling multiple messages.

First Look: DYMO PC Label Printer

New PC label printer promises to cut label printing time to seconds and output high quality permanent labels from any application.

Test Drive: Intel Wireless Gateway

Choices for home and small business WLAN gateways are plentiful, but simplicity, easy setup, and design may yet distinguish Intel's otherwise unremarkable wireless gateway.

Worst Viruses For May 2002

Worm/Klez.G continues its unrelenting march to become the top infector of all time and the Kazaa file sharing network gets its own worm.

First Look: NETGEAR's Home Networking Solutions

NETGEAR announced home and small business networking solutions that include the NETGEAR 4-Port Cable/DSL Web Safe Router (RP614) and the NETGEAR 5-port and 8-port Fast Ethernet Switches (FS605 and FS608).

First Look: NxTrend's bizLinx eCatalog 2.0

NxTrend Technology, a provider of distribution software, recently announced its bizLinx eCatalog that may allow businesses to offer rich content and improve the product search functionality of eSales.

First Look: StarOffice 6.0

Sun Microsystems' enterprise pricing at $25-$50 may provide a viable and affordable alternative to proprietary Office suites.

Test Drive: Linksys Instant Wireless PrintServer

Tired of having to dedicate one of your workgroup PCs to printer duty? Linksys has a new Wireless PrintServer that is inexpensive, easy to use, and is compatible with the wireless 802.11b standard as well as most printers on the market today.

Buyer's Guide: AOL's Instant Messenger

If you want to use IM to reach family, friends and those you deal with in business, chances are good they're on AOL's public network. Here's an overview of how AOL's client can work for businesses.

First Look: Panicware.NET Online Cleaning Service

Panicware.NET, an online Web privacy/cleaning service, promises to 'clean' a PC from anywhere.

First Look: Sun's Cobalt RaQ 550

Sun is branching out into new markets with the release of the Sun Cobalt RaQ 550. The product is intended to be a great Web server while also being suitable for other applications such as content filtering and delivery and enterprise WAN/LAN management.

Is Your Site Turning Off Customers?

People's online expectations have skyrocketed over the last few years and many will instantly reject any Web site that doesn't meet their standards, never to return. Here are ways to tell if your Web site is helping or driving away your business.

First Look: MicronPC's ClientPro 325 Business Desktop Compute

MicronPC's latest ClientPro 325 offers a flexible design that is designed to be configured from an entry-level desktop computer to a high-end performance PC.

First Look: Privatefirewall 3.0 Personal Firewall And Intrusion Detection Solution

Privacyware, a new Internet security solution for desktop and mobile PCs, promises strong online security, simple 'out-of-the-box' performance, easy advanced configuration, and a low price.

Media Buying: Why Agencies Often Don't Buy What's Good for You

Is your agency opting for inefficiency when it makes your media buys? Here's how to tell, and what to do if it is.

Test Drive: Canon S820D Photo Printer

Canon's newest six-color inkjet delivers one-minute photos (for 4 by 6-inch prints) with gorgeous quality and economical separate ink cartridges - and doesn't even need a PC to print contact sheets or selected images from a digital camera's memory card.

Buyer's Guide: Digital Cameras

If you've been considering a digital camera to take pictures for Web sites, catalogs, or promotional materials, here's what to look for.

First Look: New Online Payment Processing Solution for Small Businesses

A new offering promises a secure online payment gateway service that can perform fraud screening.

Test Drive: D-LinkAir Pro 5GHz Wireless Access Point

Everyone wants to be connected faster and 802.11a answers the call. D-Link now provides a robust 802.11a access point which has robust security and encryption and provides much higher data throughput rates than that of 802.11b.

First Look: PeerStor WS

New solution promises data protection and business continuity by mirroring and replicating data to multiple locations in real-time.

Microsoft to Deliver Integrated Retail Management Solution

Microsoft announced that it will deliver an integrated retail management solution for small to medium-sized retail businesses (SMBs) via the acquisition of Sales Management Systems, a provider of retail point-of-sale (POS) technology.

Spoofing: Identity Crisis

What can bring your brand, corporate image, and tech infrastructure to their knees before you know it's happened? Spoofing-spam email that looks like it's coming from your company. If you think regular spam is bad, this is even worse.

Big Bang or Long Haul?

What kind of e-business are you developing? One that will make an immediate impact in the market and generate a proliferation of one-time sales, or a business that will grow steadily over time, inspiring long-term loyalty?

First Look: Apple Xserve 1U Rack-Mount Server

Apple recently introduced Xserve, a 1U rack-mount server that's designed to appeal to business and education customers.

First Look: BusinessVision 32 Small Business Edition

This new Windows-based accounting solution promises features that are now available only to mid-market and larger enterprises using much higher-priced systems that require strong internal IT support.

First Look: McAfee.com 'SpamKiller'

New service promises to blocks unwanted messages and track down spammers.

First Look: PayMaxx XpressTime

This Internet payroll system now features a Web-based time and attendance solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Site Design: Effective Web Navigation

Good navigation allows readers to find the content they want by moving through a Web site using classification links. It should be designed in a simple, clear, consistent, and functional manner -- like a traffic light, not a neon light.

Test Drive: Nikon Coolpix 2500

Twist and shoot: Affordable digital cameras with crisp two-megapixel resolution and optical zoom are no longer rare, but Nikon's newest is still an eye-opener, thanks to a versatile swiveling lens. Better yet, its compact shape conceals some smart options or optimizations for common picture-taking situations.

Buyer's Guide: Multifunction Devices

When desktop space is at a premium, a multifunction device that combines a printer, a scanner, and a fax can be an excellent option. Here's what to look for.

Test Drive: Toshiba PDR-M25 Review

You know you shouldn't settle for a 1.3-megapixel digital camera or one without a real zoom lens, but Toshiba can save you a few bucks while giving you genuine 1,792 by 1,200 resolution, 3X optical zoom, and more. Is there a catch, or is this a great digital camera bargain?

First Look: QuickBooks Point of Sale

Intuit's new point-of-sale system consists of software and a bar code scanner, magnetic stripe reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer so retail stores can better manage their businesses.

Optimize Your Wireless LAN by Reducing Multipath

If your wireless LAN isn't performing as well as you would like it to, it may be due to a phenomenon known as multipath. Here's what multipath propagation is, and how you may solve the problem and increase the speed of your wireless network.

Warning! Unsolicited Internet Ad Coming Your Way!

Buzzwords or reality? Are marketers so hung up on 'permission,' 'opt-in,' and 'solicited' that they forget they're actually... advertising?

Eight Tips for Destroying Annoying Spam

While there hasn't been an entirely foolproof method for eliminating the uninvited mail, here are some suggestions for reducing the amount.

First Look: SmartDisk's FireWire CD-R/W Drive

SmartDisk's portable 16x10x24 Firewire CD-R/W drive promises to quickly store data and music on CDs and requires no battery or AC adapter.

Test Drive: LivePerson/LaGarde E-Commerce Platform

Integrating instant messaging into electronic retailing sites became a hot topic late last year. We examine a combination platform that addresses both e-commerce and instant messaging from both ends of the buying equation.

Turning Customers Into Disciples

Viral marketing isn't just a consumer phenomenon. Your most passionate corporate customers can prove to be your company's infectious advocates.

First Look's Pioneer's Home Networking Gateway Device

Pioneer's upcoming cable-based home-networking gateway will combine a DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 compliant modem, router-gateway, and wireless base station (802.11b compliant) in a single device.

First Look: Gateway's Three-Pound Ultraportable 200 Notebook

Gateway's 200 ultraportable notebook offers standard wireless connectivity and sports a stylish new design.

Newsletter Sponsorships That Lead to B2B Success

The right publisher - and the right publication - can link you directly to your target audience. A respected title can also add value to your brand. Our expert shows you how.

Test Drive: Casio Cassiopeia BE-300

Casio's PDA has a bright color display, CompactFlash expansion slot, Internet and e-mail capability, and deft handwriting recognition and personal information management, and it's under six ounces and cost less than $200. Is this the ultimate handheld-PC bargain?

Web Design Tools

Web design packages generate HTML documents, the format used to display information on the Web. If you're not familiar with HTML, these programs offer wizards, tutorials, templates, and graphics to get you started. We review five Web design packages that can help you build a compelling Web presence.

Brand Marketing: Does Brand + Brand = Success?

Can co-branding benefit your online marketing campaign? Our expert defines the topic, looks at the hype and the reality of co-branding -- and defines ground rules for successful co-branding for both parties.

First Look: NETGEAR's VPN Firewall FVS318 ProSafe Router

NETGEAR's latest VPN Firewall router offers stateful packet inspection, denial of service protection, intrusion detection, and VPN endpoint capabilities for less than $150.

First Look: X10's FloodCam

X10's new FloodCam promises a do-it-yourself surveillance system that transmits an intruder's actions to a VCR or PC.

Test Drive: Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Router

In a crowded market, Belkin's 802.11b router distinguishes itself by packing a lot of capabilities into a highly-polished product that's perfect for a small-office environment.

First Look: Dell's $1,299 Inspiron 2650

Dell's low-end notebook comes with a Pentium 4-M processor and may appeal to the needs of value-conscious customers.

First Look: ZyXEL's Prestige 652 ADSL Security Router

ZyXEL's latest ADSL Router offers a built-in firewall and VPN capabilities.

From Dazzle to Daily

As the Internet becomes less of a novelty and more a part of people's daily lives, the tone and placement of your advertising should shift accordingly.

First Look: Epson's PowerLite 8200i Projectors

Epson's new PowerLite 8200i promises to deliver 3,500 ANSI lumens and a 600:1 contrast ratio.

First Look: U.S. Robotics' 22 Mbps, High-Speed Wireless Networking Products

U.S. Robotics' new Wireless Access Point, Wireless Access PC Card and Wireless Access PCI Adapter promise to connect multiple PCs at speeds up to 22 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band and offer full 802.11b compatibility.

eMarketing Strategy: Making Video Ads Work

When repurposing television or theater ads for the Internet, take some simple steps to adapt the creative to the environment.

Buyer's Guide: DVD Writers

DVD discs can hold up to 4.7GB of data to backup files and store videos. But is this the right time to buy a DVD burner? We tell you why it may be better to wait.

Test Drive: Maxtor Personal Storage 3000XT

This external hard drive lets you add a whopping 160GB of storage space to almost any firewire equipped PC or Mac. There is no easier or faster way to add this much hard drive space.

First Look: Canon's VB-C10 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Network Camera

Canon's new integrated camera lets users control the camera and monitor live video over the internet or LAN.

Ten Things Marketers Should Know about Linking

Understanding linking and link popularity is crucial for achieving high search engine rankings - and avoiding penalties for abusing the often-times unspoken rules.

Web Viruses: The Worst To Watch Out For

Worm/Klez.G dominates all other viruses during April and continues to spread.

E-Mail Marketing: When Customers Change Their Minds

In the world of permission-based email marketing, recipients should always have the right to reconsider.

First Look: NonprofitBooks 2002

This new accounting solution, which is a companion application to Intuit's popular QuickBooks Pro, is targeted towards the needs of non-profit organizations.

First Look: U.S. Robotics' Networking Devices for Homes and Small Offices

U.S. Robotics rounds out its portfolio of wired and wireless networking products.

First Look: Sony's Latest Notebook PCs

Sony's VAIO PCG-VX88 promises a 14.1-inch screen, full-size keyboard, and integrated wireless in a 'thin-and-light' profile notebook.

Leveraging Existing IT Assets: A Fiscal Fitness Plan

With the economy the way it is, small businesses may want to make do with what the IT resources that you currently have, and figure out inexpensive ways to extend their life, performance and functionality. To help out, here is a three step fitness plan.

Online Privacy Bill Raising 'Grave' E-Commerce Concerns

If U.S. lawmakers push through new online privacy rules, industry watchers say companies running e-commerce sites will have a long, expensive and complicated job in front of them.

Buyer's Guide: Anti-Virus Programs

Protecting computers from viruses is just as important as locking doors and turning on your burglar alarm. If your company uses e-mail, shares files, and surfs the Internet, then you are engaging in activities that allow viruses to spread from one computer to the next. Here's what to look for in an anti-virus solution.

Test Drive: Sony DVD+RW DRU110A-C1

Sony's rewritable DVD drive can adequately save data and video onto DVD+RW discs and works as a CD-RW drive, but its technology is outdated. For now, it's best to wait before buying this technology.

First Look: ACCPAC's Latest Simply Accounting and Simply Accounting Pro

New Version 9.0 offers complete time & billing module, daily business manager and interactive multimedia training.

First Look: Celestix Security Appliance

New security appliance for small businesses and consumers promises enterprise-class VPN/security and ease of use for under $300.

Keeping E-mail Campaigns Calm, Collected... and Creative

Is every campaign an 11th hour sprint to the finish line? Consider the suggestions in this article. They can help save you time, money, and hassles. And it's likely that your e-mail could be more focused and motivating to your audience.

First Look: BenQ's 18.1-inch LCD Display

BenQ's FP882 LCD offers a wide viewable angle and a large 18.1-inch screen size.

First Look: U.S. Robotics Wireless Networking Products

U.S. Robotics Introduced a suite of 22 mbps, high-speed wireless networking products that promise full 802.11b compatibility.

Online Fraud Far Exceeds Offline Fraud

According to a recent study, 2001 online fraud losses were 19 times as high as offline fraud losses.

First Look: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Adobe's newest Photoshop 7.0 promises to deliver a comprehensive tool set to help photographers and designers.

First Look: Intuit's Retail Solution

New retail solution from Intuit assists those businesses that work with point of sales to manage inventories and sales.

First Look: Web-Based Security Service

McAfee.com SecurityCenter, a new service, promises to inform and protect small businesses by determining their vulnerability to internet threats.

First Look: Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Upgrade Kit

A new kit from Belkin Offers users a PCI card, hub, and cable to upgrade a PC so it may connect with USB 2.0 devices.

Targeting Efforts That Inch Toward the Bulls-Eye

Targeting could be considered the Holy Grail of media online buying, such is its promise. That's why newcomers and old-timers alike are introducing new technologies designed to enhance targeting capabilities.

Test Drive: Gateway Solo 5350XL

Hefty three-spindle laptop designs are history. Slim two-spindle notebooks with swappable device bays are today's smart choice, and Gateway's is one of the lightest and most affordable - $1,699 with 1.06GHz Pentium III power, a DVD/CD-RW drive, a great screen and keyboard, and Windows XP Professional. We put this 5.8-pound desktop alternative to the test.

First Look: Epson Unveils Lightweight, 3-LCD Mobile Projectors

Epson's PowerLite projectors weigh only 4.3 pounds and can display at up to 2,000 ANSI Lumens.

First Look: Verio WebMail Product Lets Users Retrieve E-mail From Remote PCs

Verio's new e-mail product is designed to let businesses retrieve domain-based e-mail remotely from any computer with Internet access. WebMail is offered as both an add-on to Verio's UNIX shared Web hosting and e-commerce plans, as well as a standalone product.

Making the Wireless LAN Choice: 802.11a or 802.11g

If your wireless LAN applications require high performance, then you're probably choosing between 802.11a or waiting for 802.11g. Before making this important choice, we compare and contrast the two competing technologies and explain which one can best fit your needs.

First Look: New Cable/DSL Broadband Router, and PCI Adapter with Firewall

Barricade's new Cable/DSL Broadband Router promises increased security and VPN support, while its new PCI Adapter incorporates a firewall.

First Look: Panasonic's Next Generation MFP

The new WORKiO DP-6010, 4510 and 3510 digital systems promise to copy, print, scan and fax, and support the document needs of workgroups of 20 or more.

First Look: Performance-Based Lead Manager

New product may enable online direct marketers to receive more qualified leads to their Web site, increase the likelihood that leads will convert into buyers, and let them pay for traffic on a per-click basis.

Communicate More Effectively Outside the Browser

One expert believes that dynamic screensaver technology is the killer app for communicating with a business' customers, affiliates, and employees. Here's how.

Tips For Preserving Business Documents

Many small businesses forget to take the time to store important papers properly, and can have difficulty finding them when they need them most. Here are suggestions on how to safely store and archive documents.

Top 12 - Viruses for March 2002

Central Command, a provider of PC anti-virus software and computer security services, released its monthly listing of the top twelve viruses reported for March, 2002.

First Look: Linksys's Cable Modem

At $129.99, Linksys' EtherFast Cable Modem is designed to be an affordable solution for businesses that want to take advantage of high-speed cable-based Internet connections.

First Look: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Business Management Software

New QuickBooks Software is the first Intuit solution designed and priced for businesses with 20 to 250 employees.

LCD Monitors

Is it the right time to buy an LCD monitor? We evaluate the NEC MultiSync LCD1850E and Samsung SyncMaster 171B. Perhaps flat is where it's at.

SalesLogix Ships Configuration Engine 4.0 for Microsoft Commerce Server 2002

This new solution may help companies deliver a guided selling storefront on their web sites.

First Look: AlphaShield Protection Device

New internet privacy device protects consumers and small offices that use high-speed internet connections.

First Look: Supporting Documents Application for the Intacct Accounting System

Intacct's new supporting documents application stores and retrieves documents and associates them with accounting transactions.

First Look: Oracle Small Business Suite's Executive Dashboard

Oracle Small Business Suite, an online accounting system, offers a new graphical Web page that's designed to summarize a company's critical business information

First Look: OfficePortal Broadband Router for Small Office/Home Office

2Wire's 2Wire OfficePortal broadband router, which combines a router and firewall, promises home office and small office users networking functionality and security and ease of use.

Test Drive: Multi-Tech SOHO RouteFinder VPN Internet Security Appliance

Once intimidating projects like setting up a remote office that must also support telecommuters is now a breeze with products like the SOHO RouteFinder VPN. While not perfect, this product has all the features needed for such an undertaking.

The Power of Personal Endorsements on the Web

There's nothing like the word of a trusted expert when it comes to selling things online.

Get Smart About Web Site I.Q.

Why do people fall prey to bad information on the Internet? Here's a process for assessing the information quality (I.Q.) of Web sites that helps you easily distinguish the gold from the garbage.

Cordless Telephone Headsets

If your shoulder strains as you speak on the phone and you often need to walk around as you talk, you may be a prime candidate for a cordless telephone headset. In this buyer's guide, we review the Logitech Cordless Telephone & PC Headset and Plantronics CS10.

Test Drive: HP DVD-Writer dvd100i DVD burner

Small business owners who want to backup data onto DVD discs and burn DVD movies may find lots to like about HP's dvd100i drive. However, when it comes to writing on DVDs, the technology is still maturing and there's more to come.

First Look: BenQ's Slim 20.8-inch LCD

BenQ announced the latest addition to its digital display lineup, the Professional Series flat panel FP2081.

First Look: Multiactive's Maximizer 7

Multiactive's Maximizer offers enhanced sales opportunity management, an ability to track additional customer information, integration with Outlook and Palm, and improved reporting features.

First Look: Gateway's $999 Budget Notebook

Gateway, Inc. introduces its Solo 1450 notebook computer - a $999 system that comes with a one-year warranty and service and support.

First Look: Terra Lycos' Small Business Communication Tool

Terra Lycos' subscription based service promises to let members to communicate and share documents in a private web space that's free of banner ads.

First Look: Sony's New Palm OS Handhelds

Sony's latest CLII handhelds offer flip-and-swivel screens and integrated extras like a camera, keyboard and MP3 player.

Significantly Increase Your Click-Through Rates

Is it possible to increase your click-through rates overnight? We know firms that have, and the best part: it's simple and doesn't cost anything. You can easily apply it to your email newsletter and hopefully see similar results.

First Look: Data Protection Service for Small Businesses

Connected Corporation introduced a customized version of the company's Connected TLM software that is designed to provide small businesses with enterprise-class data protection.

Two Thirds of Small Businesses Using the Internet

Most small business owners (66%) are using the Internet as a tool to help them run their businesses, according to the OPEN Small Business Network 2002 Monitor from American Express. And marketing, advertising, and research rank among the top tasks performed.

Test Drive: Adobe GoLive 6.0

The latest version of GoLive, Adobe's Web authoring tool, offers comprehensive workgroup server features that let development teams work together on projects and advanced capabilities for Web professionals.

Buyer's Guide: Low-Cost Laser Printers

Hewlett-Packard descends from its premium-priced printer throne to join the low-cost laser brawl with a $249 LaserJet. But while HP steps down to that price, Samsung steps up to it, adding enhancements to its $199 personal laser. Which is the better buy?

First Look: Whitney Bank's Small Business Bill Payment Service

CheckFree and Whitney National Bank announced that Whitney has incorporated CheckFree's WebPay for Small Business service as part of its Whitney Business Online offering. According to the companies, Whitney Business BillPay offers small business customers a customized electronic bill payment application that enables easy and secure online payment of all bills.

First Look: 3Com's OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Secure Gateway

This new gateway promises a secure and affordable way to scale single broadband connections over small business networks.

First Look: Compaq's New Wireless Ready Notebooks

Compaq's Presario 2800 and Evo N800 feature MultiPort wireless solutions and new Pentium 4 processors.

First Look: Western Digital's 120 GB External FireWire Hard Drive

Compatible with Macintosh and PCs, Western Digital's new external hard drive promises a fast, easy way to add storage in a space-efficient, stackable enclosure.

Grow Your House List: Email Marketing Optimization

If you're currently looking for new e-mail lists, perhaps you should first take a good, hard look at your own house list and make an effort to expand it. Here's how.

First Look: D-Link's Wireless 11b Combo Bridge or Access Point

The D-LinkAir DWL-900AP Combination Wireless Bridge or Access Point promises to link one building to another with up to 900 feet between them, while a 'point-to-multipoint' mode should let users connect multiple locations wirelessly.

First Look: Dell Inspiron and Latitude Notebooks

Dell's latest notebooks promise faster processors; large, bright displays; and wireless options.

Finding the Right Desktop PC

What do you do when your computers get too slow to handle the latest accounting, CAD, or graphics applications, or when files get too numerous for hard drives to hold? Eventually, you'll have to upgrade your systems to stay ahead of the curve and save yourself money in the long run. Here's how.

Test Drive: Nikon Coolpix 5000 Digital Camera

Nikon's Coolpix 995 is famous for letting you frame a shot in its LCD monitor while swiveling its lens to odd angles. Its new 5-megapixel cousin does the same thing in reverse, letting you aim the camera any which way while keeping sight of the shot in a swiveling monitor, and adds impressive manual controls. But is it worth a grand in these days of digital bargains?

Test Drive: Sony's VAIO PCG-GR370 Notebook PC

Solid performance and excellent multimedia features make this Sony desktop replacement notebook one to consider.

"10 Best Bets" to Boost The E-Commerce Bottom Line

Based on a recent study, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) identified the top ten things that online retailers are doing to boost their bottom lines. Perhaps there's something here that can assist your e-commerce efforts.

First Look: 1GHz PowerElf Server

Greencomputer's new 1GHz network server appliance promises fast performance and strong security and may appeal to small businesses, schools and branch offices.

First Look: HP's New Line of LaserJet Multifunction Systems

Hewlett-Packard introduces three new HP LaserJet multifunction printer systems that may help small businesses print, copy, scan, fax, and digitally send documents through the Internet

E-Mail Marketing To be Added to Oracle Small Business Suite

A new partnership with Gotmarketing will add e-mail marketing capabilities to Oracle Small Business Suite.

First Look: ORINOCOT AP-200 - A WI-FI Wireless Lan AccessPoint

Agere Systems' new ORiNOCO AP-200 is designed to be the first dual 10/100 Ethernet port wireless access point that's optimized for use in small office environments.

First Look: Toshiba Satellite 5105-S607

Toshiba's latest notebook offers an innovative Clear Touchpad that can launch functions such as a calculator, 10-keypad, and more.

First Look: Maxtor's High Capacity 1u Storage Server

Maxtor's high capacity workgroup-class storage servers offer up to 640GB of storage space and an ability to automatically store e-mail.

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