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Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of E-mail

Have you ever written a funny — maybe slightly cutting — e-mail about a colleague or business partner? You and your friends probably got a few laughs out of it.

Biometrics Puts a Finger on Point of Sales

Three reasons to consider adding biometrics to your business: security, efficiency and convenience.

SMBs Getting Hammered by New Threats

A recent study shows small to medium businesses lack the expertise to battle phishing and spyware.

Virus-Powered Phishing Unleashed

As if there weren't already reason enough for SMBs to secure their networks against digital vermin: Security researchers are warning of a new Trojan that hijacks users' banking information, allowing hackers to empty their accounts.

Security Threats Coming from all Sides

A Symantec study shows that the number of software security flaws has leveled off over the past year. That sounds like good news until you find out that it's leveled off at seven new vulnerabilities a day, or 2,636 a year.

MyDoom Worm Sweeps Across Internet

MyDoom, by many accounts, is swiftly becoming the fastest spreading virus ever, even surpassing Sobig-F, which carpet bombed the Internet late last summer. Anti-virus experts say the problem will most likely get worse before it gets better.

Last Year's Security Problems May Balloon in 2004

If 2003 was the worst year in history for viruses and spam, hold onto your hat. This year, according to security experts, is setting up to see the malicious problems that appeared last year grow and fester into major security problems for 2004.

Large and Small Business IT Spending Drops

After three months of steady IT spending, small and large businesses pulled down IT spending levels sharply in August. The news comes one month after Gartner reported that a strong increase in IT spending could mean a turnaround in 2004.

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