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Citrix Launches Virtual Desktop in a Box for SMBs

Is it time to finally ditch the physical desktop and go virtual? The folks at Citrix thinks so.

Netgear Improves Access and Security in Network Appliance

Unified threat management appliance aimed at small business delivers new broadband access capabilities.

IBM Launches New Billion Dollar Effort for SMB Tech Adoption

If access to capital is holding you back from buying new tech, IBM has a solution for you.

Review: Nefsis Video Conferencing

Lots of video and sharing options makes this small business video conferencing solution worth considering, so long as you're not using any mobile clients.

Small Business Guide to Tablets

Does your small business really need a tablet? We'll walk you through that decision process and then discuss what you need to know if you decide to buy.

iPhone and iPad Mobile Security Risk Increases

Despite its efforts to address mobile security in its operating system, Apple's iOS faces a very real threat, leaving millions of iPhone and iPad users vulnerable to attack.

HP Updates Small Biz Servers, Storage and Networking

HP delivers new solutions and new funding to help small businesses grow.

Apple's iCloud Takes Cloud Computing Mainstream

A hard drive is so 2010. From entertainment to work, Steve Jobs hopes to make data storage and data sharing all about the iCloud.

10 Network Security Steps for Every Small Business

Just because you're a small business, doesn’t mean you don't face big threats. Consider these 10 steps to help reduce your risk.

Cisco Powers Up a Small Business Router

A step up from its predecessor, Cisco's latest small business networking router adds Gigabit Ethernet, stronger antennas and better security, but it missteps on supporting dual-band 802.11n.

Drobo Expands Storage for SMBs

Consumer-grade storage vendor moves up to SMB market with new eight- and 12-bay solutions that go beyond traditional RAID, with a little help from Linux.

Cisco Updates Small Business Networking Gear

Cisco rolls out new 200-series switches and a Linux powered router, which deliver SSL-VPN and management capabilities to small business professionals.

Juniper Networks Takes Aim at Smartphone Security

The company's mobile security initiatives are designed to protect smartphones and their vast repositories of business and personal data.

Cisco Rolls Out New Linux Switches for Small Business Networks

New midrange managed switches debut with enhanced discovery and IPv6 capabilities as Cisco continues the process of migrating from the Linksys brand for small business customers.

HP Updates Small Business Networking

Tech giant HP continues its integration and expansion of former 3Com technologies with new Wi-Fi, unified communications and phone handsets for small and midsized companies.

Smartphone Security: Are Mobile Apps Safe?

Android or iPhone, mobile apps are flying off the virtual marketplace shelves. But new research raises concerns about how they interact with personal data.

Open Source CRM Gets Sweeter with SugarCRM 6

SugarCRM 6, the latest version of the popular open source CRM application arrives with a host of new features.

Mac OS X 10.6.4 Update Addresses Security Issues

Apple fixes dozens of data security flaws in its new Snow Leopard operating system update. Plus, it fixed a few features in the bargain.

Google Changes May Affect Small Business SEO

Ongoing revisions to its index are aimed at ensuring that Google's users get even more relevant results, even for long search terms. But the effort has had a major impact on sites' search rankings.

Cisco Switches Up Entry-Level SMB Networking

Replacing its older Linksys models, Cisco's 100-series switches aim to deliver new enhancements at the front lines of small-business communications.

Wireless Networking for a Small Business at Home

Cisco's designed its latest wireless networking router for the home, which could work nicely for home-based entrepreneurs looking for a simplified way to cut the Ethernet cord.

Security Risk Hits Adobe PDF Reader

The company is “assessing” the risk that affects the document format software, popular with small businesses (and the rest of the world).

Cisco Expands Security, Collaboration for Small Business

New Cisco hardware rolls out to take aim at smaller businesses with big needs.

Apple Patches 21 Security Glitches

Latest batch of Apple patches includes some late fixes for Adobe Flash.

Apple Recommends Antivirus for Macs

The Mac maker quietly suggests customers use antivirus software, though threats are still few in number.

OpenOffice Hits 3.0: Can It Challenge Microsoft?

Latest release ups the feature count, but Microsoft still isn't worried about the open source world's alternative to Office.

IPv6 For Small Business Arrives

IPv6 is a technology that seems to be just around the corner. But for one company, it's arrived. Learn why you should care.

Dell Set to Sell Ubuntu Linux

Customers asked and Dell listened; pre-loaded Linux is finally coming.

ID Theft And Internet Fraud Declining?

New studies indicate that the Internet isn't as dangerous as other places.

Buffalo's Strong, Affordable NAS

This network attached storage appliance offers a killer combination of power, capacity, connectivity and price.

Sober Up: E-mail Viruses on the Rise

A report from Postini shows that e-mail borne viruses continue to increase. Is your company's e-mail secure?

Network and File Sharing Made Simple

Most Windows users will see the magic of this approach to mapping and sharing network assets — especially if you've had difficulty getting Windows XP to share.

Can You Spot The Phish Attack?

Only four percent can spot a phishing e-mail 100 percent of the time.

Will Security Concerns Hold Back SMB VoIP Adoption?

New CompTIA study reveals that most SMBs don't trust current VoIP security measures.

No Guesswork Here: Web Sites Work For SMBs

Web sites are more than image-builders for small-to-medium-sized businesses. They're about leads and sales as well, according to Interland's Summer 2005 Small and Medium-sized Business Barometer report.

Cut Your Printer Cables

The kit includes everything you need to make any printer a wireless printer. While we hit a few connection snags, some small office or home office folks will find this an ideal way to unwire their printer.

WatchGuard Firebox Edge X5w

The Firebox Edge X5w is designed to be an all-in-one wireless firewall and VPN appliance for your small network. It promises to do it all, and it delivers.

Choosing a Hosted E-Commerce Solution — Pt. 2

It's time to lay it on the line and see how the leading hosting company based e-commerce solutions stack up, dollars and cents versus megabytes and gigabytes.

Choosing a Hosted E-Commerce Solution

Part I: Choice can be good — but it can also be confusing. Just about every major hosting company today offers some form of hosted e-commerce package. So how do you choose?

Passwords at Your Fingertips

Microsoft's Fingerprint Reader teams with your 'registered finger' to make logging on to your home network or favorite Web site as simple as tapping a pinky on a biometric reader.

An E-Commerce King Continues Its Reign

Miva Merchant has been the standard against which other e-commerce solutions have been judged. Though certainly not perfect, you can make Miva Merchant 5 do just about anything.

SSL: Your Key to E-Commerce Security

An SSL certificate — a fundamental component of e-commerce — builds consumer trust and confidence. No legitimate site should go without.

Getting Started With Gigabit Networking

SMBs can take advantage of high-speed networking now that Gigabit prices have fallen within reach.

Can I Borrow a Pen?

A Plaxo survey reports Post-It notes are more popular than Outlook for contact management.

SMBs Reap E-Commerce Benefits

A new study from the ISP Interland provides a measure of how e-commerce affects SMBs.

Renovating Your eBay Store

If you really want to spice up your eBay Store and stand out from your competition, you'll want to consider Macromedia's Contribute 3 for eBay.

CAN-SPAM Taking Effect?

Not a chance says MX Logic, which reports that most spam is not playing by the rules.

SMB's Get IM FaceTime

Software security company FaceTime Communications makes enterprise-quality instant messaging security packages available to small and medium businesses.

Trickle Down Technology

Big Business tech vendors and SMBs look to each other for revenue and affordable solutions.

Red Hat Linux 9 Reaches End of the Line

The Raleigh, N.C.-based Linux vendor has decided to discontinue its retail version. And while the company plans to continue supporting the final version only through April 30th, third-party vendors may pick up where they leaave off.

Covad, GoBeam in VoIP Play

Both Covad and GoBeam have focused on serving small- and medium-sized businesses since 1999. The acquisition of GoBeam makes Covad a well-rounded integrated voice and data communications provider.

Worms Continue to Wriggle, Wreak Havoc

'Zero-day' exploits and new styles of viruses send Internet security firms scrambling to patch the latest holes in networks. What can a small business do to keep its network secure? Start by establishing and enforcing a security policy.

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