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Jabber Readying IM Appliance for SMBs

The instant messaging product and technology provider plans to release of what it describes as a plug-and-play IM appliance designed for small- to mid-sized businesses.

Flaws and a Delay for XP SP2

SMBs running Windows XP Professional Edition will have to wait a bit longer for the automated delivery of the SP2 update — but now that researchers claim to have found two security faults, that may not be a bad thing.

Microsoft Releases XP SP2 Warning List

If your business runs on the Windows XP operating system, you should check Microsoft's list twice to avoid possible disruptions of third-party FTP programs, peer-to-peer applications and multimedia streaming software.

Three-in-One Virus Zapper

Microsoft offers a free tool to help you clean up your computer systems after viral attacks.

Seven Microsoft Security Alerts; Two Critical

It's mid July, so it must be time for Microsoft's monthly security patch-a-thon. Take a look at the latest alerts, two of which are critical, and make sure you install them to keep your systems up to date.

XP Service Pack 2 Costs MS, Not You, Serious Dough

Microsoft is spending big bucks to make sure you get XP Service Pack 2 installed on your PC.

High Alert: Security Flaws Found in Symantec Software

Vulnerabilities in Symantec's virus security software provide a classic example of why it's so important to run security updates on your computers regularly.

eBay Makes Shipping More Fluid

If you operate an eBay store, shipping your wares just got a little easier. The auction giant inked a deal with Pitney Bowes to allow customers to calculate and pay shipping costs as well as print labels from the desktop.

Experts: Don't Panic Over Windows Leak

Windows code leaks heighten security concerns in the IT industry but security experts say threats of 'zero day' exploits are a widespread misconception. But the leak could trigger accelerated upgrades to Windows XP operating systems, especially among smaller businesses.

MyDoom Stops, Mutant Worm Starts

As if the MyDoom virus isn't bad enough, the crafty worm in now generating several threatening variants. Microsoft has released a virus removal tool, but unpatched machines loom as a major security threat.

eBay Hikes Listing Fees

The online auction giant announces a sharp increase in listing fees for high-end items but softens the blow for smaller traders. At least for now, the listing fee low-end items — priced between a penny and 99 cents — will remain fixed at 30 cents.

PayPal Phishers Nibble; MailFrontier Bites Back

Online security experts have raised the alert level on yet another e-mail virus 'phishing' for PayPal credit card numbers and other sensitive information. A California startup promises relief.

PayPal Phishers Turn to E-mail Viruses

Internet scammers have come up with a new technique to 'phish' for sensitive information. The high-tech tactic has been used before, but this is the first time 'phishing' has been integrated with an e-mail borne virus.

No More Weekly Microsoft Patches

The company makes a dramatic shift in that way it issues security fixes. For small businesses, the Windows Update utility will be augmented by a new product called Microsoft Update — a Web destination with all of Microsoft's security patches.

Report: Linux Most Attacked Server OS

Risk management researcher Mi2g reports that 67 percent of all successful overt digital attacks were done against the Linux operating system. Is your small business computing system at risk?

Is RSS the Answer to the Spam Crisis?

As legitimate online publishers struggle to get e-mail newsletters into clogged inboxes, rich site summary — or really simple syndication, RSS for short — is fast emerging as the answer to the spam nightmare.

Roxio to Bundle Napster with CD-Burning Tools

Napster 2.0 will roll out what is called the first online music play offering unlimited a la carte downloads alongside a subscription option. Roxio plans to bundle the reborn Napster 2.0 service with its popular CD/DVD burning software.

Microsoft Patches IE, Outlook Express Holes

Security holes in the world's most popular Web browser has put millions of surfers at the risk of attack; Outlook Express also contains a serious vulnerability.

Putting Small Businesses In The 'Groove'

For less than the price of a PC, Groove Networks is offering desktop collaboration software to small and home-based businesses. Communicate with text or voice, share and edit documents, conduct real-time meetings and presentations, and more.

Microsoft Strengthens HelpDesk Features In CRM Offering

Looking to add key security features to its new Customer Relationship Management CRM product, Microsoft has inked a deal with Network Associates to marry a customer help-desk system with its CRM software.

Microsoft Launches Desktop Center for XP

Looking to prod systems administrators into upgrading to Windows XP, Microsoft launches a free Web-based portal with tools to ease the switch.

Roxio Adds DVD Burning To Easy CD Creator

Looking to push the envelope for multimedia creation on PCs, Roxio puts DVD burning capabilities within its flagship Easy CD Creator software, making it a fully integrated digital media suite allowing users to capture, edit, manage and move their music, photos, videos and data to a CD or DVD.

Fear, Uncertainty And Doubt Factor Into Internet Insecurity

Software security firms are ramping up the marketing of early detection and warning systems for Internet attacks but one analyst dismisses the notion of cyber-terrorism as 'hogwash.'

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