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First Net Neutrality Bill Hits Congress

Dorgan, Snowe introduce legislation to prohibit discriminatory treatment of Internet traffic by broadband carriers.

Does Universal Service Fund Reform Mean Fees for VoIP?

New legislation would cap expenses while extending obligations to VoIP customers.

Protest Over AOL's Pay-to-Send E-mail Plan

Advocacy groups from across the political spectrum rally against AOL's plan to monetize e-mail.

Lawmakers' New Look at Online Sales Taxes

Legislation to level the taxation playing field for all in-store, catalog and online retailers is back on the table in Congress.

States Close in on Internet Tax Collection

New agreement allows states to distribute free software to simplify process but congressional sanction still needed.

Confidence in E-Commerce Waning

Gartner survey shows one of out three Internet users buying less online.

House Approves Anti-Spyware Bills

Members urge Senate to address latest House call to pass national legislation banning forms of spyware.

Lawmaker To Protect 'Net from Century-Old Tax

Senator introduces bill to keep Internet services free from Federal Excise Tax.

FCC Slaps Fine on VoIP-blocking Telecom

North Carolina company agrees to pay $15,000 and promises to drop port-blocking practices.

Are ISPs Blocking VoIP Calls?

Internet telephony firms Vonage, Nuvio take complaints to the FCC.

A Busy Year for IT in D.C.

Broadband, Internet tax cuts, spyware and Chinese fair trade issues dominated debates on Capitol Hill this year. The decisions ultimately made in D.C. will certainly affect SMBs.

Bush Signs 'Net Access Tax Moratorium

A new Federal ban on connection taxes extends exemptions to broadband and wireless hookups.

FCC to Decide VoIP Fate Next Week

Will the FCC rule that VoIP should remain exempt from state and local regulation? If you're thinking of switching your SMB over to VoIP, stay tuned to this issue.

IRS Denies Plan to Tax VoIP Services

Things are looking up for SMBs regarding tax-free Voice over Internet Protocol services.

Federal Lawmakers Bid For VoIP Control

VoIP technology is hot and offers small businesses huge savings. Proposed legislation tries to keep government regulation to a minimum.

Bush, Kerry Reveal Tech Initiatives

Both plans contain broadband access measures that will promote small business growth.

Welcome to Wi-Fi RFD?

In an attempt to help spread wireless broadband deployment across rural regions, the Federal Communications Commission last week approved proposed rules to allow unlicensed wireless devices to operate at higher power.

Feds Beef Up Can Spam Act

The Federal Trade and Communications Commissions have begun the process of fully implementing the United States' first national law aimed at curbing unsolicited bulk e-mail. Will spammers get the message?

FTC Wins Judgment Against Net Auction Scammers

Court bars two Chicago area residents from participating in Web auctions and orders more than $90,000 in consumer redress. The two constantly changed their Internet auction account names to conceal that they were defrauding consumers.

Bush Signs Can Spam Bill

With the stroke of the president's pen moving the legislation into law Tuesday, e-mail marketers have until May to comply with new opt-out measures. But consumer groups question whether the bill has teeth.

House Set to Finish Can Spam Act

Landmark legislation sets first national standards for regulating spam. Congress says that 'if you are a spammer, you can wind up in the slammer.' But PC users expecting to see a significant drop in e-mail are likely to be disappointed.

'Net Tax Ban Renewal Hopes Fade for 2003

Sharp divisions over duration and definitions mean no action is expected until Jan. 2004 . Barring a last-minute compromise, the movement to revive the Internet access tax ban that expired on Nov. 1 is all but dead for 2003.

Anti-Spam Bill Clears Senate

Technical issues force another House vote on anti-spam legislation, but President Bush is still expected to sign bill early in 2004. Meanwhile, the FTC may not have to look past its own backyard to enforce the anti-spam bill.

Bush Likely to Sign Anti-Spam Bill Soon

With no Senate opposition expected for opt-out legislation that pre-empts tougher state laws, it looks like the White House could make the new anti-spam bill the law of the land come January.

House Passes Federal Anti-Spam Bill

Federal opt-out legislation pre-empts tougher opt-in state laws and calls for five-year prison sentences for violators — assuming that the FTC can find and prosecute the spammers.

FTC to E-tailers: Don't Be Naughty!

The U.S. federal agency sends letters to 37 e-tailers as a holiday reminder of consumer protection laws. Warranty information, quick-ship claims and country-of-origin disclosures top the list of missing details online shoppers are frequently not provided.

HP Helps SMBs Get More from Technology

Hewlett-Packard dedicates new resources and support to its sales partners that focus on the SMB market through its PartnerOne SMB networks. Flexible financing terms are a big part of HP's 'Smart Office Initiative' for smaller businesses.

FTC Seeks Contempt Order Against Web Site Billing Service

Federal agency claims Mercury Marketing continuing to bill for Internet-related services without consumers' authorization; many of which are small businesses caught by the telemarketer's lure of inexpensive Web hosting and site design services.

Internet Tax Ban Hits Congressional Fast Track

Good news for small businesses that sell goods and services online — legislation to permanently extend the current moratorium on certain Internet taxes moves to the House and Senate.

FTC Calls Web Deal an Illegal Pyramid

The U.S. federal agency takes Internet 'shopping mall' operators to court to halt alleged scam. NexGen3000.com marketed Web-based malls that they claimed would enable investors to earn substantial income and commissions on products purchased through the Internet.

Court Slaps Restraining Order on Alleged Web Scammers

Responding to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's request, a judge orders owners of a do-it-yourself Internet tool kit to halt bogus advertising claims. The FTC asserts the claims by an operation that promised a one fee, turnkey, get-rich-quick Internet home-based business opportunity are deceptive .

House Panel Okays Internet Tax Moratorium

The new measure would permanently ban taxes on Internet access. If a moratorium, permanent or otherwise, is passed by Congress, it would not, in all probability, apply to the growing movement to enforce sales taxes on Internet sales.

E-Commerce Wholesalers Show Healthy Growth

According to one expert, the increase in e-commerce by wholesalers is clearly one reason many leading technology companies have their sites set upon the small- and mid-sized business market for growth. But drug and automotive aftermarket wholesalers lead pack according to new Census Bureau stats.

A Permanent Tax Free Internet?

Two U.S. Senators are joined by a member of the House in support of making the Internet sales tax moratorium permanent. The legislative move would put e-businesses on a much more level playing field, according to those that proposed the pair of bills.

Tax Free Internet Bills Hit Both Houses

With moratorium on sales taxes for purchases made over the Internet expiring in November, two Net-savvy elected officials push for a permanent solution.

U.S. Business Census Goes Online

With cooperation from American business, the U.S. Census Bureau completes an Economic Census every five years. The 2002 Economic Census is currently underway and at the end of the year, you can save some time by completing the business census online.

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