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A Review of the Acer AC100 Micro Server for Small Business

Power, price and performance combine to make the Acer AC100 Micro Server a worthy choice for small business.

7 Essential Apps for the Small Business IT Professional

Mobile apps for Android and iOs devices let you troubleshoot networking and other IT issues anywhere, anytime. We look at seven of the best.

5 Tips to Better Manage your Email

Adopting these simple email management tips can make your work life easier and more productive.

6 Tips to Better Manage Your Files and Folders

You'd be surprised how many people struggle to keep track of files and folders on their computer. Here are six basic tips to help you improve file management.

Boost Productivity with Outlook's Delegate Access

We look at a Delegate Access, a feature found in Microsoft Outlook, and how it could help small businesses improve productivity.

The Pros and Cons of Web-Based Operating Systems

Do notebooks that rely on a Web-based OS -- like Google's Chromebook -- make sense for small business? We look at the benefits and the challenges of tying your PC to the cloud.

Understanding WEP Encryption Bit by Bit

Wireless technology is confusing enough, but when terminology collides, it can get ugly. We sort out a bit of encryption confusion. Plus, will a wireless network mess with cordless phones?

Firewall Debate: Hardware vs. Software

Any broadband Internet-connected computer should be protected by a firewall, but should that protection come in the form of a hardware or software firewall -- or both?

5 Ways to Get Rid of Old PCs

Selling and recycling may be the most obvious, but we look at five different options to dispose of old computer systems.

Should You Upgrade to a Business-Class Router?

There's big difference between a consumer router and a business-class router that can support a demanding small business network. Is it time -- and worth the cost -- to step up?

Secure Mobile Data Means Not Taking It with You

Not storing data on a laptop or mobile device might be the best way to keep it secure. We show you three ways to make that strategy work.

What's a MAC Address, and How Do You Find It?

To ensure optimal wireless network security, a little MAC (Media Access Control) filtering couldn't hurt. Learn what a MAC address is and how to find it.

Remote Access with Windows Live Mesh

Accessing your PC from a remote location used to require complex IT calisthenics. Windows Live Mesh makes it easy -- and free. Plus, three other remote access options.

5 Great Free Small Business Software Options

Cutting costs doesn't mean you have to cut corners. We've got five awesome alternatives to commercial small business software that won’t cost you a dime -- or a minute in productivity.

Protecting Small Business PCs in a Shared Environment

Keeping one employee's Windows PC safe and functional is tricky enough. Doing it for a PC that multiple people use raises the bar considerably. We show you several utilities that can help.

5 Steps to Fix a Faulty Internet Connection

All small business networks lose their connection to the Internet from time to time. Here are five steps you can take to troubleshoot and restore your Internet access.

Are You Singing the Windows 7 64-Bit OS Blues?

The new PCs you want to buy most likely run Windows 7's 64-bit OS, which is fine, unless of course you have peripherals and software that won’t run on it. Then what? We look at your options.

3 Easy Ways to Get Mobile Internet Access

We look at three mobile broadband options to keep you connected and productive on the road -- and offer tips on finding a plan to fit your small business budget.

Small Business Fax Solutions for the Digital Age

Internet-based fax services offer lots of convenient features for small businesses, and they're the best option for companies with VoIP phone systems. We show you why.

SMB Security: Do You Need Employee-Monitoring Software?

Whether you need to improve employee productivity, protect your small business network or reduce your business liability, monitoring software can help.

Small Business Networking: 6 Essential Router Features

A small business network needs more security and features than a typical consumer router can provide. Here's our take on the six must-have features to look for in a small business router.

Data Security: How to Secure a Small Business Computer

One simple step you can take to protect your data or small business network is to prevent employees from using USB Flash drives and CD/DVD drives on company PCs. We'll show you how.

Endpoint Security: How to Protect Data on a Laptop

The heart of a small business is its data. Lose it, and you're in big trouble. But what about your laptop? We look at data security -- from software tweaks to hardware encryption -- to lock down your laptop.

Turn Windows Home Server into a Small Business Server

Think you can't afford a small business server? Think again. Windows Home Server offers enough power to earn a position in the workplace -- and enough simplicity to be a welcome addition.

7 Basic Windows PC Maintenance Tips

You don’t need a doctorate in computer science to keep your Windows PC running smoothly. Follow these seven simple PC maintenance tips to happier, more productive computing.

How to Troubleshoot and Repair your PC: Part 2

In part two of our trouble-shooting guide, we turn our attention to software issues. There’s no lack of utilities that can diagnose and repair PC problems, and Ron Pacchiano shares his most reliable, go-to tools.

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Your PC

The most common hardware failures typically involve hard drives and memory. We take a look at several handy utilities to help you diagnose and repair these pesky hardware problems.

Save Time with Window's Easy Transfer Utility

Whether you’re upgrading to Windows 7 or buying a brand new computer, you’ll need to get the old files over to the new system. Ron Pacchiano shows how to do it faster using Windows Easy Transfer utility.

How to Backup and Restore System Drivers

Tracking down missing system drivers is a royal pain. Ron Pacchiano shows you an easier way and walks you through backing up and restoring your computer’s system drivers.

How to Synchronize Your Data

Ron Pacchiano shows how you can synchronize files stored in multiple locations so you always have up-to-date data no matter where you go.

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