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Spam Flows, Viruses Attack, but Legit E-mail Also Rises

The volume of spam is increasing, e-mail trust is eroding, and viruses are rampant, but don't let that slow you down. Internet users are sending more legitimate messages and CAN-SPAM is making a positive impact.

Online Tax Stats for 2004

Filing online has become a growing trend, allowing taxpayers to complete their taxes and get their refunds way before deadline. As for popular tax-reporting Web sites and software, there are some winners and some losers.

PPC for SMBs: Small But Growing Numbers

Most small- and medium-sized businesses haven't yet fully recognized the value of pay-per-click advertising, but interested prospects could swell the ranks of small business adopting such marking tactics as localized search technologies evolve.

E-commerce Penetration on the Rise

Online shopping captured nearly two percent of total retail sales during the last quarter of 2003, ringing up more than $17 billion — a 25 percent year-over-year increase. When it comes to e-commerce sales, are you going with the flow or swimming against the tide?

Business Applications Spur PC Upgrades

Many desks will sport enhanced new computers as demanding applications and regular replacement cycles force upgrades. Small businesses indicate they will go with the flow, but it's not because they have refresh programs in place.

Small Businesses Get Up To Speed

Small of all shapes and sizes are abandoning their dial-up connections for digital subscriber lines services, and the small business market is expected to lead the surge in high-speed subscription lines this year.

Anti-Spam Bill Clears Senate

Technical issues force another House vote on anti-spam legislation, but President Bush is still expected to sign bill early in 2004. Meanwhile, the FTC may not have to look past its own backyard to enforce the anti-spam bill.

E-Tailers Will See Green

Online shopping confidence grows with 2003 holiday shopping predictions that indicate 18 percent more Internet surfers will hit the Web to buy gifts. Price remains the primary driver when shoppers decide which e-tailers to patronize, but less so in 2003 than in 2002.

Small Biz Stressed About Success

While most small business owners are optimistic about their growth opportunities, they have legitimate concerns about managing expansion. Particularly since the primary way to grow a small business means moving into new markets.

Unsafe At High-Speed

Research equates broadband's always-on connection to a high-speed sewage pipe, flooding home computers with unwanted and unfiltered garbage. Could your broadband connection make your home office risky business?

Can Small Biz Rescue Job Market?

By 2007, an estimated 2.7 million small businesses will provide employment to roughly 41 million workers — accounting for nearly one-third of total U.S. employment.

Many Merchants Lack Measurement

As e-commerce has moved into the mainstream, e-tailers are faced with the challenge of updating and maintaining expensive IT investments — sometimes sacrificing measurement or marketing applications in the process.

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