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E-Mail Copy Clinic: The Power of Words

Before you start your e-mail advertising blitz, make sure your copy is up to speed. Learn how to choose the words that encourage your customers to take action. An expert explains how to write copy that sells, in both theory and practice.

Three Newsletters That Sell

Intriguing content, regular updates and listening to input from your customers are three critical elements that make e-mail newsletters work. Does your small business's e-mail newsletter make the grade?

20 Rules of Writing Effective Business E-mails

How to get your business-to-business e-mail read is tough enough with today's cluttered in-boxes. Generating your desired responses takes practice. Today, we offer you expert advice on how to write effective B2B e-mails.

E-Mailing Teens and Tweens: Pitfalls and Opportunities

This age group's buying power and influence are enormous. Tapping into that power is the tough part. Learn about the e-mail marketing do's and don't's from an expert in the field.

Improve E-Mail Marketing Results With Newsletters

What's the difference between an e-mail marketing campaign and distributing a weekly newsletter? A lot, according to one e-mail marketing expert that shares his insights into developing successful newsletter marketing initiatives.

The Future of E-Mail

What is e-mail becoming and how will it impact your marketing campaigns? An expert in the field shares his thoughts on how e-mail is constantly evolving. Is your small business prepared to go with the flow?

Don't Test; Survey Instead

E-mail marketing is not as inexpensive as you may think. Learn how to maximize your return by using surveys to increase your e-mail marketing success rate by 10 percent or more.

Figuring Out What's In It For Your Customers

Do you really know why people buy your goods and services? There's only one way to be certain — ask your customers. Once you have determined customers' motivations to buy, you can transform their responses into a strategic e-mail marketing campaign.

The Most Important Question E-Mail Marketers Need to Answer

You can't answer the question if you don't know what the question is. Don't waste your money on superfluous marketing campaigns, learn how to hone your e-mail messages today.

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