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Cloud Backup ROI Calculator

The Cloud Backup ROI Calculator will help you measure return on your cloud backup and storage investments. Free download.

SAP Rolls Out BI Software for Small Business

Looking for insight into what’s going on in your business? SAP offers both beginner and advanced business intelligence tools designed for small business.

Salesforce Secures Social CRM

With the purchase of Radian6, Salesforce.com plans to add social media monitoring to its CRM capabilities, giving businesses both large and small another way to engage with customers.

Constant Contact Adds Social CRM to Its Online Marketing Menu

Today, small business growth is about engaging the customer. Constant Contact acquired Bantam Live social CRM technology to help SMBs increase and track customer interaction.

Salesforce.com CRM Gains Cloud-based Contacts Service

CRM customers can keep your business contacts up-to-date in real time thanks to Salesfoce.com's latest integration efforts.

Iomega's Big Network Storage for Small Business

This ain't no desktop NAS box, no sir. Iomega's new network storage array offers enterprise features to satisfy the needs of up to 250 users.

HP Makes Small Business Storage Work Harder

HP's low-end storage offerings now come with dual controllers and RAID-6 for better data protection and availability.

EMC Does Storage as a Service

EMC's first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering is a hosted backup service based on its Mozy acquisition.

NetApp Does the Storage Limbo

Network Appliance is taking the storage industry's pursuit of small and mid-sized businesses to new lows with a $3,000 storage appliance.

Imation Moves SMB Backup Online

The storage media specialist launches a new online backup service aimed at SMBs.

Data Robotics Makes Storage Simple

The low-end startup with a high-end NAS pedigree hopes to revolutionize data storage with what it calls 'the world's first storage robot.'

Yosemite Adds Continuous PC Backup

With the acquisition of FileKeeper, Yosemite Technologies adds laptop and desktop backup to its data-protection product arsenal.

IBM, LSI Aim Low

IBM and LSI partner on new entry-level storage systems that bring SAS drives and 4Gb Fibre Channel connectivity to small and medium-sized businesses that generate lots of data.

Seagate Gets Into Recovery

The drive maker gets into the online backup space with the $185 million acquisition of EVault.

Continuous Data Protection Goes Retail

IBM plans to sell its continuous data protection software through online retailers.

EMC Thinks Small is Mighty

Storage giant EMC rolls out a new product line aimed at small and mid-sized businesses.

Intel Aims Storage at the Little Guy

The chip giant unveils an IP storage platform aimed at small and mid-sized businesses.

Imation Makes Disk Play Nicely With Tape

Imation hopes to make it easier for small businesses to get into disk backup with a new disk cartridge that fits into standard tape libraries.

QLogic Does The SAN Limbo

How low can SAN prices go? QLogic pushes the envelope for SMBs.

Is Tape Winding Down as a Backup Option?

Recent well-publicized backup tape losses appear to be pushing some storage users to consider disk-based alternatives.

HP Aims Business Continuity At SMBs

HP hopes to help small and mid-sized businesses safeguard their data from security and disaster threats.

Add Fibre Channel to Your Storage Diet

Sophisticated storage technologies are no longer the exclusive domain of large enterprises. Vendors such as Dell/EMC and HP offer Fibre Channel storage area network products aimed at SMBs. And analysts say offerings will grow and prices will drop.

Disaster Recovery Systems Guarantee Business 'As Usual'

Last week's massive power outage in the Northeast, Midwest and Canada drove home what most corporate IT departments already know: disaster recovery preparation pays. Experts agree that smaller companies could be hit the hardest by these types of calamities. How long could your small business survive without power?

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