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Moving to the Cloud: A Microsoft Office 365 Case Study

When Levick, a strategic communications firm, migrated to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, it reaped the benefits. Levick's IT director discusses the migration, its rewards, and its challenge.

Office Productivity in the Cloud: A Zoho Case Study

After evaluating Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business, this small community organization chose Zoho for its cloud-based productivity needs.

How to Buy a Unified Threat Management Appliance

This handy guide covers everything you need to know to protect your small business from a range of security threats.

10 Windows File Server Security Tips

These 10 tips will help you protect your business by securing the files you keep on your Windows small business servers.

SMB Security Review: Eset NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition

Want reliable malware protection without all the bloat and complexity? Take a good look at business version of Eset's NOD32 Antivirus line.

Panda Protects Endpoints in the Cloud

Paul Rubens takes a look at Panda's Cloud Office Protection endpoint security management service, which offers small businesses a tempting alternative to costly and complex on-site server options.

A Look at Sophos Endpoint Security

Don’t know about Sophos? It may not be a household name, but then again your small business isn’t a household, now is it?

Are Your Domain Names in Danger? 8 Ways to Keep 'Em Safe

One criminal act or a slip of the mind can cost you your domain names. These eight steps can protect your online business.

Network Security: 15 Tips to Protect Your Network

Security experts offer 15 simple guidelines to help keep your business network protected from cyber threats.

Secure E-Mail with Open Source Software

Strong e-mail security isn't just for the enterprise. With Thunderbird and GnuPG, you can protect confidential information with industrial-strength encryption.

Seven Must-Have Firefox Add-Ons

Stop malware and help guard your privacy while on the road and away from your office network with these seven key Firefox add-ons.

Ten Steps for Securing Your Mobile Workforce

Mobile security need not be expensive: here are 10 ways you can minimize the risks to your laptop at little or even no cost.

Wireless Access Points: How Much Should You Pay?

They're made of the same components and do the same work. What's the difference between enterprise and small office WAPs?

SMBs and Network Outsourcing

It's not just large companies with international operations that can benefit from outsourcing anymore. Smaller companies need to take a long hard look at outsourcing as a way to bypass building networking expertise internally.

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