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Windows 8.1: Are You Ready to Switch?

Does the arrival of Windows 8.1 on October 17 mean that it's time for small businesses to make the switch to Windows 8?

Small Business App Review: CamCard

CamCard business card makes quick, efficient work of capturing and organizing your business cards. Plus, it comes with cloud sync and storage.

Is Java Placing Your Business at Risk?

A new report from Websense Security Labs shows the majority of companies remain vulnerable to Java exploits.

Protecting Data in the Age of the NSA

Three tips that small businesses can use to protect themselves and their data in the wake of the NSA's extensive spying program.

Small Business Telecommuting Tips

Whether you offer telecommuting at your business now, or you're just considering it, these tips can help you provide a more secure, efficient environment for remote workers.

Small Business Software Review: Nuance OmniPage Ultimate

Nuance OmniPage Ultimate lets you scan, convert and deliver all kinds of documents in the format you need. And it also works with cloud-based services.

4 More Essential Small Business Security Tips

Paul Mah shares four more small business security tips that you can use to protect your data and computer networks.

3 Reasons a Guest Wi-Fi Network Makes Sense

Should a small business deploy a special wireless network that's just for clients, customers, vendors or other visitors? Paul Mah explains why it's a smart move.

4 Essential Small Business Security Tips

Paul Mah highlights four simple tips that small business owners can use to help maintain their computer security.

HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One Printer Review

The HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One Printer is a pricey, but exceptional small business printer for highly mobile professionals.

3 Data Backup Facts SMBs Need to Know

You know you need to backup your data. But learn these three things first -- before you implement your data backup system.

Recover Deleted Files with Data Rescue PC3 for Windows

If you run Windows, think about adding Data Rescue PC3 to your data recovery arsenal and stop worrying about lost files.

Why Office 365 Makes Sense for Small Business

Office 365 offers productivity in the cloud, and it delivers compelling value for small businesses. We look at three reasons why it might be the right small business software for you.

2 Simple Steps to Prevent Data Loss

Protecting your small business from a data leak doesn’t have to be that hard – or cost that much. Take these two simple steps to protect your data while it's mobile.

Top 3 Storage Disasters and How to Preempt Them

We look at three of the most common small business storage disasters and the steps you can take to avoid them.

3 Small Business Tips for Better Workplace Ergonomics

Is using your laptop killing you? We offer three small business tips that will improve ergonomics -- and productivity -- for laptop-toting employees working at a desk.

Small Business Printer Review: HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus

We put HP's Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One inkjet printer to the test. It's affordable, but is it suitable for small business?

Why Small Businesses Should Disable Java

One of the simplest things a small business owner can do to reduce the chances of getting hacked is to turn off Java in the Web browser. Paul Mah explains why, and how, to do it.

10 Small Business Tech Projects for 2013

Check out our list of worthwhile small business technology projects to tackle for the coming year.

Cloud Storage Review: SugarSync for Business

Though not as well-known as other cloud storage services, SugarSync for Business offers many sophisticated capabilities that will benefit small businesses.

Low-Cost Ways to Survive Small Business IT Failures

Paul Mah lays out a trio of affordable approaches that small businesses can adopt to defend against common IT failures.

Software Patching for SMBs: It's All About Security

Software patching may not be glamorous, but it's vital for small businesses. Paul Mah explains why and offers simple options.

Affordable, Automated Data Backup for Small Business

Paul Mah highlights two ways that small businesses can quickly and easily setup automated data backup in the office.

3 IPad Apps to Boost Your Office Productivity

We highlight the iPad's more serious side with a trio of iPad apps that enhance your productivity in the office.

Samsung CLX-4195FW Multifunction Laser Printer Review

The Samsung CLX-4915FW, a full-featured color multifunction laser printer, supports both wired networks and wireless networks, and you can also print to it from your mobile devices.

Boost Small Business Productivity with Evernote Business

The impending release of Evernote Business offers small businesses an efficient – and affordable – way to collaborate.

Lenovo ThinkStation S30 Desktop Review

Paul Mah reviews the Lenovo ThinkStation S30, a mid-range workstation designed for small businesses that require power in both graphics processing and computing performance.

How to Make Your Google Account More Secure

Protect your Gmail and other Google accounts with two-factor authentication. We'll show you how to configure it, and we outline other Google security considerations, too. Protect your Gmail and other Google accounts with two-factor authentication. We'll show you how to configure it, and we outline other Google security considerations, too.

3 Reasons to Switch to Gigabit Ethernet

If your small business network is still running on 100Mbps, here are three reasons to make the switch to Gigabit Ethernet.

The Importance of Encrypting Small Business Data Backups

If you keep your small business data backup off site, that's a great start. Now, is it encrypted? We look at three reasons to encrypt your data backups.

3 Small Business Networking Options for Wiring Large Areas

What do you do when a wireless network won’t cut it? Paul Mah offers three tips on the tricky topic of wiring a large compound for network access.

3 Online Banking Security Tips for SMBs

We look at three ways to help prevent your business from becoming the victim of an online bank heist.

SMBs Nab Microsoft Office 365 with Any Dell Device

Dell aims to help small businesses be "more mobile, more secure, and more productive" by offering Microsoft Office 365 on any Dell tablet, smartphone or desktop.

Tips for Buying a Small Business Printer

You need to buy a printer for your small business. Great, but what kind: multifunction, inkjet, laser, color? These tips will help you choose the appropriate printer to meet your needs.

Infortrend Offers NAS Appliances for SMB and SOHO Market

Infortrend has designed and launched two network attached storage appliances for smaller companies with big storage needs.

Small Business Guide to Multifunction Printers

Choosing a multifunction printer for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science. To help you along, we highlight some of the most important capabilities.

The Evolution of Computing: What It Means for SMBs

A look at how the way we use computers has evolved -- both in and out of the workplace -- and what that means for small business.

5 BYOD Assumptions for Small Business

Forget what you know about making assumptions. When it comes to personal mobile devices at work, heeding these tips as you develop BYOD policies will help protect your business.

3 Tips to Help SMBs Understand Data Recovery

Should your small business ever find itself stuck with a failed data storage device, don’t panic. These three data recovery tips can help you handle that unpleasant situation.

What SMBs Can Learn From the LinkedIn Hack

We've culled three tips that SMBs can take from the recent LinkedIn security compromise.

Windows 8 to Include Multi-Monitor Enhancements

The new Windows 8 OS improves on native multi-monitor support, making it easier for people to use multiple displays -- and boost their productivity, too.

Is BYOD a 'Clear and Present Danger' to Small Business?

Tablets and smartphones at work can be a productivity boon but, if left unmanaged, the security threat is all too real. It's time for guidelines.

OfficeTimes Release Retina-Optimized Time Tracker for iPad

This high-tech app helps you track billable hours on the new iPad, and it's all in how you look at it.

Assessing Small Business and the Cloud

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Cloud but were too confused to ask.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet Review

The powerful Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet comes with an optional mobile dock that adds a keyboard to further extend its already impressive capabilities.

Do Your Sales People Really Need iPads?

While many of your employees may agitate for iPads, many SMBs are hard-pressed to justify the expense. For sales teams, however, there may be a real business case for deploying iPads.

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