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The Importance of Reliable DNS Hosting

We explain what a domain name server is; and why it's important to keep your small business DNS hosting in reliable hands.

ZyXEL Launches Small Business Security Cameras

The new cameras offer small businesses a range of options when it comes to monitoring their business.

Will Google Drive Small Business Away?

Google Drive's cloud storage offers lots of features and integration with other Google services, but its Terms of Service gives many business owners cause for pause.

3 Basic Tips to Improve Small Business Security

Improving your small business security isn’t as difficult as you think. These three tips might be basic, but they're also tried, true, and too often ignored.

Time, Virtualization and Testing in Disaster Recovery

Time is an often-overlooked piece of the small business disaster recovery puzzle. What else do you need to consider?

The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD Projector Review

The Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD is a versatile, all-in-one projector that packs everything you need for multimedia presentations into a single device.

5 Small Business iPad Tasks

Looking to deploy the iPad in your small business? We've got five ways that you can use the iPad at work to enhance your productivity.

How to Add Video Surveillance to Your Small Business

We look at the three main methods to wire your small business for video surveillance.

10 Essential Tips to Protect Small Business Data

Take these 10 steps now to ensure that your data, and thus your business, stands a better chance of surviving whatever misfortune -- accidental or otherwise -- comes its way.

Does Your Small Business Need iPads?

Sure they're cool, fun to use and popular with employees, but you really do need to think hard before you invest in iPads for your small business. Here are three things to consider.

3 Social Media Tips SMBs Absolutely Need to Know

We give three rarely mentioned pointers for small businesses embarking on social media initiatives.

4 Wireless Networking Tips for Small Business

If you need to deploy a wireless network in your small business -- or upgrade it to support the explosion of Wi-Fi devices vying for connectivity -- these four tips can help.

Review of the Asus Eee Slate B121

A business-centric Windows 7 tablet, the Asus Eee Slate B121 incorporates powerful expansion capabilities in the form of USB 2.0 ports and TPM security. But is it right for your small business?

Dell PowerEdge Servers Offer Unique Features

The new capabilities found in Dell's PowerEdge Servers may help small businesses reduce capitol expenses.

3 Disaster Recovery Tips for Small Business

5 Ways to Protect Data on Your Mobile Device

Take a preemptive strike against mobile data loss. These five steps will protect your data should your mobile device get lost or stolen.

A Review of RIM's PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0

While the Android and iOS platforms own greater market share, don’t count out RIM's Playbook just yet. Paul Mah reviews the latest upgrade to the tablet's operating system.

Small Business Notebook Review: Dell XPS 14z

Positioned as a premium notebook, the XPS 14z impressed us with solid performance and a stylish design that makes it ideal as a business notebook.

3 Reasons Proper Data Backup Matters

Paul Mah outlines three common data loss scenarios that could, without proper data backup in place, derail your entire business.

Consumerization of IT Good for SMBs, Says IDC

The trend of employees using their own tablets and smartphones at work -- the consumerization of IT -- is more opportunity than threat, according to IDC

How to Spot Phishing Email in 5 Easy Steps

The five steps in this slideshow will teach you how to identify a phishing attack, protect your business and save yourself a lot of aggravation.

4 Mature Cloud Services Your SMB Can Adopt Today

If reliability issues have kept you from moving to the cloud, these four mature cloud computing service categories will let you enjoy the benefits of the cloud without the risk.

Do Notebooks Matter in the Age of Tablets & Smartphones?

Tablets and smartphones snag a lot of limelight -- much of it justifiable -- but when it comes to real small business productivity, the notebook still rules. We list five reasons why.

Two Small Business Security Threats for 2012

Of McAfee Labs' list of 10 security threats for 2012, two pose a problem for small businesses. Paul Mah explains what you need to know.

Assess SMB Virtualization Needs with Free Tool from CDW

If you think server virtualization could help your business save money, time and resources, CDW offers a free self-assessment tool to help evaluate your readiness.

Study: Nearly 50 Percent of SMBs Rely on the Cloud

A new study finds that use of cloud services among small businesses is up 18 percent in just 6 months.

Drobo B800i iSCSI SAN Storage Review

Small and mid-sized businesses that lack an IT staffer but require hefty storage capability would do well to take a close look at the Drobo B800i iSCSI SAN.

5 Tips to Improve Protection Against DoS Attacks

Paul Mah summarizes denial of services attacks and lists five steps small businesses can take to reduce their risk.

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