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Setting Up A VPN is a 'SNAP'

Setting up VPN access is a far more affordable solution than some small business owners might think. But deploying VPN access is a bit tricky. Learn how ClearPath Networks make setting up VPN access a snap.

CRM, It's All About the Data

Customer relationship management is becoming the preferred technology for small businesses seeking to get a handle on their customer data in order to grow their businesses. Want a flawless CRM deployment? Start with your customer data.

Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Software is 'Greek to Me'

Sophos is the Greek word meaning a 'skilled expert.' Clearly, small business-friendly anti-spam and anti-virus solutions are not Greek to Sophos. Learn what this PC and server security software maker could do for your small business.

Network Associates Offers Tools to Tame Your Network

System administrators need high-quality tools to make network repairs that keep e-mail flowing, servers serving and applications accessible. Netasyst D/DX is designed to offer the infrastructure intelligence to let you take control.

Voice and Data Come Together via Nortel Networks

Financial pressures to improve productivity and reduce costs are common themes among all businesses across all industries. As a result, the case for converged multi-service networks has never been stronger. Enter Nortel Networks.

Financial Forecasts You Can Take To The Bank

Whitebirch Software delivers a flexible financial modeling platform for SMBs seeking to close out the angst column in financial forecasts. Learn how Projected Financials provides accurate economic estimates with fewer headaches.

What Is A Small Business?

How the SBA defines U.S. small businesses greatly determines the way they interact with federal agencies and financial institutions. Are the size standards for your small business changing? Learn more about the proposed adjustments.

Nuts About Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

Many small businesses are making Windows SBS 2003 their first choice for their first server. Others are replacing outdated systems. All good news for Microsoft, as well as a family-owned fruit and nut farmer located in California's Central Valley.

enKoo Makes Remote Access Easy

Until today, small businesses had two way to build a remote access solution — deploy an expensive, admin-intensive VPN or use consumer-oriented remote access software. Meet enKoo, a startup offering a new way to do remote access.

The Distinct Nature of I.B.I.S.

This week, we take a look at the unique role a third-party provider plays in making AAA Mortgage's intuitive CRM program a working reality. When it comes building complex business solutions, two birds of the same feather definitely flock together.

HP's 'Smart Office' Initiative for SMBs: Phase Two

Six months ago, HP launched its $750 million 'Smart Office' initiative, a plan devised to provide SMBs with HP products and services, in tandem with its reseller partners. It looks likes the strategy is working, so the HP is expanding its entire SMB portfolio.

Trend Micro's New SOHO Security Solution

With many more home offices setting up small networks for their business computers, protecting these systems from malicious code is becoming more complex. Trend Micro rises to the challenge with a new security solution for home networks.

Your True Vocation is Calling ...

Is your small business ready to take the call? Designed for small offices and home-based businesses, GotVMail provides a way to procure professional communications services without an infrastructure build-out.

Sharp Notebook Features New Chip Off The Block

Want to be the first small business on the block to wrap your hands around a sleek new notebook that features Transmeta's innovative Efficeon processor? Meet the Actius MM20, an ultra thin, 2-lb. addition to Sharp's notebook lineup.

White-Box Server Shows Its True Color

Tired of shopping for drab little gray boxes to power your network? Try something a little greener — day-glow green — to be exact. If the color of this full-function small business server doesn't impress you, its pricing probably will.

AAA Mortgage Banks On Microsoft CRM

Depending on your perspective, CRM is either yet another mind-boggling three-letter acronym that behests being ignored, or the next 'big thing' for SMBs. Isn't it time you learned just what customer relationship management is all about?

Popular Desktop Database Gets a Major Makeover

FileMaker Pro takes scattered information and brings it together in one easy-to-use database. It is sophisticated technology that gives small businesses the ability to manage pertinent business data by simply dragging, dropping, and clicking.

HP Grows ProLiant Server Line for SMBs

From an adaptability and expandability standpoint, it's critical that a server can grow as a small business grows. From HP's standpoint, the new ProLiant ML110 tower-type server is the perfect starter system for SMBs.

All Aboard the IBM 'Express'

Charting a brave new industry-specific course, IBM takes its business partners on an unparalleled journey to the mid-market where small- and medium sized businesses are poised to climb on board the IBM 'Express.'

NetSuite Sweetens the Pot

The 'C' in CRM stands for customers and knowing your customers means knowing their buying patterns and service histories. With NetSuite 9.5, it also means being able to bill customers correctly, no matter what type of payment schedule is required.

A Rewarding Experience for Small Businesses

Microsoft offers proof positive that the software maker is passionate about delivering affordable technologies to small businesses. In a new contest open to U.S. companies with fewer than 100 employees, $50K worth of new technologies could be yours.

A 'Perfect' Alternative to Microsoft Office?

For small businesses, finding a viable alternative to Microsoft Office is easier said than done. WordPerfect Office 12, available in May, offers flexible functionality at a competitive price. What more could a small business ask for?

Small Businesses Growing With eBay

More and more small businesses are turning to eBay for buying and selling just about everything. eBay responds by expanding its services to small businesses. The result is a paradigm shift in the way small businesses conduct business.

Yankee Group Says Dell Leads SMB Market

Computer pricing is import to small businesses, so is quality. A hardware vendor the can deliver both will be the bellwether of the SMB market. A new study from the Yankee Group shows Dell dominates the space. Can HP or IBM challenge?

Gateway Goes Pro

Thinking about upgrading your operating system? Network security concerns and aging e-mail servers are driving mid-sized businesses to consider making the leap. If this is the year of your OS migration, Gateway has a way to make the switch a little less agonizing.

HP Studies How Small Businesses Do IT

As part of HP's continual support for its 'Smart Office' initiative, the equipment maker recently completed a study of how small businesses go about buying IT systems. We take an exclusive look at the study that will be released next week.

Many Happy Returns with TurboTax

Last year TurboTax ticked off throngs of taxpayers when its anti-piracy scheme went too far. This year, TurboTax has amended its tax return program to allow multiple returns from different computers. Learn why millions of taxpayers choose TurboTax.

Around-the-Clock Managed Firewall Protection

Don't underestimate the power of a firewall for the protection of critical business data. With McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP, a software-based firewall is located on the computer itself, protecting small businesses from malicious PC threats.

Cisco, Microsoft Union Spawns SMB IT Solutions

Two giants of the IT industry team up to offer SMBs a better way to get their arms around emerging technologies. The initiative is geared toward promoting new IT deployments of computer systems once reserved only for large corporations.

Canon Breaths Fire Into Specialty Print Systems

Canon USA debuts a trio of specialty print products designed to produce pictures and documents on the road, large-size high-quality pictures, or even super-sized documents for in-store signage and displays.

IBM X40 ThinkPad Makes the 'Weight' Worthwhile

IBM unveils a completely redesigned ultra-portable notebook computer with enough processing power to make it a viable replacement for a desktop. Weighing just 2.7 pounds, the X40 is IBM's lightest and thinnest ThinkPad ever.

Gartner's SMB Vendor Ratings: Microsoft

HP, IBM, and Microsoft all receive high marks for delivering IT solutions to SMBs. In the final part of a three-part series, we look at Microsoft — its strengths, its weaknesses, and its ability to serve the SMB market.

Gartner's SMB Vendor Ratings: IBM

HP, IBM, and Microsoft receive high marks for delivering IT solutions to SMBs. In the second part of a three-part series, we look at IBM's strategy for reaching the SMB market. With the power of Linux and its partners behind it, can IBM make Microsoft blink?

Gartner's SMB Vendor Ratings: Hewlett-Packard

HP, IBM, and Microsoft receive high marks for delivering IT solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. In the first part of a three-part series, we look at HP's 'Smart Office' initiative and what it means for SMBs.

Phaser Printers Set to Stun the Market

Xerox unleashes a trio of Phaser printers designed with small- and medium-sized businesses in mind. With two units priced under $1K, 'The Document Company' is poised to challenge HP and Lexmark for its share of the SMB marketplace.

eBay Says 2004 is the 'Year of the Small Business'

What started as a contest to promote eBay's B2B marketplace has snowballed into a major campaign aiming to establish the online auctioneer as a major small business brand. Which begs the question: Are there really any losers at eBay?

Choose Your Data Migration Tool Wisely

So you finally bought a shiny new notebook — aren't you proactive? Now if you could only find a way to transfer your old, familiar files, folders, and network settings to that new notebook, you might actually be productive again, too.

Small Business Opts for EVault

Regardless of the size of a business, every piece of data is important. Regrettably, there are many barriers for smaller networked companies when it comes to backing up critical business data on a daily basis.

Small Businesses 'Capitalize' on UPS

Enhancing cash flow and access to working capital are two of the pressing needs small businesses face. UPS Capital, a financial services subsidiary of 'Brown,' is helping them address these needs as well as streamline shipping and receiving systems.

CorelDRAW 12 Readies for Release

Having weathered its fair share of dot-com calamities, Corel prepares to release the latest iteration of its popular graphics suite, CorelDRAW. Drawing new resolve from leadership changes, Corel hopes to win new users to its loyal following.

Popular SBA Loan Program Suspended

The Feds put the brakes on a small business loan program citing budget shortfalls as the reason for leaving hundreds of small business in the lurch. Finger pointing between the Agency, Congress, and lending institutions ensues.

2003 a Big Year for Small Businesses

As you gear up for 2004 and attempt to forecast how technology will impact your business, we thought it would be helpful to take look back at the stories that topped the SmallBusinessComputing.com charts in 2003.

IBM 'Expresses' 2004 Strategy

Accounting for $300 billion in revenue and more than 54 percent of the total IT spending in 2003, the SMB market will continue to be a holy grail for the IT industry in 2004. Learn what IBM has in store for the mid-market in the New Year.

Get the Picture?

Picture phones are undoubtedly one of the hottest items of 2003. The ability to capture a picture and send it via e-mail adds a whole new dimension of functionality to cellular phones, and new opportunities for small businesses that equate time with money.

FrontRange's GoldMine 6.5

The newest release of the popular customer relationship management system now offers enhanced customization, simpler installation and maintenance, and added flexibility for small enterprises.

Are Gifts to Customers Deductible?

With the holidays upon us, small business owners are making their customer gift lists, but it would be wise to check them twice. Holiday gifts have important tax implications that can save your small business some money.

Dell and IDC on SMBs

It's not the price of networking equipment that intimidates small businesses — it's the price of network management systems that make them shy away from server-based computing. Dell says it has the solution.

Must-See VoIP

As mainstream businesses increasingly adopt VoIP systems, savvy customers demand flexible, scalable, easy to implement solutions at a great price. Zultys plans to be there to fulfill the demand from the small business market.

Small Businesses Switching to TalkSwitch

Centrepoint's networkable public exchange products are designed exclusively for small businesses. Its TalkSwitch products come loaded with big-business phone features necessary for a small business to project a professional image.

Taking Stock of Your Business Plan

Owning a small business is all about risk — it could provide you with great returns or financial ruin. The clearer and more thorough your business plan is, the better your chances are for success. Here are some tools to help you on your way.

HP Gets 'Smart' About Storage for SMBs

HP's new 'Smart Office' direct-attached storage can transform into a storage area network for burgeoning businesses. The system enables data and drives to easily migrate from ProLiant servers to, and across, the entire family of products.

Intel's Extreme Makeovers for SMBs

What would compel the world's largest chipmaker to give away $250K worth of high-tech equipment to three small businesses? Intel wanted to learn if giving a small business a technological facelift could dramatically improve the way it performs.

StoreFront Behind Steal My Music

What could be cooler than going online to order CDs by unknown musicians for holiday gift giving? Enter Steal My Music, a company founded by musicians for the purpose of promoting and distributing independent music.

Perquest Makes Payroll a Pleasure

The Silicon Valley upstart built its online payroll service from the ground up to ensure that it offers small businesses an ideal combination of convenience and control when processing payroll. Let's take at look at Perquest's payroll program.

Trend Micro Debuts SMB Security Lineup

Small businesses are typically not fully resourced to deal with fast-moving and elusive viruses or intrusive spam that clogs up e-mail systems. Trend Micro comes to market with a fix for small businesses seeking relief.

Get Your TaxACT Together

The U.S. Internal Revenue Services has mandated that by 2007, 80 percent of all tax returns must be filed electronically. The Standard Edition of TaxACT is a cost-effective option for the 30 million people who still prepare their tax returns on paper.

QuickBooks 2004 Lineup Tailor-Made for SMBs

An accounting program is an accounting program, is an accounting program. Unless you're talking to QuickBooks users, then it's the accounting program that keeps evolving to suit small and growing business needs.

SBC Secures Small Business Networks

The telecommunications company broadens its security portfolio to include an architecture evaluation service and vulnerability scanning service for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees.

Adaptations in Remote Access for Small Businesses

If you don't mind a 'Ghost in the Machine,' GoToMyPC Pro could provide your small business with a secure and affordable remote access solution. Once reserved only for the largest corporations, remote access systems are proving to be a hit with small businesses.

Carolina's Choice? Microsoft's Small Business Server

Like many growing small businesses, Carolina's Choice struggles to keep its costs down and production volume up. But its detailed costing system had grown unmanageable over the years, that is, until a trusted IT partner introduced the furniture maker to Microsoft's new small business software.

Get Your Headset on Wireless

Plantronics untethers office professionals from their desks with the release of its new CS50 Wireless Headset System. The 900 MHz wireless digital headset system allows users to work 300 feet away from their phones for up to eight hours.

IBM Bakes Up a Big Batch of 'Express' Offerings

IBM understands that the mid-market has a definitive taste for Linux-based systems. With Linux as a critical ingredient in IBM's newly expanded portfolio of Express offerings, mid-sized enterprises will find that they can have their cake and eat it, too.

Office 2003 'Priceless' in Portland

Big businesses are seeing the value of deploying the Microsoft Office System, but what about smaller businesses? For them, it's not so much about what they spent deploying the software system, but how much they gain as a result of the expenditure.

IBM Discounts DB2 Express Pricing

The database market for small and mid-sized businesses has become a hotbed of activity over the past few months. Clearly IBM intends to keep the fire burning by dropping its DB2 Express pricing as much as 35 percent.

Nemx Software: Canada's Spam-Fighting Secret?

Nemx believes that somewhere in the race to find secure content management solutions for large corporations, small- and mid-sized businesses got left behind, finding their requirements ignored by software that's too complex, inflexible and too expensive ... Not anymore.

Hat Trick for HP's Small Biz Server

A HP server, Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 software and buying direct — what more could a small business ask for? The Everett Silvertips, Washington state's newest minor league hockey team, scores with HP and Microsoft.

LiveVault Fortifies Backup & Recovery Services

The company is one the first backup and recovery solutions providers to market automatic configuration of Microsoft Exchange servers. Learn what other functions LiveVault 4 could provide for your small business.

Check Point Expands Safe@Office Lineup

A lot of small businesses believe that hackers only hunt for large unsecured networks to infiltrate — nothing could be further from the truth. Hackers look for any unsecured network to exploit. For as little as $300 you could keep hackers at bay with Check Point.

Case Study: Netli's NetLightning

Nowadays, it's difficult for high-tech small businesses to compete. But Netli has managed to prove once again that the size of a company doesn't matter, as long as it builds a better mousetrap. For Netli, it's all about building a better Internet.

How to Pick the Right IT Consultant

Selecting the right IT consultant for your small business is critical. Small businesses owners can't afford to not get it right the first time. So how should you go about choosing an IT consultant? To find out, we talked to the experts — hardware and software consultants, resellers and ISVs.

Copernic Searches for SMEs

Copernic provides a surprisingly inexpensive way to search through documents, files, and forms stored on a server, intranet or website. As a matter of fact, you can pick up of copy of Copernic Enterprise Search for free.

Fiducial in the Back Office

Fiducial's new payroll processing center is a Web-based tool that handles every aspect of payroll processing for small businesses. But the company doesn't rest on its technology — it's the human touch that makes Fiducial a friend of small businesses.

Microsoft's Big Picture of Small Businesses

How does Microsoft tailor its server and client software to meet the needs of small businesses? It isn't enough to look at research and product segments. Microsoft has to be willing to listen to its small business customers and understand their goals.

Tracking Customers with FootPrints

Most small business owners hear the words customer resource management or customer service desk software and they see a big capital expenditure coupled with a complex infrastructure buildout. It's easy for a small business to dismiss such initiatives as 'not for me.' Not anymore.

Dell's Small Biz Server Hits the Sweet Spot

Dell's popular PowerEdge servers now feature Microsoft's new Windows Small Business Server 2003 suite, which means the hardware maker can deliver a small-business server solution with enterprise-class capabilities for under $1,000.

Verio Now Serving as Windows 2003 Host for SMBs

The Web hosting firm extends its 99.9-uptime guarantee to Windows Server 2003to the delight of .NET developers and resellers. Now, smaller businesses can deploy cutting edge applications that absolutely must be accessible at all times.

Broadband An Equalizing Force for Small Biz Startups

The rapid expansion of DSL deployments during the past few years has confirmed that it is a popular mass-market technology with consumers. But is broadband access equally popular with smaller business? One Silicon Valley startup says it wouldn't be in business without it.

BellSouth, Beyond the Phone Lines

Most small businesses consider their local phone company to be vendor, not a business advisor. But BellSouth is working to change this perception and create services for small businesses that go far beyond conventional phone lines.

HP's New Work Center: Power, Style and Convenience

HP introduced its new Integrated Work Center, Desktop Access Center and a pair of flat panel monitors designed to provide nearly any businesses with sleek options in office computing. Workspace littered with computer clutter? HP's new workstation could provide your office with a radical makeover.

Xerox Introduces a Trio of New Printers

Xerox's new wave of laser printers are designed to deliver greater values to small- and mid-sized businesses. With pricing starting at $549, 'X' marks the spot if you're looking for value-oriented printing systems.

Changing the Way Travel Agencies Do Business

A technology shift in the Sabre Travel Network system means that connected travel agencies need to upgrade their hardware and software systems. Sabre strikes a deal with Gateway to make transitioning from an outdated computing system to Web-based services a little easier.

CRM: Building Bridges Between Customers and SMBs

A growing number of small businesses recognize that in order to compete they must cater to Web-savvy customers. Surebridge provides small businesses with a cost-effective way to bridge online communication gap.

Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2004

Comprehensive safeguards against online threats are elusive because the threats are constantly changing. Always-on broadband connections just convolute security problems. What's a small business got to do to protect its systems from spyware, spam, worms and viruses?

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

One of the primary benefits of deploying Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 — in tandem with Office 2003 applications — is the ability to setup SharePoint collaboration services. There is an 'I' in teamwork when you use the 'Internet' to organize and manage collaborative projects.

EmergeCore Adds E-Commerce Capabilities to 'IT in a Box'

Opportunities for finding high-value, low-cost server-based computing solutions for small business are few and far between. But EmergeCore Networks is one of a handful of manufacturers that's making it easier for small businesses to implement server-based computing systems.

Mid-Market Product Lifecycle Management Options from IBM

Thanks to recent developments in IBM technology, product lifecycle management solutions are becoming more affordable and more accessible to small and medium-sized manufacturers, with some PLM software applications even fitting on a laptop computer.

Microsoft Readies Small Business Server Bundles

Seeking to encourage small businesses to enter into the world of server-based computing, Microsoft plans to release an inexpensive bundle of its server system early in October. While small businesses will enjoy the ease-of-use and low introductory pricing, the cost of additional licenses could temper the product debut.

A Closer Look at Publisher 2003

Microsoft Publisher is the Rodney Dangerfield of design software — it doesn't get any respect. That's about to change with the release of the 2003 edition.

How Small Businesses Can Tackle Big Viruses

Over the past week, a series of viruses — most recently one known as Sobig-F — have infected e-mail systems worldwide, resulting in producing millions of unwanted messages. Experts discuss what small businesses can do to thwart future outbreaks of looming virus variants.

A Closer Look at PowerPoint 2003

A mainstay of boardrooms, classrooms and exhibitions, PowerPoint 2003, a part of the Microsoft office 2003 Small Business Edition, offers some interesting enhancements to its ability to create professional-quality graphic presentations.

A Closer Look at Word and Excel 2003

This week, we take a look at the heart and soul of Microsoft's productivity suite for small businesses — the 2003 editions of Word and Excel. While these mainstay applications of offices around the world are fairly mature, Microsoft has created a few interesting new functions that caught our attention.

Microsoft Small Business Manager 7.5

Microsoft Business Solutions released Small Business Manager 7.5 this week, an updated, affordable application for managing smaller businesses that have outgrown Microsoft Money, QuickBooks or other accounting programs.

Refresh or Refurb?

Is there a growing disparity between processing power and newer operating systems and applications? With NT 4.X support terminated and Windows 98/SE set to expire early next year, many small businesses need to decide whether to by new PCs or upgrade what they already own. Which solution will fix your small business-computing conundrum?

Hands-Free Home Office Tele

Ideal for home office and small office use, the CT12, a wireless telephone headset from Plantronics, makes juggling work from a home office a little bit easier.

MicroWorld's Anti-Virus Solutions for Small Businesses

Anti-virus solutions on the desktop are fairly mature. However, many small businesses are learning how to build another layer of defense into e-mail servers to keep viruses from penetrating their core networks.

Book Review: Cisco Networking Simplified

Both in-depth but still very much a nuts-and-bolts perspective, Cisco Networking Simplified offers readers an understanding the technologies behind the Internet and basic computer networking.

Check Point's Safe@Home and @Office Security

While most PC users are familiar with anti-virus and anti-spam software, these applications do little to protect pertinent data traversing your small business network. A firewall should be your first line of defense to protect your computer resources.

Small Businesses Embrace Search Engine Marketing

According to a report due out mid-July from the Kelsey Group and ConStat, search engine advertising is the fastest growing promotional method utilized by small businesses. This finding mirrors current general marketing trends — online marketing tools-of-choice are increasingly search engine-focused.

Interland Debuts New Small Business Services

With Interland's new website design and marketing services, it has never been easier or more affordable for a small business to put their business online. Interland seems to understand that time and money are vital assets to small businesses.

iAnywhere, Developers Offer Database Options for SMBs

With nine major enhancements and more than 200 new features, the latest edition of SQL Anywhere Studio builds on the capabilities that have made it a market-leading mobile database solution. With a little help from Web developers, small- to mid-sized businesses have a new alternative for building easy-to-use, enterprise caliber databases.

How Big Tech Businesses Sell to Small Businesses

Your small business is under the microscope. A recent study from Harte-Hanks analyzes how smaller businesses make buying decisions about new technologies. Is the study on the money or off the mark?

Enterprise Resource Planning for Small Businesses

Formerly known as Accware, Icode has rebranded its relational database software to make it one of the first integrated mini-ERP solutions designed specifically for smaller businesses. Learn what Everest Standard Edition 6.0 could do for your online initiative.

First Look: WatchGuard's Firebox SOHO 6

The Firebox SOHO 6 answers the need for a security solution that combines an integrated 802.11b Wireless Access Point, wired 4-port LAN switch and Web-based remote management capabilities in one devices.

Virtual Private Server Solutions from Verio

Verio's new offerings build on its first generation of virtual private server solutions to give small- and mid-sized businesses next-generation performance from a shared hosting environment.

Small Business Tax Cuts and Tech Expenditures

When Congress passed the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act in May it became the largest tax cut package in more than 20 years. The Tax Relief Act offers a little something for everyone — small businesses included.

Express Your Business with IBM DB2

With attractive pricing, IBM's DB2 Express is a cost-effective database management system ideal for smaller businesses. Small businesses on a tight budget should expect to lower long-term computing costs with DB2 Express.

Good Riddance to Bad Content

SonicWALL introduces a subscription-based content filtering solution priced right for small businesses. The solution employs an innovative rating architecture utilizing a dynamic database consisting of more than 4 million objectionable URLs.

Simply Accounting Online

ACCPAC has taken all the functionality of its popular Simply Accounting program and put it online to provide small businesses with an integrated suite of bookkeeping functions for a low monthly fee.

Symantec's pcAnywhere 11.0

Enhanced remote controls, faster file transfers and new management tools have all been added to pcAnywhere 11.0 — making the latest iteration of the program a major upgrade from preceding versions.

Happy Together: IBM, Linux and Small Businesses

IBM's Linux-based services provide a range of on-demand applications for small businesses that tap into technologies such as WebSphere Express and WebSphere Integrated Platform Express. Learn how your small business could benefit from employing a Linux-based computing solution from IBM and its partners.

Intel Gets 'Real' with Small Businesses

Intel's 'Real Server' initiative is designed to help small businesses replace their outdated computing infrastructures with processing power that leaves them room to grow.

LiveRepair.com Supports Small Businesses

When help files aren't very helpful or manufacturers' technical support services fall short of your expectations, consider turning to an alternative to phone support, read-me files and user groups — consider LiveRepair.com when you need to fix a PC problem anytime, anywhere.

Trustix Linux for Small Businesses

Trustix provides an interesting alternative to small business networking needs with the launch of its Linux-based Small Office Server. It's a Web server, mail server, proxy server, and LAN server all in one bundle.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0

Networked systems require constant vigilance against the threat of malicious code — it's always out there, trying to get in. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0 helps keep your business systems up to date and protected from today's evolving threats.

Sony's Sleek New StorStation

Sony is furthering its small business storage initiative with an AIT desktop autoloader designed to make tape backup procedures a matter of set it, and forget it — a least for a couple of weeks.

Interland's New Hosting and Marketing Services

Building, managing and promoting a small business Web site is no small task. Small businesses can go the do-it-yourself route or hire a professional to do it for them. In between the two options there is Interland with its new online toolkits designed specifically for small businesses.

BillQuick 2003 Unleashed

Is it time for your small business to get serious about its time-based billing and invoicing procedures? Perhaps it's time to take a look at BillQuick 2003.

Panasonic Color Laser Printers for SMBs

Born from a marketing strategy to remove price, service and speed barriers that have kept small and mid-sized businesses from adopting color laser printers, Panasonic touts its WORKiO series.

Going With Gateway

While new programs designed to rededicate sales, services and resources to small businesses keep rolling out month after month; one equipment maker has always focused of taking care of small businesses. Learn why some small businesses are going with Gateway.

Growing With Technology Solutions From Cisco

Cisco Systems introduces four different intelligent network solutions designed to help small and mid-sized organizations unleash their business potential by harnessing the power of agile networking.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Solution for Retailers

Many small businesses use QuickBooks in the back office because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Now, small shop owners can put these same qualities to work at the checkout counter with QuickBooks Point of Sale for Retailers.

Balancing Capability With Culpability

Internet access in the workplace has its pro's and con's. For some small businesses it's the ultimate productivity tool. For others, it's a necessary evil. Websense balances the usefulness of Internet access with your organization's need to control what is accessible to employees.

IBM's New Infoprint Series

IBM makes a splash with five new color and monochrome printers designed to increase office productivity. IBM's speedy print capabilities offer cost-conscious savings, while its modular add-ons offer versatile functionality.

Free Patch Management Tool For Small Businesses

Microsoft gives away its patch management tool as a way fix flaws in its programs. Meet the company that builds these tools — Shavlik Technologies. It has an equally enticing free patch management offer for small business.

McAfee Unleashes SpamKiller For Small Businesses

Network Associates asserts that McAfee SpamKiller for Exchange Small Business will stop junk e-mail in its tracks — before it reaches end users. And for those employees that like thier spam, McAfee SpamKiller also allows end-users to define and personalize their anti-spam settings at the desktop

First Look: SonicWall's Trusted Zone Of Wireless Access

Particularly useful for small businesses, SonicWall's forthcoming release of the SOHO TZW is capable of putting wired and wireless networks on equally secured footing.

Small Business Networking For Free

A novel approach to doing business with small businesses? For Novell, it's just business as usual. The company is so confident that small businesses will love its integrated networking bundle that the company is giving it away for free.

Small Business Trends

According to a new study, economic uncertainty will not stall small business plans for growth in the near-term. Learn how your plans compare with current business trends reported by American Express.

Kurant's StoreSense Makes Sense For Small Business

With StoreSense 5.5, small businesses can not only build a Web store to sell products and services, but also leverage their Web site as a means to conduct and manage all back-end business transactions through QuickBooks.

Software Review: Business Plan Pro 2003

Having the right tools in a toolbox makes the difference between a job well done and having to pay someone to come in and undo what's been done. Business computing tools are no different — it pays to have the right tools in your toolbox.

HP Optimizes Small Business Services

In a flurry of activity this week, HP upped the performance on two popular printers, unleashed dramatic price cuts on other printing and imaging and products, and rededicated its efforts to provide around-the-clock support services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

SAP Business One Ready To Serve U.S. Small Businesses

The introduction of SAP Business One to the U.S. market is a significant addition to the company's product portfolio that will open up its expertise in enterprise management to an entirely new segment of small and midsize business.

Small Business News Briefs

LaGarde debuts its mid-market store front solution for e-commerce minded businesses, D-Link and Sorenson collaborate to produce an inexpensive video phone, and California turns to the Web to keep small businesses informed of new state regulations and reviews.

HP Server tc2120 For Small Businesses

Whether you need to manage files better, share more printer connections, host a Web site, or store a database, the HP Server tc2120 simplifies computing tasks to adapt to your changing business needs.

Every Click Matters

NetIQ unleashes WebTrends Log Analyzer Series 8.0 for small and growing businesses, a set of powerful analytical tools that can help add insight into how customers perceive your online business.

Microsoft's Small Business Appeal Evolves

Do you manage your small business sales systems or do they manage you? Microsoft already entered the CRM arena with a slash earlier this year. However if it's a contact management solution you need, Office 2003 is the system that will deliver new options to small businesses.

An ASP With Small Business Aptitude

Application service provider apps4biz.com leverages its programming flexibility to provide small business with big operational solutions. The days of one-design-fits-all business applications are gone.

Business Productivity Alternative: WordPerfect Office 11

Corel's latest iteration of its flagship productivity software suite combines the most popular features of previous versions with new integration capabilities designed to improve workflow efficiency.

Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.0 From Roxio

We found some big improvements in the latest version of Roxio's digital media software suite. The ability to drag-and-drop files to a CD or DVD for backup makes the program as easy as sending a file to a floppy disk.

Sony Unveils SMB Tape Drive Lineup

Sony's new easy-to-use collection of StorStation AIT tape drives are a high-quality alternative for small business seeking trouble-free backup and data restoration solutions for desktops, laptops and small servers.

HP's All-In-One Lineup

Tight on office space? No problem. HP is releasing a series of all-in-one units designed to fill the void left from replacing your old printer, scanner, and copier — leaving enough space to add an employee or two.

Small Business News Briefs

Best Software releases a small office time keeping solution and takes its popular ACT! sales force automation system to the Web, while Kapersky Labs debuts an anti-hacking solution fit for the SOHO scene.

Options For Buying Small Group Coverage Online

Spiraling health care costs are weighty business propositions for small organizations, so it pays to shop around for the best possible deals on health insurance plans. But where can you start?

Migrating Toward Easier Data Transfers

No IT staff? No problem. Miramar System's Desktop DNA Professional provides a clear-cut solution for transferring personalized data and settings from one PC to another. With Desktop DNA around, parting with your old PC is no cause for sorrow.

Connected, Iron Mountain Extend E-Vaulting Service To SMBs

Iron Mountain's Electronic Vaulting services for PC data significantly reduces the challenges associated with tape backup systems, because there are no expenses incurred from adding human resources or infrastructure costs to your backup and recovery system.

BizfinityPro 7.0 Unveiled

Bizfinity expands and updates its suite of integrated e-commerce, inventory and accounting systems for small businesses to include advanced distribution and manufacturing features. Unlike some SMB offerings that feature a watered-down version of an enterprise-class program, BizfinityPro 7.0 is designed specifically designed to suit business computing needs.

Proxim Introduces Wireless LAN Solutions For SMBs

Priced to please, the new lineup of ORiNOCO AP-600 wireless access points makes it easier for small businesses to deploy affordable, secure wire-free connectivity with 802.11b, 802.11a or 802.11g technologies.

Tough Economy Creates A Buyer's Market For SMBs

From major software and hardware vendors to online media moguls, it seems nearly everyone is offering a new product or service crafted to serve small to mid-sized businesses. While the offers vary, one thing is certain — nearly everyone is banking on Main Street to cure the ills of an ailing economy.

Backup And Recovery System Designed For SMBs

Priced to please, Lockstep debuts its new Backup for Workgroups program, a backup and recovery utility designed with small businesses in mind. The system uses existing computing capabilities to make backup and restoration part of your daily business routine.

PayMaxx's Payroll Services for Small Businesses

PayMaxx offers a variety of Windows-based payroll processing and human resource services that are capable of meeting a variety of small business needs. Could your business benefit from putting PowerPayroll to the test?

Small Business News Briefs

Microsoft bCentral offers Yellow Pages listings for small businesses, research firm forecasts that broadband vulnerabilities drives demand for small business security solutions, and the SBA warns of potential disruptions to business as usual.

Small Businesses Get A Jumpstart With IBM

The beauty of Web services is that the open standards approach is especially appealing to small and mid-sized businesses. As SMBs look to solve business problems by enhancing the efficiency of legacy applications, IMB is prepared to help business jumpstart their major technology projects.

TaxACT Not A Tough Act To Follow

TaxACT 2002 distinguishes itself most with its low-cost — not its feature set. Although 2nd Story Software did not design the program with business-class tax preparation in mind, some organizations could make due with TaxAct.

eBay Business Means Business

Localized sales, reputable dealers, and immediate gratification are clearly important factors for eBay Business buyers. But the primary benefit of bidding on goods and materials at eBay Business is its ultimate ability to drive the cost of doing business down.

SBA Plays Matchmaker for Small Businesses and Big Government

The SBA's Business Matchmaking Program gives small businesses a unique opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings to sell products and services to government agencies and private companies in 15 cities throughout the U.S.

TurboTax Premier Home & Business Software

If you don't mind the activation scheme or licensing limitations, then TurboTax Premier Home & Business software remains a relatively easy-to-use application for preparing a 2002 tax return and submitting W-2s or 1099 records for your small business.

Small Business Holiday Sales Surge

Despite sluggish retail holiday sales, a new study suggests that more than 40 percent of online small businesses reported increased sales from e-commerce Web sites during the 2002 holiday season.

Make Payroll Processing A Pleasure

Are your employees anxiously waiting for you to deliver their 1099 forms? Preparing your payroll and related tax forms doesn't have to be tiresome or an expensive process. Learn what PayCycle can do to help your small business take some of the pain out of payday.

APC Recalls Pair of Backup Power Products

Citing a potential fire hazard, American Power Conversion voluntarily recalls 2.1 million units of its uninterruptible power supply products predominantly sold for small office and home office use.

Make Managing Your Web Content Easier

If a lot of different people collaborate to produce content for your Web site and one overwhelmed Web developer has to make all the changes, GlobalSCAPE's PureCMS could take some of the hassle out of managing your small business's Web content.

TaxCut Platinum From H&R Block

April 15th is just 90-days away — now is a good time to take a serious look at what H&R Block's TaxCut software can do for small businesses.

Internet Future Bright for Small Businesses

A recent study of small businesses completed by Verizon SuperPages.com provides a compelling argument for using the Internet to expand sales and services in a tough economy.

Eliminating Pesky Computer Pests with PestPatrol

With security an increasingly important concern for Internet users, the first line of defense is at the network connection — which is why a tool like PestPatrol for Small Business is essential for today's computer-savvy small business.

TurboTax Limit on Single Computers Sparks Outcry

A new anti-piracy feature on Intuit's popular TurboTax software triggers an outcry from customers as a new tax-reporting season starts to shift into high gear.

VersaCheck Offers Versatile Business Software Solutions

Looking for cost-effective software options for finessing your small business accounting functions and check processing systems? Consider inexpensive small business computing solutions from G7.

Jump Start Your E-Government Plans

Could your small business benefit from making Uncle Sam a regular customer? The U.S. SBA is making it easier for small businesses to sell to government agencies through its online SBAExchange initiative.

New Accounting App for Small Businesses that Think Big

Small Business Manager 7.0 delivers increased sales and purchasing features, plus sophisticated inventory and financial control options — Microsoft went through great pains to deliver Great Plains-like features at a price that's palatable for small businesses.

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