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Macromedia Aims to Make Web Publishing Less Complex

The graphics software and services company updates its Web Publishing System with RSS to accommodate a rise in non-specialist intranet and extranet publishers.

Small Players Team Up In Big VoIP Play

Some small businesses with as few as six employees are finding that VoIP offers a suitable cost savings to conventional calling plans. Market spurs Convedia to sign deals with PointOne and IPeria to offer business an alternative to AT&T and Vonage.

Dell Steps Down as Chief Exec

Michael Dell is stepping down as CEO of his own company. However, Dell said he would remain as chairman of the board and deeply involved in the company's day-to-day business. Learn what factors motivated the move.

Intel Primes the 'Upgrade' Pump for SMBs

The chipmaking giant builds off of its 'Real Server' campaign with a PC-centric outreach program designed to educate small businesses about the benefits of processor upgrades. Are your PC's lifecycles overextended?

Yahoo!'s All :-) With Business Messenger 2.0

The Internet media company puts a new face on its enterprise platform by adding WebEx's audio, video, and voice tools. The new version adds hosting for small- and medium-sized businesses as well as added support for clients such as Web Messenger, Mac and for mobile devices.

VC Firm to Buy Corel for $96M

The company best known for its WordPerfect and CorelDraw platforms finds a buyer in its biggest investor Vector Capital.

Sun, Oracle Team Up to Tackle Microsoft, SMBs

The longtime partners become a 'virtually linked company' with consolidated support and development using Sun Fire systems and Red Hat Linux. Sun also took the wraps off of two new servers for smaller businesses; its Sun Fire V60x and V65x.

Palm Upgrades Zire, Tungsten PDAs

The handheld computer maker puts a camera in its consumer model, while business-class customers get a 'C' for connected with 802.11 wireless capabilities over Intel XScale chips.

Wi-Fi A Positive Disruption

Jupiter Research expects small business to pick up momentum for 802.11 with larger companies making most of the purchases, while everyone waits for better security.

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