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A Clear Take on WiMAX

Can a totally wireless connection really deliver broadband speed? Clear, a WiMAX provider makes that promise. Is it enough to pull the plug on cable and DSL?

Two Practical Improvements in Apple's Leopard OS

Sharing files with a Mac got much easier and much more robust with the release of Leopard. And if you're on the fence about Time Machine, don't be: It's pretty good despite the eye candy.

Best Mac Tools: Five Indispensable Apps

Here are a handful of Internet applications every Mac owner needs to know about. Some have their flaws, but they'll your daily 'net experience better.

Networking Notes: Playing the Password Game

Some security experts say we need to do the impossible: Create and memorize a unique password for each and every service we use. But there are options — this nifty Web site or just write them down.

Networking Notes: The Power of the Hosts File

Need to contact another computer on the Internet? You usually rely on a DNS server to look up the host's IP address. but the system has a few issues that make it occasionally frustrating. Here's how you can use hosts files for immediate access.

Networking Notes: Feel Vulnerable? Don't Panic

A steady stream of potential vulnerabilities are routinely announced, patched and forgotten. However, it's exploits — the DNA of the worms and viruses — that you need to be cautious about.

Networking Notes: Prepare Your Network for Tomorrow's Software

The choices we make in terms of our network infrastructure will matter for a lot more than how quickly we can view streaming video. They might end up being our lifeline to apps our businesses depend on.

Networking Notes: New From Networld Interop

Though the show tends to feature enterprise-grade networking wares, Networld Interop featured plenty to keep things interesting for SOHO and small business networkers.

Networking Notes: Free (and Almost Free) Mac Networking Tools

This week we look at two handy, free tools that make using Macs a little nicer for practical networkers. And we take a peek at one that costs a little, but offer good value.

Could You Use a Little Snitch?

If you're concerned about maintaining maximum privacy and security, Little Snitch's user interface and low price is an attractive option.

Networking Notes: Unsafe at Any Price

If anyone could write a decent anti-virus package for Windows, it'd have to be Microsoft, right? Unfortunately, that argument fails miserably in reality.

Networking Notes: Be Your Own IM Service Provider Pt. 2

In part two of our two-part step-by-step series, we introduce your new IM server to the wider Internet.

Networking Notes: Be Your Own IM Service Provider

Why set up your own instant messaging server? It's secure, you add the services you want, you control the namespace and there are plenty of other reasons. In part one of our two-part, step-by-step series, we get started with Wildfire — a slick open source IM platform.

Networking Notes: The Problem With Windows (or Any Other OS)

The battle of Windows vs. Linux or Mac people is a case of everybody being to some degree right combined with an abundance of human obnoxiousness. Regardless of which camp you're in, security threats are changing.

Networking Notes: Security Begins at Home

When it comes to keeping outsiders off your home or office wireless network, a little security can go a long way.

Networking Notes: Fear and Loathing for the Holidays

Computer security vendors have a field day this time of year, because journalists are quickly running out of things to write about and the security industry has been saving up scary numbers all year long.

Networking Notes: Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Linux

Sizing up Linux for your next networking project? You can take a pass on the holy wars and still reap the benefits.

Networking Notes: No Mad Dash for Vista

You can soon buy licenses to Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 ahead of the general launch. Don't be fooled: Microsoft isn't doing small business owners any favors here.

Networking Notes: Four Things to Do Post-Ping

Here are four things you should in the hour after you've happily observed that you've "got ping" (i.e., a network connection) to make your network a little safer.

Networking Notes: 802.11nuh-Uh

Vendors that are selling 802.11n have decided the imperatives of their product cycles trump the long-term benefit of their customers, who they're busy turning into beta testers.

StarOffice 8: An Affordable, Small-Business Alternative to Microsoft Office

This simple, powerful productivity suite offers Microsoft Office features and compatibility with Office documents. The big difference is the small price tag.

HP Says It's On Target for e3000 Phaseout

Three years from drawing the final curtain on its venerable e3000 platform, Hewlett Packard says it's on track to phase the system out, and has announced storage upgrades, software patches, and HP-UX purchase incentives meant to keep its customers happy, and in the HP fold.

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