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Open Source Software: 15 Apps for Linux Desktop

If you're looking for open source software for your business, take a look at our list of 15 of the best desktop applications for Linux.

The Value of Linux for Small Business

What's the value proposition for a small business when it comes to making the switch to Linux? That depends on the priorities of each business. But the key to a successful migration is a skilled leader.

How Green is Desktop Linux?

Matt Hartley considers whether or not desktop Linux is a better choice, for the environment and the economy, than Windows or Mac OS X.

Top 10 Open Source Productivity Apps

We take a look at OrangeHRM, Task Coach, Inforama, Onepoint Project, Collabtive, GroupOffice and other open source applications to help you boost your business.

The 7 Best Closed-Source Apps for Linux

Linux expert Matt Hartley explains why he's a fan of Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Picasa, Acronis Disk Director Suite, VueScan, Opera and Lotus Notes.

Top 5 Linux Migration Tips For Small Offices

When most people think of switching their office to Linux, the very idea of getting started must seem overwhelming. Linux guru Matt Hartley is here to help.

10 Linux Advantages for Your Business

The desire to find something more cost effective than Windows has grown from a growl to a roar. Once you understand the strengths of using the Linux desktop, you might find it makes sense for you, too.

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