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Microsoft's Server OS Market Growing

Researchers say Microsoft will hold its lead in the worldwide market of operating systems for server environments through 2007. While there is enthusiasm for Linux, the open source operating system is still only a niche product on the client side.

Verizon Enters SMB Net Security Market

The telecommunications giant's new Internet security services are an effort by the company to potentially capitalize on the constant threat hackers and infectious software purveyors present to businesses big and small.

Worm May Try to Blast Your Business

A new worm is crawling rapidly across the Internet, and experts warn that it may already have latched onto hundreds of thousands of computers, with more sure to be infected. If your virus and firewall software aren't up to date, your business may be at risk.

Microsoft Unveils Small Business Server 2003 Kit

The software giant ships a scaled down version of its integrated software suite (code-named Bobcat) in tandem with its new Exchange Server 2003. Learn what the suite will do for small- and mid-sized businesses.

Amazon, Intuit Team on Small Biz Apps Storefront

Industry-specific small business applications developed by Intuit's network of developers will be available from an Amazon-style storefront. The site will sell a variety of different small business applications designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks 2003 products.

SBC Jumps On Bundling Bandwagon for SMBs

The telecommunications giant seeks to rollout local and long distance plans in California and re-files in Michigan to expand its footprint. SBC plans to deliver significant discounts to small businesses that buy bundles of voice and data communications services.

California Senate Approves Net Tax Bill

A financial audit of Barnesandnoble.com's tax policies in the state helps fuel a brick-and-mortar bill that is gaining support by one-time skeptic Governor Gray Davis.

'One-Year Old' HP Shows Off New Products

A year after its merger with Compaq, HP looks to expand its consumer-focused laptops, services and cheaper servers to small and mid-sized businesses.

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