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Recycling Computers: Creating Security Problems?

What you do with old computer gear could undo all the measures you've taken to secure your data.

Make Your Firewall Work for You

Columnist Linda LeBlanc says until there's a better way to protect our assets, we have to make the firewall work better for us.

When Data Spills, Who do You Notify?

Columnist Linda LeBlanc had her laptop stolen a few weeks ago, and she's still digging out from the mess. But the theft left her with some questions. Who should be notified?

Is Your Printer a Network Security Risk?

Security expert Linda Leblanc says appliances are easily compromised. These small holes can cause major problems.

Protecting Your Data — A Cautionary Tale

Columnist Linda LeBlanc takes a look at one offer for 'free e-mail virus scanning', and what that free service might actually be costing you.

A Lost PDA puts Your Data in Danger

Columnist Linda LeBlanc has a confession to make. She's a danger to any PDA she owns. She loses them, sits on them... even drops them in the sewer.

Take Care of the Details for a Secure Network

Columnist Linda LeBlanc takes a look at the small details that could mean the difference between a secure network and one riddled with holes.

With Wireless, Who Can You Trust? No One

Network security analyst Linda LeBlanc looks at how safe your information is when you use a wireless access point from a friend's house or coffee shop. You'd never guess who could be snooping.

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