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Is Salesforce Too Complex for Small Business?

Salesforce.com offers a wide range of cloud services for managing just about every aspect of your business. But is it now too complex for its SMB base? Analyst Laurie McCabe weighs in.

Elance Arms Solo Entrepreneurs

Can't afford to hire employees, but need work done that isn’t exactly in your skill set? Take a look at what Elance can do for small business entrepreneurs.

Simplifying Small Business Sales and Marketing

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to small business, but these online marketing and sales tools have a lot to offer SMBs of many shapes and sizes.

Intuit Expands Small Business Products and Services

Intuit's not just for small business accounting anymore. You can add social media and marketing tool to the list of tasks the company offers entrepreneurs and small business owners.

3 Software Products Small Businesses Need to Know

Small business analyst Laurie McCabe offers a quick rundown of three software products -- AnyMeeting, Desk.com and Xero -- that are well suited to help small businesses.

What's In Your Small Business Mobile Environment?

A study by The SMB Group asks small businesses which mobile apps they use to engage with customers, vendors and partners; plus, seven more probing questions.

Study Looks at How SMBs Use Mobile Applications

The SMB Group's 2012 SMB Mobile Solutions Study reveals key differences and benefits of internal versus external small business mobile apps.

An Analyst's Perspective on Intuit’s Innovation Gallery Walk

Laurie McCabe offers her take on Intuit's changing role as a small business technology provider and a quick look at the company's 401k Plan and Intuit Health Debit Cards for SMBs. 

Supplier Connection Helps SMBs Win Contracts with Big Biz

IBM's Supplier Connection program makes it easier for small businesses get noticed by procurement staff at big companies -- and possibly even win coveted corporate service contracts.

Business Analytics Help SMBs That Suffer From TMI

Small businesses inundated by too much information typically lack the resources to turn data into knowledge. Laurie McCabe offers her take on how business intelligence solutions can fill the gap.

Top Small Business Technology Trends for 2012

Looking Back: SMB Technology Trends for 2011

Two analysts grade the small business technology predictions they made for 2011 and get ready to peer into their crystal ball for 2012.

Business App Stores and Small Business

Do business app stores make sense for small business? Laurie McCabe studies the trend and what the future holds for small businesses and app stores.

Top 10 Small Business Collaboration Tools

A survey conducted by analyst firm, the SMB-Group, reveals the top 10 collaboration tools that small businesses use currently. It also runs down the top 10 tools they plan to adopt next.

Business Benefits of a Collaborative Culture

A survey of more than 800 SMBs details the benefits of fostering a collaborative culture. Bottom line: Reward team, not just individual achievement.

The Small Business Forecast for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come a long way since analyst Laurie McCabe last tackled the topic for us back in 2009. Here she brings us up-to-date on the state of cloud computing for small business.

Dell's Approach to Cloud Computing for SMBs

Our small business analyst explains Dell's latest foray into the cloud, and what it means for small businesses.

Is SalesForce Painting SMBs Out of the Picture?

Salesforce got its start catering to the needs of small business, but does the CEO's vision of the social enterprise include SMBs? And can they afford the products required to become one?

6 Tips to Maximize Twitter Event Hashtags

Promoting business events with Twitter hashtags is smart marketing. Small business analyst Laurie McCabe shares six tips to make the most of out of hashtags before, during and after the event.

7 Essential Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

What do women in business need to know in order to succeed and thrive? Here are seven pearls of wisdom that analyst Laurie McCabe gleaned from Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network Global event.

When Small Business Accounting and CRM Collide

Intuit and Salesforce.com integrate two of the most popular small business software applications. Analyst Laurie McCabe looks at how this arrangement might benefit small business.

What is Systems Management, and Why Should You Care?

You need technology to run your business, but systems management solutions take the load off your shoulders and let you focus on your business. Learn what systems management can do for you.

What Are Integrated Payment Solutions and Why Should You Care?

Smart businesses know that integrating payment processing with accounting, CRM and other business applications can save you time and help you get paid faster.

What is a Virtual Desktop, and Why Should You Care?

A virtual desktop offers a wealth of benefits to small businesses including remote access, security and reduced costs. Laurie McCabe explains what you need to know.

What is Mobile Commerce, and Why Should You Care?

The Internet changed the way we buy goods and services, and mobile devices are about to do the same. Laurie McCabe looks at the next shopping revolution and what it means for small business.

What is Business Intelligence, and Why Should You Care?

Want to keep your fingers on the pulse of your small business? Business intelligence software can help, and it's more affordable than ever. Laurie McCabe explains what you need to know.

What's a Collaboration Suite & Why Should You Care?

Collaboration Web tools can improve efficiency, productivity and keep everyone focused. Laurie McCabe explains what you need to know about this category of small business software.

Take a Small Business Marketing Survey: Win an iPad

Here's your opportunity to tell tech vendors how you prefer to learn, discover and evaluate technology. Take this confidential survey for a chance to win an iPad. It's easy to do, we promise.

What is Hybrid Computing, and Why Should You Care?

SMB analyst Laurie McCabe explains the benefits of combining small business software that runs on your computers and apps that run in the cloud.

What's an App Store, and Why Should You Care?

Need specialized small business software but worried it won't work with your QuickBooks, Salesforce or other business platform? Laurie McCabe explains the benefits of app stores.

The Best of the Small Business Technology Summit

Small business analyst Laurie McCabe shares her thoughts and insight on the 2010 Small Business Technology Summit that recently took place in New York City.

What is Social Media Management, and Why Should You Care?

Social networking is a crucial part of small business marketing, but managing it all can be overwhelming. Laurie McCabe explains how social media management can tame the beast.

What is TCO and Why Should You Care?

Understanding the total cost of ownership as it applies to technology will help you make better buying decisions for your company and save you time, money and aggravation. Analyst Laurie McCabe explains what you need to know about TCO.

Top 10 Small Business Tech Predictions for 2010

Technology can be a small business owner’s best friend…but only if it solves a problem and boosts the bottom line. What’s in store for 2010? Analyst Laurie McCabe makes a (very) educated guess.

What Is Green IT, and Why Should You Care?

Laurie McCabe offers up strategies and tips and resources — suitable for any small business — that are good for the environment and good for the bottom line, too.

What is SEM, and Why Should You Care?

Now that you’ve got your business Web site up and running, how will prospective customers find it? Laurie McCabe explains Search Engine Marketing and how it can give small businesses a big advantage when it comes to driving traffic.

What are Managed Services, and Why Should You Care?

Do you spend more time dealing with your technology than running your company? Laurie McCabe explains managed services and how they can free you from IT drudgery and get you back to building your business.

What is a Thin Client, and Why Should You Care?

Could your business benefit from thin clients? If you think we’re talking health and wellness, read analyst Laurie McCabe’s take on thin clients. Can they really save you money and aggravation?

What is Unified Communications, and Why Should You Care?

Communicating with customers used to be easier when all you had to worry about was a phone. Today, we use multiple ways to reach out and touch someone. Laurie McCabe explains unified communications, and how it can help your business.

What's a Business App Appliance, and Why Should You Care?

Think Xbox or Tivo…but for work instead of play. Analyst Laurie McCabe explains what a business application appliance can do for your bottom line.

What is Virtualization, and Why Should You Care?

Virtualization is the process of abstracting a resource from its hardware. Learn more about how it works and why it's important.

What is Social Networking, and Why Should You Care?

It seems everyone today is blogging, tweeting, linking in or posting on Facebook. Social networking’s a huge trend, but can it play a legitimate roll in your small business? Analyst Laurie McCabe sorts it all out.

What is Cloud Computing � and Why Should You Care?

Laurie McCabe kicks off her new SmallBusinessComputing.com column by shedding light on cloud computing.

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