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How Small E-Tailers Can Fend Off Fraud

Small e-tailers are actively defending themselves against the rising risks of Internet fraud, but they may be losing legitimate business if fraud screening systems rely on human oversight rather than automated standard procedures.

E-Commerce Growth Will Impact SMBs

According to Jupiter Research, the next five years will see large growth in e-commerce spending — growth that could positively impact small businesses that have established themselves as legitimate, trustworthy merchants.

Fear of Abandonment

Abandoned shopping carts are the bane of every e-tailer's existence. Countless studies point out what tweaks you should make in order to improve conversion rates. But what's a merchant to do when the biggest problem is lazy customers?

CustomInk Gets to the Core

When custom merchandise e-tailer CustomInk wanted to make usability improvements on its Web site, it needed a strong analytics tool to give it accurate information on how visitors were using its tools. It chose Coremetrics.

E-Mail Tools Let SMBs Go Postal

Small business owners who don't have the time to manage mailing lists can use e-mail to drive business and strengthen customer relationships. We take a look at four e-mail marketing packages priced right for small businesses.

How Do I Get Paid?

This week, we explore the different peer-to-peer payment options available to small businesses and offer six things you can do today to get potential customers to trust your e-commerce Web site.

Securing Online Transactions the Old Fashioned Way

buySAFE and The Hartford Financial Services Group are launching a new buyer-protection plan that is meant to assuage the fears of online auction risks with the centuries-old concept of surety bonds.

Saffron Rouge Finds NetSuite's Beauty Not Skin-Deep

When organic health and beauty aids seller SaffronRouge.com needed a robust solution capable of handling both the U.S. and Canadian versions of its complex back-office and e-commerce operations, they selected NetSuite.

With Salesnet, Increasing Sales Is a Piece of Cake

When Jubilations Cheesecakes needed a way to more efficiently track and maintain contact with its individual customers and sales leads, it turned to Salesnet. Want to be a 'big cheese?' Try greater customer awareness to build sales for your business

Databazaar.com Gets Human Touch

When computer supplies retailer Databazaar.com needed to provide multi-tiered customer service options to its rapidly growing customer base including telephone support, e-mail support, online order tracking, and live chat. In the end, it turned to LivePerson.

How Small E-tailers Reach Big Numbers

If you sell good products at a good price, PriceGrabber.com can level the playing field between big and small e-tailers. At the very least, PriceGrabber.com is a great way to put your business in front of millions of online shoppers.

Personalize This

A new report from Jupiter Research found that expensive personalization features on e-commerce sites don't always provide positive results, and offers some cost-effective alternatives online merchants can use to influence customer decisions.

Let the Makeover Begin

Eight weeks ago, the editors at internet.com's Small Business Channel selected the five finalists for the E-Commerce Guide Makeover series. Then we turned the voting over to you and asked you to select which site was most deserving. The results are in, and the winner is ...

Website Makeovers: You Make The Call

Our panel of five judges painstakingly reviewed the many entries we received over the past few weeks and we've come up with our short list of potential candidates for ECommerce-Guide.com's Makeover Series. Now we need your input on selecting which e-commerce storefront is in most need of a new look.

An Overview of iBuilder

iBuilder combines front end, back end, and marketing tools to help small business owners create a new online business or expand their current brick-and-mortar store or catalog business to the Internet. Could iBuilder be right for you?

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