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Mobile Devices Catch More Phish

If you use a mobile device to access the Web, you're three times more likely to get hooked by phishing scams and reveal passwords and logins -- so says Trusteer, a security software company.

Dell Delivers Streak 7 Tablet and Venue Smartphone

Dell continues expanding its hardware offerings beyond desktop and notebook PCs by rolling out the Android-powered Streak 7 tablet and Venue Smartphone.

Mobile Security: 7 Smartphone Tips for a Safer Holiday

Malicious attacks on mobile devices are on the rise. Our seven security tips will help you keep "merry" and "happy" in your vocabulary during the holidays and beyond.

Survey Shows Smartphone Brand Loyalty Low Priority

A recent survey reveals that smartphone owners place a higher priority on the smartphone experience over a particular brand. Which mobile operating systems garner the most interest?

Mobile Device Alert: Here Comes the iPad 2

Will we see an iPad2 in 2011? According to a newspaper report out of Taiwan, the iPad2 should be in both consumer and business hands by the first quarter of the New Year.

Six Online Security Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

Holiday shopping by smartphone is on the rise and online thieves are ready to steal your data and money. Are you ready to stop them? Check out our security tips.

PayPal Plugs Its iPhone App's Security Hole

Paypal's iPhone app users can breathe a sigh of relief now that the company has patched a security flaw that could have put passwords and account info at risk.

Study Examines Security Risks of Social Media

Compared to other countries, the U.S. is slower to come to the social media table, at least when it comes to business. A new survey shows why.

AT&T Connects SMBs with Wireless Loans

The company's financing subsidiary, AT&T Capital Services, is offering loans to small businesses for new wireless devices and services or to upgrade existing ones.

Do You Use Small Business Mobile Apps?

A recent study shows the majority of adults don’t use mobile apps on their mobile devices. Where do you and your employees stand?

Survey: SMBs Aren't Doing Enough to Protect Data

Latest review by security software vendor Panda Security finds that 36 percent of small businesses use free and often outdated security apps and 13 percent use nothing at all.

SMBs Waking Up to Data Security Threats

Symantec's latest survey of more than 2,000 IT decision makers at small and midsized businesses finds that most are spending more time and money than ever to safeguard data.

What SMBs Don't Know About Security Can Hurt You

Latest study from security software vendor Panda Security finds that most small and midsized businesses are worried about cybercrime, but haven't much of a clue how to prevent it.

McAfee Targets SMBs With 'Quick' Services

The security software company's new offering will provide lifecycle service support for small and mid-sized businesses.

Small Business Security: Trends for 2010

Symantec’s latest report outlines 13 security issues it expects will play a significant, if unpleasant, role in 2010. Small business owners and managers can minimize the danger by educating employees about the threats.

McAfee Rolls Out Security Appliance for Small Business

The appliance taps top threat intelligence systems to provide e-mail and Web security while aiming to keep setup and administration simple.

Small Business Big Target for Hackers and Thieves

McAfee, a leading security software vendor, says small businesses simply can’t afford to ignore online security threats.

Verio Jumps On SaaS Bandwagon

The Web-hosting company sees the writing on the wall and is now offering e-mail, data security and CRM applications on demand.

SAP: It's 'Business ByDesign'

The software giant details its first on-demand, hosted business application service targeting, at least for now, small- and mid-sized companies.

Take-Two for IBM and iSCSI

Big Blue returns to the IP SAN market with a new array aimed at small business.

SAP Makes Yet Another Play for Small Business

The enterprise software giant is betting big on an upcoming SaaS offering for small business.

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