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Alternative Office Suites

General-purpose software can cost small businesses a big chunk of change. Even if you do spend most of your workday cozied up with a word processing application or spreadsheets, there are alternatives to Microsoft Office — many more.

Out With the Old

Some 20 million PCs become obsolete each year, in addition to 100 million cell phones, 200 million emptied inkjet cartridges and tons of other high-tech refuse. Learn how a small business could profit from cleaning house.

Backup A Minute

Small businesses can generate a lot of data — but data is not created equally. How do you retain the information that is critical to your business and keep it backed up? Here's three different storage options for small businesses.

Talk it Up with Videoconferencing

Internet videoconferencing is a powerful way to communicate with your employees, clients, and customers. When meeting in person isn't an option, a quick videoconference could be a cheap and easy communications solution.

Utility-Based Computing for Small Businesses

Dealing with software — the licenses, technical support, upgrades, and other baggage that comes with every application — is probably the last thing that most small business owners want to deal with. So, don't. Utility-based computing is an idea that can eliminate much of the overhead of maintaining PC applications.

Backup Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses with just a few employees and a handful of desktops and laptops don't need complicated and expensive backup software, but these businesses still need to protect critical data from 'disappearing.'

Talk Like An Angel

Angel.com is a service for creating customized telephone applications without adding any hardware. It offers a variety of voicemail functions with interactive voice response capabilities that could help your small business look much larger that it really is.

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