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Adding Multimedia: It's Hard to Be Cool

Multimedia can be a compelling tool for your online business. However, unless you're ready to make the plunge into expensive multimedia servers on your own, you'll want to work with a service provider to host and serve video and audio files.

Getting Started: Setting Up Shop Online

Having an online store is a hot item for many SMBs — but why, oh why is it still so hard to set up one without hiring someone else to do it?

Network Basics: The ABCs of VPNs

Virtual private networks are sometimes described as difficult to set up, erratic in performance and a questionable deterrent against possible security breaches. All that is true, but you should have one anyway. Here's why.

The Great Hosting Debate: Shared vs. Dedicated

Virtual hosting technology makes it efficient for service providers to host multiple Web sites on a single server. That means lower costs for you. However, there are plenty of reasons to insist on using a dedicated server. Which option is better?

USB Flash Drives: A Little Goes A Long Way

A USB flash drive may not be something you use every day or even on a regular basis. But they're an extremely useful thing to have around and could be one of the better investments you make in your small business computing arsenal.

Dell Launches New Small-Business Initiative

The initiative includes onsite support, help-deck support, installation and consulting.

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