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Welcome to Small Business Ecommerce at 7MainStreet.com

Business directory offers one-stop online operation for building or expanding e-tailing.

Dell's Special Treats on Twitter

PC maker tightens its embrace around Web 2.0, launching Twitter-exclusive discounts.

Will the iPhone Become the No. 1 Smartphone?

One researcher thinks it could happen -- with wide-ranging implications for mobile carriers and the market's current leader, Nokia.

Motorola Touch Tablet Aimed at Mobile Surfers

Handset maker also announces first 'green' mobile phone.Handset maker also announces first 'green' mobile phone.

A Year For Smarter Phones, Crowded Clouds

Mobile handsets, online storage and faster wireless speeds played a huge role on the business stage in 2008...and will continue in 2009.

Lenovo Goes Thinner with Thinkpad Desktops

Chinese PC maker claims it can cut IT desktop costs nearly in half with latest thin client addition.

Is the Smartphone the Next PC Device?

IBM study shows mobile Internet users would ditch desktops for handsets.

Staples Adds IT Services for SMBs

Top office-product seller pushes out data protection and backup offerings for small business customers.

IBM Follows Through on Data Protection for SMBs

Big Blue takes another whack at CDP for small offices by turning FilesX around as a Tivoli Storage Manager offering.

EMC Links Cloud Storage, Hard Drives

The storage giant connects the dots among recently acquired offerings to ease SMB management tasks.

SaaS Best Path for SMB Unified Communications

Service strategy lets small companies enjoy technology benefits without the headaches.

Carrier Sprints to Keep Small Businesses On Board

Sprint-Nextel has revamped a customer-loyalty program for small- and mid-sized businesses that provides special services and gifts to thank corporate users.

LiveOffice to Ease SMB E-mail Archiving

New SaaS tool handles archiving from front to back end.

RIM Tailors BlackBerry Service For SMBs

With AT&T, the smartphone maker pushes an enterprise-grade offering in a cheaper, simpler-to-deploy package.

Google's New Pricing Approach For Cloud Storage

Most online e-mail archive providers charge by the byte, Google goes subscription.

Wells Fargo Banks on Online Storage

Financial institution rolls out new online document-storage service.

SMBs Get Some Love From Storage Vendors

With millions of sophisticated small businesses, there's plenty of opportunity but only for vendors who understand the customer base.

Drobo Goes The NAS Route

Storage robot device gets a companion that makes sharing stored data easy in the small office environment.

SOHO Storage Needs Grab Titans' Attention

IBM, EMC, Dell just a few biggies hungrily eyeing the small office/home office dollar.

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