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Why and How to Upgrade to SSD: A Small Business Guide

Do you own aging small business PCs? Instead of replacing them outright, consider SSD upgrades for a relatively simple and inexpensive performance boost. We show you how to upgrade to SSD.

Foscam NVR Review: Huntvision 720P NVR Kit Security System

Foscam's Huntvision NVR kit lets small business owners keep a secure eye on their property. The kit includes four digital Ethernet-powered cameras for a low price.

Should You Take Advantage of the Free Windows 10 Upgrade?

If you're interested in moving your small business to Windows 10, now might be a good time to do it. We list the reasons why, and explain what you can expect if you decide to upgrade.

The Top-10 Windows 10 Essentials

How does Windows 10 differ from Win 7 and 8.1? Excellent question. We list the top-10 things you need to know about Windows 10.

5 Easy Tips for Better Wi-Fi Performance

These five tips will help you wring more speed, capacity, or range out of your small business Wi-Fi network.

10 Top Cloud Storage Services for SMBs

Whether you need to store, share and sync files or simply backup your business data, cloud storage offers SMBs a lot of features for the money. We look at 10 of our favorite cloud storage services.

8 Ways to Improve Small Business Wi-Fi Security

Can your small business' wireless network be more secure? It can if you follow these eight tips.

15 (Mostly) Free Small Biz Networking Tools & Services

These handy small business networking tools and services for Windows (and sometimes Mac and Linux) can save you a ton of time and money.

Small Business Guide to Fleet Management

Monitoring your business vehicles can improve safety, efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Here's what you need to know about fleet management technology.

Lost Smartphone Alert: Find It Now

Imagine losing your smartphone—and the data stored on it. Don’t panic. Instead, take these steps to increase the odds of recovering a misplaced iOs, Android, or Windows Phone.

Small Business App Review: Breezeworks

The Breezeworks app, for both iOS and Android, streamlines much of the administrative work associated with running a small service-oriented business. 

Be Prepared to Close the Book on Windows Server 2003

Microsoft's plan to decommission another popular, but aging, operating system will affect Small Business Server 2003. Is your small business ready? We share a ton of resources.

Don’t Let Your Data Be Kidnapped and Held for Ransom

This cautionary tale explains the dangers of encrypting ransomware. Learn to better protect your small business against a malware scourge that can take down your data—and your business—permanently.

Small Business Buyer’s Guide: Smartphones

Newsflash: there’s no such thing as the "best" smartphone—only one that’s best for you. But to find it, you need to look at more than just the hardware specs and price.

Small Business Software Sneak Peek: Windows 10

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and we take a (very) early look at what the next version of the venerable operating system offers.

Small Business Mobile Scanner Review: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100

Mobile scanning meets small business. The ScanSnap iX100's built-in battery and Wi-Fi let you easily scan from the road with your smartphone or tablet.

Small Business Backup: HP RDX USB 3.0 Removable Disk Backup

Intimidated by data backup? Backing up ain't hard to do with HP's 2 TB RDX drive. 

Small Business Backup Review: The Carbonite Appliance HT10

This hybrid data backup appliance integrates local and cloud-based data backup. It did a great job with local data backup, but it ran into trouble backing up to the cloud.

Business Tablet Review: HP Pro Tablet 610 G1 PC

The HP Pro Tablet 610 G1 PC is a solid business tablet, but some flaws keep us from giving it a stellar recommendation.

5 Email Habits You Need to Break NOW

Email is a critical small business communication tool, but your correspondence can be more efficient—and a lot less annoying—if you steer clear of these bad habits.

A Fresh Look at an Improved Windows 8

Microsoft’s latest update for Windows 8 goes a long way toward helping longtime Windows users acclimate to the new operating system.

Protect Your Small Business with Two-Factor Authentication

Many websites offer enhanced account security in the form of two-factor authentication. We explain what it is, why you should use it and how to get started.

A Guide to Remote Access PC Control

Mobile computing's all the rage, but sometimes you just can’t take it with you. We look at five ways, both for free and for-fee, to access and control your remote PC from afar.

Small Business Network Monitoring Review: Anturis 1.4

Anturis cloud-based network monitoring doesn’t sacrifice ease-of-use on the altar of customization.

Small Business Network Management Review: Spiceworks 7.1

For small business network admins with any smarts, using Spiceworks is a no-brainer. We take a look at what's new in version 7.1.

A Buyer’s Guide to Small Business Servers

If you own a small business, you should almost certainly have a server. Here are some important things to consider before choosing one.

Small Business Server Review: HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8

HP’s small business server, the MicroServer Gen8, offers enterprise-level monitoring and management in an unobtrusive package.

Small Business Server Review: WD Sentinel DS6100

WD's latest small business server packs features typically found in an enterprise-level server into a box that's compact and quiet enough to sit on your desk.

Ninite Pro Simplifies Java Updates

Add Ninite Pro to your small business security tool box. It takes the pain out of keeping computer software secure and up-to-date.

A Modern Guide to Multifunction Printers

Inkjet, laser, operating costs, mobile, cloud: multifunction printers offer a lot of features. Knowing what to look for in a small business printer can save you time and money. Our guide can help.

Multifunction Printer Review: Brother MFC-J870DW

Brother's well-connected multifunction printer is the first inkjet that can wirelessly link to a mobile device via NFC.

Networking a Small Business Office from Scratch

There’s a lot of networking that goes into starting up a new small business office. Here's what you need to consider before opening your doors.

A Network Video Recorder Review: LenovoEMC px2-300d NVR

This network video recorder removes much of the hassle from setting up and maintaining a small business video monitoring system.

Small Business Phone System Review: Ooma Office

This hybrid cloud/on-premises business phone system offers small offices power and simplicity at a reasonable price, but expansion is limited.

The Essential Small Business Guide to Tablets

Your next computer may very well be a tablet rather than a conventional notebook PC. Here are five important factors to consider when choosing one.

Small Business Security Review: Umbrella Mobility

Umbrella Mobility by OpenDNS offers another layer of mobile security for small business. We test this cloud-based service to see how well it protects against Web-based malware, botnets, and phishing.

10 Top Cloud Storage Services for SMBs

Whether you need to store, share and sync files or simply backup your business data, cloud storage offers SMBs a lot of features for the money. We look at 10 of our favorite cloud storage services.

Pertino Small Business Cloud Networking Review

Pertino lets small businesses use the cloud to create secure networks for their remote workers—without hardware, hassles or high cost.

Small Business Networking Review: Connectify Dispatch

When you have multiple forms of Internet access at your disposal, Connectify Dispatch combines them together and increases your connection speed.

How to Print from an iPhone, iPad or Android Device

Need to print from your smartphone or tablet?  We run down the mobile printing options available for Android and iOS devices.

A Windows 8 How-To: File History, Refresh and Reset

New Windows 8 features make it easier to safeguard personal data, restore a PC’s original factory configuration without losing your data, and if necessary, do so while destroying your data in the process. 

Enlocked Provides Email Security for Small Business

We review Enlocked, an email security product that lets small businesses exchange secure emails with customers without cumbersome technical requirements or a hefty price tag.

15 Handy Windows 8 Apps

The Windows Store is just getting off the ground, but there are already some decent apps to be had there. Here are fifteen of our favorites so far.

Windows 8: It's Not Just for Touch Screens

We list 15 tips to help you find your way around Windows 8 using a keyboard and mouse.

Windows 8: How to Set Up Windows To Go

Windows 8 running on a bootable USB storage device can be a boon for small businesses with telecommuters, contractors or temporary workers.

Small Business Storage Review: LaCie 2big NAS

LaCie’s 2big NAS is a solid storage server for small business, but remote access support could be better.

Windows 8: Time to Upgrade?

Windows 8 will arrive soon, but should you start planning an upgrade for your small business? Here are six reasons to consider a timely upgrade, plus one reason you might want to think twice before taking the plunge.

5 Tips to Improve Windows 7 PCs Security

Following these five Windows 7 security tips will give you better control over who uses your Windows PCs and how your employees use them. Following these five Windows 7 security tips will give you better control over who uses your Windows PCs and how your employees use them.

How to Track and Manage Smartphone Data Use

We've got tips and resources to help you monitor and control smartphone data usage and avoid extra charges or connection slowdowns.

Virtual Desktop Review: NComputing M300 Virtual Desktop Kit

This thin client kit puts capable and easy-to-manage virtual desktops on three people's desks for much less than the price of individual PCs.

Network Storage Review: LaCie CloudBox

La Cie provides small business owners with a small, affordable and simple way to backup critical data to the cloud.

Desktop Virtualization Review: Citrix VDI-in-a-Box 5

This integrated and streamlined software package puts the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) within reach of small business IT.

Replace Your Landline Phone with Ooma Telo

Tired of paying telecom prices for a landline and need better voice quality than standard VoIP services? The oddly named Ooma Telo can save you money.

Small Business NAS Review: WD Sentinel DX4000

Western Digital's latest NAS server offers small businesses loads of advanced features, but a couple of issues keep it from earning a rave review.

Give the Gift of Wi-Fi for the Holidays

Our gift guide is chock full of goodies to satisfy every wireless networking nerd on your holiday list.

Dell KACE M300 Asset Management Appliance Review

This pint-sized appliance -- designed for small businesses -- does the heavy lifting for network computer and software inventory.

10 Tips for Better Computer and Network Security

Heed the NSA's (yes, that NSA) recommendations for keeping your computers and small business network more secure.

Utility Check: Control Multiple PCs on Your Desk

Want to save cost and clutter? We look at three network utilities that let you control multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse.

Utility Check: Control Multiple PCs on Your Desk

Want to save cost and clutter? We look at three network utilities that let you control multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse.

Storage Server Review: LaCie 5big Network 2

Easy administration and lots of capacity make the LaCie 5big Network 2 with NAS 2.0 software an excellent choice for small business storage.

Review: Iomega StorCenter px4-300d

Iomega's new StorCenter is a solid choice for small businesses.

12 Apps to Secure Your Android Smartphone

We've got a dozen security apps for Android to help you protect your Android phone -- and the information on it -- from a host of nasty stuff.

Home Office Cable Modems: Ethernet or USB?

Today's home-office networks are more advanced than ever and typically have more than one computer and a host of other networked devices. So which port is best for connecting your cable modem?

Firewire Facts: What's a 1394 Network Connection?

Our small business networking expert explains what a Firewire/1394 network connection is and why you won't find it on newer Vista or Windows 7 PCs. What's it all mean?

NAS Review: Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud Edition

This NAS device simplifies access to small business data no matter where you are -- thanks to a fee-free Personal Cloud feature.

Top 10 Wi-Fi Router Features for SMB Networking

Are you shopping for a new Wi-Fi router? Don’t forget to take our list of the top features to help you get the most out of your small business network.

Top 10 Smartphone Security Tips

Your smartphone is full of business and personal data, and you need to protect it. These 10 tips will help secure Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

20 Awesome Networking Apps and Services

These 20 free networking utilities span a range of features to help you care for your network without spending your hard-earned money or time.

A Hands-on Review of Skype 5.x Group Video

Skype’s new group video feature gives small businesses face time with colleagues and clients. We walk you through the features, benefits and a few shortcomings.

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Review

Dell hopes big enterprises will adopt its Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone, but we think it's a great choice for a small business mobile device, too.

Small Business Network Management Review: Spiceworks 5

This highly lauded network management software won’t cost you a dime -- and yet it delivers the goods (with one or two minor missteps) to make one part of small business IT life a lot easier.

Mobile Devices: 7 Ways to Improve Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is still relatively new, and a darned good mobile operating system. But we have a list of seven ways it could be even better.

Small Business Guide to Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage can help SMBs tame their ever-growing data storage needs. Our NAS expert covers everything you need to know to buy the right network storage device for your business.

ZScaler Web Security Cloud for Small Business

Zscaler's cloud-based Web security service provides threat protection and access control without hardware or software.

13 Free Data Security Tools for a Safer New Year

Protecting your business data is a great New Year's resolution. It's even better when it's free. Here are six ways -- and 13 tools -- to lock down 2011 without spending a dime.

Small Business Server Review: HP Proliant Microserver

Petite yet potent, HP's Proliant MicroServer is an excellent small business server for any company ready to move to a server-based network.

PogoPlug Biz Review: File Sharing and Remote Access

Looking for an alternative to cloud-based remote access and file sharing? PogoPlug Biz lets you easily access and share files over the Internet while keeping your data on your own external hard drives.

7 Things SMBs Need to Know About Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is coming soon, but is it too consumer focused to be a good mobile smartphone for your business? We've got seven factors to consider before you make your buying decision.

Iomega v.Clone: You Can Take It with You

Free virtualization software from Iomega lets you turn your small business computer into a mobile office without ever taking it on the road.

Network Attached Storage Review: Data Robotics Drobo FS

Data Robotics offers network attached storage that's easy and economical for small business owners to maintain and expand.

Top 10 Small Business Networking Terms

Confused by networking terms? Here's the skinny on 10 technologies that keep your small business network humming.

Endpoint Security for Small Business

Symantec targets small businesses that need big security with its Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0. We put it to the test.

Small Business Software: Upgrade from XP to Windows 7

In this small business software review, we look at how the Parallels Desktop Upgrade to Windows 7 utility helps SMBs move from XP to Windows 7.

How to Buy Secure Removable Storage

Are you in the market for a flash drive or a portable hard drive? Here's what you need to know to buy the right device to keep your portable data safe.

Easy Remote Access with PogoPlug

You won't find a faster, easier way to remotely access and share the files you have stored on USB storage devices.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Notebook PC Review

Cheap laptops are easy to find, but an affordable notebook computer with both style and substance is a terrific find for any small business owner. The ThinkPad Edge does not disappoint.

Take Network Files to Go with Windows Offline Files

Small business technology's come a long way, which means it's a lot easier to take your network files on the road without worrying about file synchronization. Let Windows Offline Files do it for you.

A Small Business Guide to Buying a Netbook

Can a netbook be a small business computer? Our guide helps you choose a netbook PC that can handle everyday business tasks at a very affordable price.

BitLocker Boosts Notebook Security

If your notebook PC runs Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can increase security by encrypting the hard drive with BitLocker. We'll show you how.

Windows 7 Remote Assistance to the Rescue

Improved remote access features in Windows 7 simplify troubleshooting computer problems. Sit back and relax. Remote assistance is here to help you.

HipChat Instant Messaging for Small Business

Quick, efficient online messaging makes everyone more productive. Hipchat’s hosted instant messaging service offers a low-cost, no-hassle IM client for small businesses.

A Guide to Small Business Smartphones

Finding the best smartphones for your business doesn’t have to be a chore. Our handy guide gives you all the information you need to cut through the multitude of models and conquer carrier confusion.

How to Off-Load All Your E-mail to Gmail

Gmail’s easy to love. And if you’ve got e-mail lurking on other, lesser e-mail systems, now you can spread the love and move all those old messages over to your Gmail account. Life is good.

Need a Small Office Server? Lenovo Has the Right IdeaCentre

Lenovo’s Windows Home Server-based IdeaCentre D400 makes a fine small-office server, despite a few flaws.

Do You Know What's About to Bring Down Your Network?

We review ipMonitor 10, a simple yet powerful network monitoring software that alerts you to issues before they become problems.

Fix Slow Browsing � and More � With OpenDNS

OpenDNS gives your small business’s Internet connection an extra dose of speed, security and control.

Skype Review: Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T

The wireless SV1T lets you make Skype video calls without being tethered to — or even in the same room as — a PC.

No Wi-Fi? Try Belkin's Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

If you need a wireless network in your home office, but the layout isn’t conducive to Wi-Fi, you’ll appreciate the Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit for its easy setup and snappy performance.

Internet Streaming with Windows 7

A Windows 7-only feature within Windows Media Player 12 lets you share content far beyond your own home or small office network.

How to Run Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Yes, you can move on up to Windows 7 and — thanks to its Windows XP Mode — still run older, mission-critical applications. Joe Moran shows you how it’s done.

How to Manage and Find Files in Windows 7

Joe Moran digs deeper into Windows 7 and walks you through the new Libraries and Search capabilities. Dewey decimal not required.

Stolen BlackBerry? Help Your Business Get It Back

The BlackBerry ER utility sends you information about your stolen BlackBerry, making it more likely you’ll get it back.

Seven Windows 7 Features You'll Need on Day One

Windows 7 offers lots of new features and Joe Moran walks you through seven of the changes you’ll see in the operating system’s user interface.

Network Your Monitor Display Across Multiple PCs

MaxiVista 4 lets you expand your PC’s screen real estate to another computer without having to install video cards or run any cable.

A Networking Primer: What's a MAC Address?

Joe Moran shows you how to find a MAC address and offers three tips on using them.

Review: The Wi-Fire Wi-Fi Adapter

The Wi-Fire costs more than most USB Wi-Fi adapters, but if you need long-range capability, you’ll be glad you spent the extra scratch.

Instant-On: Take the Express Lane to the Internet

An instant-on operating system shaves minutes off of a computer’s start-up time, getting you online, to your e-mail or other pressing data, in a hurry.

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