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Cloud Failure: Only 29 Percent of SMBs Back Up SaaS Data

That’s true as SaaS application usage continues to grow, with more than two thirds of SMBs now using Office 365.

U.S. SMBs Are Ignoring SBA Cyber Security Guidance

Just four percent have implemented all the recommendations, according to a recent survey.

U.S. Small Businesses Are Hiring Fewer Workers

The majority of small businesses just aren't hiring – and when they do, many say it's hard to find employees with the right skills.

Half of SMBs Have No Response Plan for a Cyber Security Incident

Two recent studies found that SMBs are dangerously unprepared for cyber attacks.

SMBs Hit by Persistent Threats and Vulnerabilities Lasting for Years

The average dwell time for persistent malware at SMBs is 798 days, a recent study found.

NASA Announces $45 Million in Small Business Grants

The innovations from U.S. small businesses are intended to help NASA put astronauts on the Moon by 2024.

Aruba, EnGenius, NETGEAR Intro New SMB Wi-Fi Solutions

Each of the new offerings focuses on a distinct need in the SMB market.

Azlo, Kabbage Intro SMB Lending Program, PayPal Hits SMB Lending Milestone

PayPal has given out $10 billion in loans, and Azlo and Kabbage are partnering on a new offering.

Half of Small Businesses Have No Marketing Strategy

And 58 percent spend less than six hours a week on marketing, a recent survey found.

Less Than Half of Small Businesses Protect Their App Users' Data

Only a third limit employee access to user data, and just 40 percent encrypt it.

Over a Third of Small Businesses Don't Have a Website

Still, 30 percent of SMBs count on their website to drive revenue, a recent survey found.

77 Percent of SMBs Plan to Outsource Cyber Security Within Five Years

And they're willing to pay significantly more for a reliable offering, a recent survey found.

Only One Third of Small Businesses Have an SEO Strategy

Another 38 percent say they plan to invest in one in the future.

Almost Half of SMBs Would Be Shut Down Permanently by a Major Data Breach

Still, 53 percent admit they don't invest enough in their own cyber security.

A Third of Small Businesses Struggle to Pay Bills, Make Payroll

Sixty-nine percent of small business owners say they've lost sleep due to cash flow worries, according to a recent survey.

42 Percent of Small Business Owners Fail to Take Full Advantage of Technology

And 13 percent don't leverage any technology at all, a recent survey found.

HP, TSYS Launch New Point-of-Sale Solutions for SMBs

The HP Engage One Prime and Vital POS target small businesses with a wide range of point-of-sale functionality.

Untangle, Malwarebytes Join Forces on SMB Security

The companies are integrating Malwarebyte's Endpoint Protection with Untangle's Command Center platform to give SMBs a centralized security solution.

Wix, Zoho Enhance CRM Offerings for SMBs

The two companies have added functionality to help small businesses manage customer relationships.

Ransomware Beats Viruses, Spyware as Leading Threat to SMBs

A recent survey of 2,400 managed service providers serving SMBs found that their clients are vastly underestimating the ransomware threat.

SMB Employees Want Remote Working Options

79 percent want to be able to work remotely, and 34 percent said they’d change jobs to gain the ability to do so.

Small Biz POS News Roundup: Clover, Nav, Square and More

New products from two popular providers, plus a pair of acquisitions.

More SMBs Seek Cyber Insurance As Market Surges

The cyber insurance market for SMBs has expanded rapidly over the past year, with premiums dropping as customers seek higher coverage limits.

Small Businesses Riding High: SMB Optimism Surging

Despite hiring challenges, two recent surveys found that small businesses are reporting recording-setting levels of optimism.

Key Small Business Pain Points: Banking, Accounting and Funding

Small businesses face several challenges in managing their finances.

Blinded by Complacency: Too Many SMBs Lack Basic Cyber Security

51 percent of business leaders just don't think they're on cybercriminals' radar.

20 Ways to Secure Your Android Device

We list 20 of the top mobile security apps to protect your Android devices from a bevy of malevolent apps, nasty malware and even theft.

Is Privacy in the Digital Age Dead? Not Quite.

VaporStream software provides businesses of all sizes with an electronic way to have private, off-the-record conversations.

A Guide to IPhone Security Apps

From encryption, to password management to theft protection, here's everything you need to know about apps to secure your iPhone.

Affordable, Virtual PBX for Small Business

NuvioFlex , Nuvio’s flexible hosted VoIP solution, let's you buy VoIP service by the number of extensions you need.

Weak Security for Remote Workers Cause for Concern

A Cisco security survey finds that most businesses fall far short of ready when it comes to either natural disasters or a flu epidemic. Do you have a plan? Also, smartphones pose a growing threat to network security.

How Will Wi-Fi Direct Benefit Small Business?

With Wi-Fi Direct technology, you’ll be able to transfer data between Wi-Fi devices — from your smartphone to a printer in a hotel business center, for example — without logging in to a Wi-Fi network.

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