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A Strong Creative Brief Optimizes E-Mail Marketing

Creative briefs aren't unique to the online world. They've been used for years in offline marketing because they're a great way to focus a creative team and increase the chances of creating a first draft that meets business goals.

Six Inexpensive Ways to Target E-Mail

No, you don't need an enterprise-level customer relationship management system to make your e-mail a little more personal. Simply follow these six cheap and easy ways to better target your e-mail marketing efforts.

How to Optimize E-Mail List Growth (Part 2)

There are five simple and inexpensive things you can do to address the abandonment rate of your e-mail list members. Learn how to keep your list growing from an expert in the field of e-mail marketing.

How to Optimize E-Mail List Growth (Part 1)

Learn how to grow your list of opt-in, qualified e-mail registrations and subscribers with a little e-mail marketing optimization.

Auditing Your E-Mail Initiatives: Five Areas to Examine

Pushing your e-mail efforts forward means examining your program's strengths and weaknesses. Begin the New Year with some new resolutions!

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