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Local Search: Working Hard for the Money

The ability to promote local small businesses on the Web presents a big break for the search engine industry. But cashing in is going to be a challenge, since online directories and search engines are going to have to use teamwork to reach SMBs.

SmartView Launches on Yahoo! Maps

The new feature positions local businesses on Yahoo! Maps, a move with implications for the giant portal's local search marketing strategy. However, it's too soon to tell if local small businesses will tap into the online ad venue.

Can of Worms

The Can Spam Act becomes the latest marketing tool for companies selling e-mail related products and services. While there's a lot of excitement about the law, be careful to suss out legitimate marketers from fear mongrels.

Companies Alter Privacy Policies

New laws could be a factor in the overall trend of companies tweaking their privacy policies. Is it time for your small business to alter the way it collects and shares e-mail marketing and mailing lists?

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