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10 PowerPoint Tips To Boost Your Workflow

Add these 10 PowerPoint tips to your work-day arsenal and increase your productivity.

5 Go To Digital Notetaking Apps

Writing notes on scraps of paper is a quick and dirty notetaking solution, but digital notetaking apps are definitely the smarter option.

How to Make a Training Video

You don't have to spend a lot of money making training videos. And they're a simple, effective way to educate your employees. We'll walk you through the basic steps.

10 Excel Tips You Didn't Know You Need

Add these 10 Excel tips to your work-day arsenal and unleash your inner spreadsheet maven.

How to Use Templates to Improve Productivity

Learn how to use templates to make your work life easier and more productive. They work in almost any program and save you valuable time and effort.

The Best Billing Software for Small Business

You don't need to spend big money on billing and invoicing software to collect payment from your customers. We look at five of the best billing software options for small business.

The Best Calendar Software to Organize Your Work Day

We look at five of the best calendar software tools to help you manage and organize your small business. If you're looking for free business calendar software, you're in luck.

ProjectLibre Review: A Look at Project Management Software

This ProjectLibre review showcases one of the best project management software options around. We show you how to start managing your next project with this free and open source software.

5 Top Small Business Collaboration Tools

No matter how you define collaboration, you'll find a free app to help you get the job done. We look at 5 small business collaboration tools.

5 File Sharing Solutions for Small Business

Need an easy way to send, share, and move files of all sizes? These five file sharing solutions for small business will simplify your work day.

5 Small Business Apps for DIY Online Marketing Materials

Are you a DIY kind of small business? We look at five small business marketing apps that let you create your own marketing collateral for social media, blogs, and websites.

This is Why Your PowerPoint Skills Suck

Admit it. You suck at PowerPoint. These five tips show you how to use PowerPoint to make a slide show that won't embarrass you.

Your Microsoft Word Skills Suck

Committing these five mistakes reveals your utter lack of skill with Microsoft Word. But don’t worry; with our help the suck stops here.

5 Free Photo Management Tools for Small Business

We look at five examples of photo organizing software to help you restore order to your image collection. And best of all—they're free.

5 Excel Tools You Need Right Now

You can’t be an Excel master without knowing these five essential tools that save you time and effort. We tell you what they do and how to use them.

How to Make Animated GIFs

Out of fashion for some years, animated GIFs are back in a big way, and they can add another element to your small business marketing strategy. We show you how to make and pin them. 

PowerPoint Might Be Your Best Graphics Editor

Forget learning Illustrator and Photoshop—that's both overkill and a time suck. Instead, use PowerPoint to create simple graphics for your small business.

Your Excel Skills Suck

Not everyone's an Excel maven, but these five Excel mistakes just scream, "You're a rookie!" We'll show you how you can avoid the mistakes, save professional face, and produce better work results.

How to Add Features to Microsoft Office with Office Apps

The new apps tool in both Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 lets you add features to extend their functionality—and your productivity.

4 Free Spreadsheet Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

We look at four free Microsoft Excel alternatives and show why you can easily keep any of these spreadsheet apps in your office applications toolkit.

Remote Access Tools or How to Be In Two Places at Once

Not at your office? These five tools let you access and run your computer as if you were there in person.

Beyond Skype: 5 Apps You Didn't Know You Wanted

Skype might be the bigger name in free or low-cost phone calls and video conferencing, but it is by no means the only game in town. Check out these five apps to keep your communications flowing.

Take The Grunt Work Out Of Email Marketing

An email marketing service can help tame your customer contact list and make it easier to engage customers. We look at features to consider and an overview of popular email marketing services.

5 Image-editing Tools That Cut Your Photos Down to Size

Need to resize images to post on the Web? Try this collection of handy image-editing tools for pixel-perfect pictures every time.

5 Applications to Make Awesome Animations

Animated video is a great way to spice up your small business marketing. And it can boost your bottom line. We look at five animation software tools—four online and one computer-based—to help you get moving.

5 Desktop Publishing Tools for Small Business

Publishing a newsletter? You don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a design degree to get professional results. We take a look at range of desktop publishing tools to get you started.

Create Gorgeous Graphics with Canva

When you need great looking graphics for anything—from a small business blog to a business presentation, make Canva your go-to application.

5 Interesting Ways to Use Skype

From call forwarding to file transfer, Skype provides a range of small business needs. We look at five of our favorite things you can do with Skype.

How to Work with Pdfs for Free

Stop spending money on expensive small business software. We show you how to create, complete, view, split, and merge pdfs for free.

Avoid These 5 Common Email Mistakes

What does your email say about your small business? These email tips will make sure you're making the right impression.

5 Cool PowerPoint Slide Design Tools

Tired of the same-old presentations? These five free tools can help you add visual oomph to your PowerPoint slides.

5 Great Tools for Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Ideas

Keep your small business focused, organized and inspired with online tools that help you brainstorm and map ideas.

5 Creative Ways to Use PowerPoint

You can do more than make slides with PowerPoint. Helen Bradley shows you five interesting and productive ways to use the presentation software.

5 Apps to Help Tame Your To-Do List

We look at five of the best to-do list managers for small business. And these apps travel with you wherever you go. No more excuses, it's time to get 'er done.

DIY Infographics Tools for Non-Designers

Turn raw data into compelling infographics with five online tools that do the design work for you.

5 Tools for Creating Kickass Social Media Images

You don’t need to be, or hire, a design expert to create great images for your social media marketing. These five graphics tools can help your small business look its best on social media.

How to Find Free Images for Small Business Websites

You need images for your small business websites, newsletters and blogs, but don’t just grab any image off the Web: that's illegal. Here's how to find perfect pics without breaking the law.

Make Custom Surveys with Microsoft's Excel Web App

Customer feedback is invaluable to your business. Learn how to make your own customer surveys quickly and easily using Microsoft's Excel Web App.

Google Drive: 7 Tasks You Didn't Know It Can Do

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) offers more features than you might imagine. Helen Bradley reveals seven that can help increase your productivity.

Beyond Online Storage: 10 Cool Ways to Use Dropbox

Dropbox does a whole lot more than let you store files. It's the Swiss Army knife of online storage. Check out 10 different ways you can use Dropbox.

The Best Note-taking Apps for Small Business and Beyond

Still taking notes by hand? These apps make it easy to jot down and access the details of everyday work and life—no matter where you go.

Simple Screen-sharing Software for Small Business

When you need to give or receive computer help, screen-sharing software makes the whole process much easier. Helen Bradley show how it's done.

How to Work with PDFs

In this small business software tutorial, Helen Bradley shows how to create, split, merge and edit PDFs: no expensive software required.

3 Free PowerPoint Alternatives

Don't like PowerPoint? Don’t stress: Helen Bradley shows how to create slideshow presentations using free online tools.

Screen Capture Tools for Small Business

You can do better than Print Screen. Helen Bradley looks at free and low-cost tools to grab and annotate screenshots for your business documents.

DIY Small Business Marketing Materials

Small business marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Helen Bradley looks at free and low-cost options you can use to design and print promotional materials for your business.

Windows 8: How to Manage Photos and Photo Editing

Windows 8 doesn’t ship with a built-in photo editor. Helen Bradley shows you how to get around that deficit and offers a better alternative to Win 8's inadequate Photos app.

How to Survive Your First 24 Hours with Windows 8

This guide will help you overcome the most confusing aspects of Windows 8 and get you ready to start your day's work.

Share & Collaborate with SkyDrive & Microsoft Office

We show you how you can share files, collaborate and even give PowerPoint presentations online using Microsoft SkyDrive and Office 2010 or 2013.

Mobile Editing with MS Office Web Apps and Google Drive

It's easier than ever to edit Microsoft Office and Google Docs documents on mobile devices – including the iPad – so you can work wherever and whenever you want. We'll tell you what's new.

Marketing with Custom Photo Business Gifts

We take a look at four websites where you can create custom-printed gifts to thank your customers and to advertise your business.

What's New in Microsoft Office 2013

With the release of Office 2013 just around the corner, we look at some of the suite's new features. Spoiler alert: there's a lot to like.

Power Up PowerPoint with Add-ins and Templates

These free or low-cost add-ins and templates give PowerPoint extra features and functionality.

Handy Tips for Headers and Footers in Microsoft Word

Headers and footers make navigating documents easier. These creative tips will show you how to make the most out of headers and footers in Microsoft Word.

Small Business Marketing and Online Video Distribution

Helen Bradley explains how and where to distribute your small business videos online for maximum exposure.

A Google Plus Cheat Sheet for Small Business

Get on board with Google Plus. Helen Bradley gives you must-know tips, tricks and features to make working with the social network easier and more effective.

How to Make Videos for Your Small Business

Learn how you can create great video content for your business. Helen Bradley explains everything you need to know.

Is Google Plus a Plus For your Business?

Helen Bradley explains what Google Plus could mean to your business and how to get started with the social media site.

The Small Business Video Marketing Advantage

Helen Bradley explains why adding video to your marketing arsenal can give your online business an edge.

Small Business Ecommerce: The Perils of Canned Content

Helen Bradley explains how canned product descriptions can hurt your small business ecommerce site ranking and how to approach writing your own.

First Looks: The Windows 8 Desktop

In part three of our series on Windows 8, Helen Bradley takes an in-depth look at the new desktop.

How to Customize the Word 2010 Ribbon

Helen Bradley shares her favorite Microsoft Word 2010 tips that let you customize the Ribbon and reinstate missing commands.

First Looks: Windows 8 Metro Interface

In her series on Windows 8 for small business, Helen Bradley explores the new Metro interface. Plus, she provides a dozen Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts.

First Looks: Windows 8 for Small Business

Here comes Windows 8. As the sun sets on XP, will SMBs look to the future with Windows 8 or choose the tried-and-true Windows 7? Helen Bradley offers insight into Microsoft's newest operating system.

How to Enter Web Data into Microsoft Excel

Helen Bradley shows you three ways to grab data from a Web page and move it into an Excel workbook.

5 Ways to Work Faster in Microsoft Outlook

5 Knock 'Em Dead Google Gadgets

Helen Bradley shows you some Google Docs spreadsheet gadgets that add functionality to your worksheets and provide sophisticated tools for your small business website.

How to Create PowerPoint Presentations with Pizzazz

Improve your small business productivity by creating interactive presentations with the free PowerPoint add-in, PptPlex.

An Overview of Microsoft Office 365

Helen Bradley explores Microsoft Office 365 and discusses how it might fit into your small business IT strategy.

How to Transfer Files To and From the iPad

Ready to put your iPad to work? Helen Bradley explores the options for moving content from your iPad to your PC or Mac and back.

The 4 Best Mobile Office iPad Apps

Ready to put your iPad to work? We compare the four best mobile office iPad apps to see which ones do a better job handling documents in the work-a-day world.

4 Free Spreadsheet Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

Helen Bradley looks at four free Microsoft Excel alternatives and shows why you could easily keep any of these spreadsheet apps in your office applications toolkit.

Unlocking Your Data

How to open a file when you don't have the small business software that created it.

How to Create Google Maps with Google Docs

Build your own Google maps and post them on your small business website to let your customers quickly find your store or other places of interest. Helen Bradley shows how easy it is.

Your Small Business Office in the Cloud

Helen Bradley looks at free, cloud-based small business software that lets you work from anywhere -- whether you're across town or halfway around the world.

The Power of Color in Website Design

The colors you choose for your small business website say a lot about your business and can make the difference between visitors staying or clicking away.

Quick and Easy Surveys with Google Docs

Harness the power of Google's online small business software to create custom surveys for any purpose. Helen Bradley shows you how.

Exploring Office 2007: Outlook 2007 Tips and Tricks: Top 10 Tips for Outlook 2007

15 Keyboard Shortcuts for Fast Navigation in MS Word

Small business software expert, Helen Bradley, shares 15 keyboard shortcuts to help you move quickly in Microsoft Word.

How to Calculate Small Business Ecommerce ROI

Learn to calculate ROI for your small business ecommerce site so you can maximize your investment and make adjustments when before problems start.

How to Tame Microsoft Outlook with Xobni

Want more out of your small business software? Helen Bradley explains how Xobni makes using Microsoft Outlook easier, faster and more productive.

The Hidden Danger of Affordable Website Maintenance

Low-cost website maintenance services might look like a good deal upfront, but they could end up costing you customers -- and even your business.

Save Time and Money with Windows Desktop Search

Helen Bradley introduces you to Windows Desktop Search -- a free application that saves you time and money by finding missing documents quickly.

How to Change or Chuck 7 Features in Microsoft Word

We look at seven tools in Office 2010 and show you how to customize or disable them to make your life easier.

How to Analyze Accounting Data in Excel

Want to harness the power of small business software to gain insight into business your data? Helen Bradley explains how to use Excel to get your analysis in gear.

How to Write Formulas in Excel Spreadsheets

Our small business software expert, Helen Bradley, provides tips to help you write accurate formulas in Microsoft Excel.

6 Steps for Planning a Small Business Web Site

Helen Bradley lays out the steps you need to know to plan a small business website without spending a fortune.

5 Time-Saving Tips for Better Letters in Microsoft Word

Does your small business software work as hard as you do? Helen Bradley offers five Microsoft Word tips to save you time and help you write great business letters.

Small Business Software: Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is packed with changes and cool new features that can help any small business. Let our tour guide show you what's different so you can make the most of this small business software staple.

How to Make a Small Business Website Banner

Simple touches can make your small business Web design stand out. Helen Bradley explains how to create a great-looking collage banner for your small business website.

Small Business Solution: Manage Your Money in Excel

Helen Bradley explains how any SMB can project and track cash flow with a budget in Excel.

5 Image-Editing Tips to Improve Any Photo

Helen Bradley shows you five ways to make your small business website photos look better using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

MS Office Live Brings Small Business Computing Online

Helen Bradley explains how you can leverage your small business software using Microsoft Office Live Workspaces and SkyDrive.

Microsoft Small Business Software: OneNote

Helen Bradley introduces Microsoft’s note-taking and research tool (not to mention unsung hero), OneNote 2003.

Small Business Software: Survey Forms in Word 2007

Surveys are a great way to find out what your customers are thinking. This Word 2007 tutorial will teach you how to create your own survey forms, plus it offers a few tips on writing better surveys.

Exploring Office 2007: Working with Survey Forms in Word 2007

Creating Surveys in Word 2007.

Customer Databases as Marketing Tools

A strong customer database is a valuable asset and a great small business marketing tool. Are you making the most of yours?

Small Business Software: 7 Tips for Excel Charts

Use small business technology to your advantage. These seven handy Excel charting features make the data in your charts easier to read and comprehend.

Small Business Marketing: How to Create a Web Site

A Web site is one of the most essential Internet marketing tools for a small business. Helen Bradley explains the basics of creating a Web site without spending a fortune.

Multimedia How-To: Producer for PowerPoint 2007

Need a creative boost to your small business marketing materials? Helen Bradley shows how to add multimedia to your presentations with Producer for PowerPoint 2007.

E-mail Marketing: Create a Newsletter in Publisher

Give your small business marketing a boost by making your own custom e-mail newsletter. Helen Bradley shows how easy it is to do in Microsoft Publisher 2003.

How To Make Image Maps in PowerPoint 2003

Helen Bradley explains how to create clickable hotspots, or image maps, that simplify navigating a PowerPoint presentation.

Find Info Fast: How to Create an Index in MS Word

Helen Bradley walks you through Word 2007’s built-in indexing tool and shows how to make document indexes — by hand or automatically.

PowerPoint 2003: How to Animate a Slide Background

Helen Bradley explains how to create a moving picture background that, when used sparingly, makes a more compelling PowerPoint slideshow.

Web Site Design: Simplify with CSS

Whether you’re redesigning your Web site or starting from scratch, consider using CSS — it’ll make future style changes much easier down the road.

Microsoft Tips: How to Make Signs in Word

Ready for do it yourself signage? Our Microsoft tips guru explains the basics of creating professional, functional signs in Word.

Good Web Design Turns Visitors Into Customers

A consistent Web design not only makes visitors more comfortable on your site, it increases your chances of converting them into customers.

How-To: Make a Feedback Quiz in PowerPoint

Helen Bradley shows how you can gather information from someone while they view a Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

How to Create Lists in Microsoft Word

Helen Bradley walks you through the steps to create and customize bulleted and numbered lists in Word 2003.

How to Make Charts in Microsoft Access

Helen Bradley explains how you can chart your data without ever leaving Microsoft Access.

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