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Mobile Storage Review: IoSafe Rugged Portable SSD

IoSafe’s Rugged Portable SSD can protect data from just about every threat imaginable and, thanks to USB 3.0 capability, it offers speedy file transfers, too.

Mobile Small Business Trends for 2012

The mobile revolution is in full swing. Will 2012 be the year it takes hold in the small business market?

A Small Business Buyers' Guide to All-in-One Printers

Choosing the right multifunction printer can save you money and boost productivity. We look at the points you need to consider before you buy.

A Windows Tablet Review: Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 may live in the iPad's shadow, but it does offer a secure, easily integrated alternative to its flashier competitor.

A Look at IBM's Small Business Cloud

IBM, like just about every other vendor, is promoting cloud computing solutions. Here two of its customers demonstrate that those services work.

Samsung Tablet PC: Excellent, But No iPad Killer

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a worthy standard bearer for Android but no killer competitor.

How to Deal with Wireless Dead Spots

We look at ways that you can breathe life into Wi-Fi dead spots and even -- with a little skill and a little luck -- avoid them altogether.

A No-compromise Ultraportable Laptop Computer

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X220 may be the perfect notebook PC for the small business road warrior.

Is the iPad 2 Right for Your Small Business?

The iPad 2 is a solid, if incremental, step forward. However, as you consider your mobile options, don't expect it to be a game-changer.

On the Road with iPad Travel Apps

We look at a collection of mobile apps and accessories that turn the iPad into an efficient travel companion.

A Guide to Online Collaboration Software

Does your small business use an online collaboration suite? We look at the benefits of collaboration software and how to select one to fit your needs.

Soonr Doubles Up: 2 for 1 Online Backup & Collaboration

This cloud-computing service offers small businesses a mix of collaboration, data backup and file synchronization features. Is it the right mix for your business?

Proxy Servers for a Small Business Network

Can a proxy server help improve your small business network? Take a look at what it can do for your business.

10 Cloud Computing Security Tips for Small Businesses

These 10 tips will help you perform due diligence when choosing a cloud computing vendor so you can keep your data and your business operations safe and secure in the cloud.

Wireless Network Security: A Place for MAC Filtering

Forget safety in numbers. When you're talking networking, there's safety in layers. We show you when -- and when not -- to use MAC filtering to make your wireless network more secure.

iPad at Work: How to Display Video to Enhance Your Business

Here's everything you need -- apps and more -- to display video on the iPad. Why? It's an awesome tool for one-on-ones, sales presentations, and lots more.

Critics' Report: Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Notebook Computer

Read our one-stop report as we poll five tech journal reviewers for their verdict on Lenovo’s gorgeous new ultraportable small business notebook.

Dell Evolves Into a Small Business IT Services Provider

Dell's transformation from hardware vendor to a complete small business IT services company has evolved over the past three years. We look at what Dell offers small business today.

Pack Mobile Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

The EnGenius ETR9330 Wireless N Travel Router let's you stay mobile by turning any wired Internet connection into a Wi-Fi connection.

Local Online Marketing For Small Business

Marketing tips for small businesses that want to reach their local customers online.

Mobile Apps: 4 Ways to Print with an iPad

What's the best mobile app for printing from an iPad? We put four iPad printer apps to the test to see which one you should add to your mobile office tool kit.

Small Business Storage: LaCie USB 3.0 Drive Review

We look at two external storage drives, one mobile and one designed for your desktop, built to take advantage of the new USB 3.0 standard. Does the speed match the hype?

SMB Security: EncryptStick Digital Privacy Manager Review

The consequences of losing critical data can be severe, and they can even shut down a small business for good. Here's a handy way to encrypt data on any hard drive that's on -- or off -- a network.

Small Business Notebook Review: The HP Envy 14

The HP Envy 14 isn't for everyone. But if you're looking for a high-performance small business notebook that rivals a MacBook in design -- but not price -- the Envy fits the bill.

Notebook PC Review: Sizing Up the Dell Inspiron M101Z

The Dell Inspiron M101Z may be the just-right laptop choice for small business computer buyers with a Goldilocks complex.

Small Business Technology: 10 Tips to Green IT

Reducing the amount of energy your company consumes is a smart way to conserve both business and natural resources. Our 10 tips will show how you can save money while serving the greater good.

IT Management 101 for Small Business

IT management isn't just for the Fortune 500 crowd. SMBs need to manage their technology just as much, if not more. But how can small companies tame the IT beast?

Business Communications: A Review of Virtual Office Pro

Virtual Office Pro from 8x8 isn’t perfect, but if you're looking for an affordable way to add unified communications capabilities to your business communications system, it does the job.

Is Business Intelligence for Small Business, Too?

Business intelligence software helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your business and make informed decisions. But is it easy and affordable enough for SMBs?

LCD Monitor Review: LG Flatron E2350V

Ideal for small business computing, this wide-screen LCD monitor looks good and also does double duty as an HD video monitor.

Disaster Recovery For Small Business

You may not be a Boy Scout, but the best way to protect your small business is to be prepared. We look at disaster recovery options to help you stay one step ahead of trouble and to sleep better at night.

5 Ways to Use an iPad for Small Business

Although it was designed primarily as a consumer product, the iPad is finding its way into the workforce. We look at five different business scenarios where the iPad could earn its keep.

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Great Email Newsletters

A well-executed email newsletter campaign can help to drive your business into the black. But a misfire can drive customers away. Our top email marketing tips will get you driving on the right road.

Digital Signage for Small Business

Digital signs are proven marketing tools that can boost sales revenue, and they're becoming more affordable and less complex. Are they right for your business?

FileMaker Pro 11: Database Software Review

FileMaker Pro has been considered essential small business software for years. We review the latest iteration.

SugarSync: Online Backup and Synchronization

Despite a few flaws, SugarSync offers small businesses a way to synchronize files across multiple computers and smartphones. Plus, it includes online data backup.

Business Continuity: Email Backup for SMBs

How long could your business last if you lost your email access and data? We look at a couple of Internet-based email backup and recovery options for different sized small businesses.

How to Save Money on Small Business Technology

Should you upgrade your IT infrastructure, or should you make do for awhile longer? Even the experts are conflicted. Either way, we have tips that can save you money on your small business solutions.

Windows 7: Seven Tips for a Smooth Migration

If you’re thinking about migrating your small business over to Windows 7, we’ve got the lowdown on making the transiton as easy and painless as possible.

Top 10 Hardware Products for Small Businesses

The Consumer Electronics show isn't just about the latest gadgets. We found plenty of hardware that could make life easier for small business owners. Take a look at our 10 favorite picks.

A Small Business Guide to Online Collaboration Tools

While the right collaboration tools can help small businesses be more efficient and productive, sifting through the tangle of options available can be a daunting task. Our buyers’ guide has what you need to know to get the job done.

Top Ten Mobile Tools for Small Business

We pick 10 essential tools and services to help mobile professionals get the job done on the run.

A Small Business Guide to Buying Desktop Computers

Laptops may be a hot ticket item, but the desktop PC remains a reliable, affordable workhorse. From size and shape to processors and video, our guide looks at all the specs you need to know to buy the right desktop PCs for your small business.

How to Find Small Business Legal Resources on the Web

Hiring a lawyer can cost a bundle. Not hiring one can cost a fortune. Still, there are times when an online legal resource can save you money, or help you find the right lawyer. We take a look at the best options for small businesses.

Vidyo Offers Web-Based Video Conferencing for SMBs

The company claims that its appliance produces tele-presence at near-HDTV quality without breaking the small-business bank.

Data Backup: Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d

Storage and data backup for small businesses just keeps getting easier and more affordable. Iomega’s StorCenter offers big capacity, features and peace of mind at great price.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 7? 7 Pros and 7 Cons

Will you stick with XP and Vista or will you roll the dice on Microsoft’s latest, and some say greatest, operating system? We offer our take on the pros and cons of a Windows 7 upgrade.

Review: SimpleTough USB 2.0 Portable Drive

SimpleTough lets you take your data to go without worrying about the bumps and dings of a mobile work style.

The Small Business Case for CRM

CRM software used to be expensive and complex, but now even the smallest companies can easily and affordably monitor, track and analyze every aspect of their business.

Tune In to Low-Cost Video Conferencing

Thanks to Web-based services, video conferencing costs less and saves you more just when you need it the most.

Review: The ViewSonic VPC100 Desktop PC

The first PC from a company better known for its monitors, this all-in-one deskltop could be a fit for your business…as long as you don’t require high-powerred performance.

PBX Review: 8x8 Virtual Office

You won’t need a VAR or a consultant to set up this small-business hosted PBX service.

Hasta La Vista, Baby. Hello Windows 7

Word on the street indicates Windows 7 is what Vista should have been all along. We talk to analysts and small business owners who took part in early testing to get their perspective.

First Look: CloudBerry Online Backup

Still in its beta testing phase, this online backup service works in conjunction with Amazon’s A3 storage. We take a preliminary look at this very affordable, but not-yet-ready-for-prime-time service.

Jazinga Offers Telecom for the Technically Challenged

This inexpensive PBX telephony system provides sophisticated communications features without requiring sophisticated skills.

Notebook Review: HP ProBook 4510s

HP offers a laptop that appeals on price, reliability and security. It even managed to include a bit of eye-candy, too.

Is Telework a Fit for Your Business?

A telecommuting policy in the work place can provide a lot of bottom-line benefits, which makes it an appealing option in today’s economy. But, like anything else, it requires due diligence.

Take Your Call Center Online

OnState is a SaaS solution that brings call center capability to small businesses quickly and inexpensively.

Review: Seagate Replica PC Backup Appliance

It’s not perfect, but the Replica PC Backup Appliance might be the drive that finally gets you to, you know, actually back up your data.

Suddenly Unemployed? Tap Your Inner Entrepreneur

The recession may swell the ranks of the unemployed, but it costs less than ever to equip a business. We lay out a host of affordable tools you can use to build your own home-based empire.

The Pros and Cons of Skype for Business

The voice-over-Internet service can help SMBs save money, especially on overseas calls, but you need to understand the risks involved to make an informed decision.

How to Choose an Online Storage Service

Whether you call it online backup or cloud storage, backing up your data over the Internet makes financial sense for many small businesses. Here's what you need to know to choose the right provider.

Review: Toktumi's Hosted IP PBX

This affordable phone service provides all the essentials for most small businesses.

Phonecams for Small Business Photography

Phonecams are the perfect tool for capturing acceptable images on-the-go in certain business situations — if you know how to use them properly. We'll show you how.

Web-Based Collaboration Tools That Save You Money

We discuss 13 different services that help small businesses boost productivity without the expense of a long-term, upfront investment.

Review: Meebo Instant Messaging

This Web-based IM service tames the tangle of multiple IM programs and lets you communicate freely.

How to Cut IT Costs

Every business is looking for places to save money, and IT costs are no exception. But knowing where to trim IT is crucial. We ask the experts.

Review: Iomega eGo BlackBelt

A bounce belongs in your step not in your data. The shock-absorbing eGo Blackbelt protects your data from the daily rigors of a mobile life.

Review: Adobe Photoshop Elements, Version 7

A less-muscular version of its high-end cousin, Photoshop Elements 7 offers small businesses professional photo editing results in a much easier-to-use package.

ZT Systems: The K Car of PCs

Never heard of the ZT Reliant? Buying a PC from this established yet relatively unknown manufacturer may make a lot of sense for small businesses running Windows XP systems.

Technology for Tough Times

Can spending money on technology help your small business survive the economic crunch? Let the debate begin.

How To: Buy a Hosted PBX Phone System

A hosted phone system offers high-end communication features without the hefty up-front investment, but is it right for your business? Here's what you need to know.

Green Backups: The SimpleTech [re]Drive Review

SimpleTech offers an attractive data backup drive that's kinder to the environment. But does its function match its form? We put it to the test.

Review: Samsung CLP-315W Color Laser Printer

Add an affordable splash of color to your business documents with Samsung's $200 color laser printer.

Tele-Commuting Trend Taking Off for Small Biz

Working from home isn't just a cushy perk. It makes good business sense, and studies show it's on the rise for small business. We look at the advantages and what it takes to implement an effective teleworking policy.

Microsoft Caters to Small Business Needs

Combining a passion for fresh food, community and the environment, Than Hua built her business using 'friendly and familiar' Microsoft technology.

Review: D-Link Wireless Internet Photo Frame

D-Link’s pricey new digital picture frame uses Wi-Fi to pull images and information from network computers and the Web.

Review: The ClickFree Automatic Backup Drive

If you can plug in a toaster, you're qualified to backup files with this dead-simple external drive. If only everything technical were this easy.

The Hosted PBX Advantage: Doing Better for Less

Thrifty New England-based credit union solves several communications problems with a hosted phone system from VoIPnet Technologies.

Review: HP's OfficeJet J6480 All-in-One Printer

This all-around office tool performs reliably as it helps reduce waste and adds a green, ecological tint to your small business.

VoIP: A Phone System in Paradise

The first encounter with a VoIP was a real 'bungle in the jungle' for AmaZulu, a company that sells thatch and bamboo products. Read how Cisco brought a little peace back to paradise.

Review: Yugma: Collaboration over IP

Yugma conference participants can share desktops and control of applications, mark up documents and record the whole session.

In the Cloud: Storage Meets Collaboration

Share, edit and store your documents – without investing in a whole lotta hardware.

Outsource Your Phone System

We look at a company that found satisfaction, serious features and significant savings when it outsourced its phone system to a hosted PBX service.

Review: Symantec Online Backup

The company known for protecting data from digital vermin now offers an online data backup service. What's Symantec got in store(age) for you?

Boston Bodyworker Trains Customers to Book Themselves

By using TimeTrade's online, self-serve appointment-scheduling service, this Boston-based company saves time, money and increases customer satisfaction.

Review: Iomega Rev 120GB Backup Drive

The company's latest addition to the Rev backup drive family offers even more capacity thanks to a new technology, plus the typical speed and reliability we've come to expect from Iomega.

Clickable.com: SEM Meets SaaS

Search engine marketing is a tricky art, especially for small businesses. We look at how one company cut through the confusion with help from Clickable.com.

iPass Offers Worldwide Hotspot Access to SMBs

Until this week, iPass provided access to its high-speed Wi-Fi service only to enterprise customers. Now, there is a pay-as-you-go model that's perfect for small businesses.

Data Backup Review: Backup My Info

Lots of companies sell online data backup services, sos what makes one better than the others? Backup My Info might cost more, but we found the extra money is well worth the investment.

Point-of-Sale Software: Even Smallest Shops Benefit

You don’t have to be a Wal-Mart to take advantage of retail technology. We take a look at how point-of-sale sofware helps one very small business be more efficient and responsive to its customers.

Phone.com: Your Virtual Phone Company

If you want a phone system that projects a professional business image and lets customers reach you no matter where you travel, Phone.com offers a simple, and (mostly) affordable alternative.

Zana Network: Resources for Every Small Business

A global small business marketplace, Zana Networks offers sales, marketing and other business tools and resources. We look at how it's helping one company grow.

See Me, Hear Me: Videoconferencing You Can Afford

$40,000 to $400,000 for videoconferencing? Are you nuts? We look at inexpensive IP-based alternatives.

Altogether Now: Comparing Collaboration Software

Collaboration software is all the rage in the mid-to-big business circles, but small businesses can reap the same benefits with software programs geared — and priced — for their needs. We take a look at three of them.

Review: SMC Barricade N Wireless Gigabit Router

The SMC router and USB adapter perform reasonably well and add an impressive set of security, traffic management and remote access features.

HubSpot: The Evolution of Marketing

The Web-based service combines inbound marketing, SEO and other methods to help SMBs increase site traffic, generate leads and grow sales.

Review: Simulscribe � Read Your Voice Mail

This service transcribes voice messages and sends the text, to an e-mail address or wireless phone number that you specify. Simulscribe could be a real boon to push anyone using push e-mail.

A Hybrid Softphone?

Canadian cable provider Vidéotron launches intriguing, feature-rich hybrid phone service that travels with you.

The Mac Leopard Roars

The new Apple operating system known as Leopard may well have PC aficionados lining up to switch to the Mac.

Review: Fujitsu LifeBook U810

Not too big, not too small. Is Fujitsu's ultra-portable LifeBook U810 just right for you?

Affordable Wireless Printing: Lexmark X6570 All-In-One

A great choice for any one with light printing requirements who's looking for a wireless, versatile all-around performer.

Microsoft Response Point Eases Small Business Pain Point

One small business owner found relief from his phone system woes when he dialed up Microsoft's Response Point software.

FileMaker's Upgrade Dilemma

FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced offers a lot for anyone new to database applications. But unless you're an application developer, most current customers can scratch upgrading off the to-do list.

Storage that Grows with You

The ZyXEL NSA-2400 storage appliance manages hard drives to help small businesses store large volumes of data, keep it secure and make it available to anyone on the network.

Big Brother's Watching � and Saving You Big Money

A construction company finds that time-tracking their mobile employees with a Web-based GPS system from ADP and Xora can save them more than $200K in the first year.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light

For its 20th birthday, Act 2008 gets a dashboard feature. Get ready to upgrade.

Small Business Gets Smart With Graphics

One small Florida marketing company taps the power of visual communications with SmartDraw, an effective, dead-simple graphics program that’s suitable for any small business.

Publishing for Duffers

When it comes to creating calendars and other customized marketing collateral, one Midwestern golf club finds Microsoft Publisher fits its needs to a tee.

Take Me Home From the Ball Game

The business of baseball calls for working a lot of days, nights and weekends. World Extend VPN lets the Trenton Thunder's 20 office workers swing for the bleachers from the comfort of home.

Get Smart: A Guide to Smartphones

A smartphone is a great business tool, but trying to sort through all the options and specs can be daunting. From form and function to networks and platforms, this guide explains everything you need to find a smartphone that's right for you.

Zoho for SOHO

Microsoft isn't the final word when it comes to processing. The smallest SMBs and SOHOs looking to save money on pricey applications might find fiscal relief in Zoho Writer.

Recording Skype Calls

Several vendors have moved to provide important VoIP features that Skype omitted.

Remote Tech Support: The Power Behind the Scenes

No matter where you turn for remote tech support, it's very likely you'll run into GoToAssit from Citrix. For the people at PlumChoice, it's the cornerstone of their company.

The Outlook is Good

Change is never easy, and when it interferes with your work flow, a person can get downright testy. We're happy to report that the changes in the new Outlook are actually helpful, and they won't raise your blood pressure.

Computer Sharing: Is it Good for What Ails Your Small Business?

NComputing's technology lets up to six employees share one PC. We take a look at how one medical practice used it to take computing into the exam rooms without spending a bundle on laptops or tripping over unsafe and unsightly cables.

PowerPoint 2007 Presents a Strong Case

We continue our look at the components of Microsoft Office 2007 with a review of PowerPoint 2007, which boasts a new user interface and a slew of useful new features.

United Parcel Service Scores on Interception

UPS makes an all-star play with Delivery Intercept – it now lets customers change destination or stop delivery on any shipment even if it's already in the driver's hands. Here's how one company makes it work.

Calculated Change in Excel

This month, our app-by-app look at MS Office 2007 focuses on Excel. How heavily you rely on the spreadsheet could determine whether you appreciate or lament the changes found in the the latest version.

The Doctor is (Logged) In

One doctor finds that AdvancedMD, hosted medical software, helps him provide better patient care, manage his pracatice more efficiently and spend more time with his family.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

It delivers improvements over its predecessor, but the minuscule screen size makes the primary use — Web surfing — a trial.

Small Business Finds Real Success With Virtual IT

One small company found a way to save time and improve customer service by offering remote IT support. We take a look at the technology that lets them do it.

A Word of Advice

Starting this month with Microsoft Word, we begin our series of reviews on the major applications within Microsoft Office 2007. Is it worth the upgrade?

Trendnet ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone Kit

While Skype-based conference calling has some clear attractions, this early production unit disappointed on sound quality.

POS Gives Small Retailers Big Boost

Whether you have one register or more, Microsoft's Dynamics Point of Sale 2.0 software lets you automate transactions, streamline inventory management and connect your cash register with your back-office processes — just like major retailers. Only simpler.

Sotto's All-in-One Wireless Voice

Former AT&T veterans say big carriers poorly serve small businesses that lack IT staff, so they've formed Sotto to assist with VoIP.

Web Hosting: This Host Has The Most

Tired of paying your Web hosting company big bucks and getting little in return? The owners of Footballguys.com quit their name-brand host and got a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype

This phone promises to really cut Skype's umbilical cord to the PC