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Going Global on eBay

Selling internationally on eBay isn't easy, but there's money in them 'thar markets. Don't let fear of the unknown stop you.

Review: MarketBlast for eBay — Part 2

While not for the small sellers, MarketBlast presents an outstanding value in today's eBay sales management solution marketplace.

Review: MarketBlast for eBay � Part 1

Designed for Power Sellers, MarketBlast is the latest entrant in the bulging field of eBay auction management software.

Auction Drop-Off Stores and eBay: Part II

In Part II of our series, we offer a survival strategy for selecting an eBay drop-off store for consignment, and examine the prospects and pitfalls of starting-up your own consignment store or purchasing a franchise.

eBay Auction Drop-Off Stores: Part I

Antique dealers curse them. Entrepreneur magazine calls them, 'One of the hot 13 businesses of 2005,' and they are multiplying across America like the rabbits of proverb. They are auction consignment drop-off stores, and unless you live on a mountaintop or in a subterranean cave, there is probably one near you.

Battling Fraud on eBay: Part 2

As a follow-up to part one of this report, we take a look at different ways you can minimize the risk of using eBay and PayPal.

Battling Fraud on Ebay: Part 1

Fraudsters wage an escalating battle against eBay users with a number of different weapons — all in the name of easy money. Part one of our report looks at phishing, hijacking and Wi-Fi threats.

Welcome to the Jungle: The Two Sides of eBay (Part II)

In Part I, we examined the scope of eBay's market dominance and the realities of running a business on the auction giant's site. This week, we delve deeper into pricing your items to sell, the bidding process, the importance of positive feedback and payment processing.

Welcome to the Jungle: The Two Sides of eBay

Everyone wants to sell on eBay. And with more than 100 million users, in many ways, everyone can. However, how you go about it can determine success or failure. In Part One of a two-part series, we look at eBay Stores vs. the auction-only format.

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