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Belkin's Router Shows All

The company's latest 802.11n router displays details on an integrated screen.

It's an EV-DO World

Look for upgrades to the fast-growing wireless broadband tech, used by Verizon Wireless and others, to speed things up enough for VoIP.

What's New in Wireless

Got Wi-Fi? Then take a look at four new products to see if they 'd make a good addition to your business tool arsenal.

The Phone Line Wi-Fi Extender

SercoNet believes its technology, which uses existing telephone wiring, will rid your home or business of wireless dead spots.

Digital Cameras Go Wi-Fi

Nikon beats Kodak to the punch with new 5- and 8-megapixel cameras using 802.11 to transfer photos.

Digital Hotspotter: Get the Lowdown on Wi-Fi Around You

It won't guarantee you access, but the latest Wi-Fi signal detector is the real deal when it comes to inexpensively getting information on the WLANs around you.

Trickle Down Technology

Big Business tech vendors and SMBs look to each other for revenue and affordable solutions.

Take the Low-Cost Route to Building Your Own PBX

Building a PBX doesn't take fancy tools or lots of know-how, thanks to a simple firmware update from Voiceglo.

New Router Can Turn a Small Business into a HotSpot

Want to make your small café the next McDonalds or Star Bucks? A small business need not spend a fortune to set up a wireless hotspot. Linksys and Boingo team up to provide an inexpensive way for small businesses to turn Wi-Fi connectivity into cash.

Gateway Takes a Shot at Wireless Access Points

The computer maker is putting out its first Wi-Fi access point geared specifically at small- to medium-sized businesses on up. Gateway's spin on the product is to make it as easy to use in the home or office and much cheaper than the competition.

Interlink Protects SOHOs with Software

The security company's new embedded software is meant to bring enterprise-class authentication to home networks — think 802.1X RADIUS servers in your wireless broadband gateway — but without the complexity.

Wireless Equipment Top Performers

The first quarter of 2003 might have been the worst ever for WLAN equipment markers, especially in the home and SOHO market — which is saying something since the market still had a growth of about 2 percent. That might not have been the case if not for a phenomenal sales increase by Linksys.

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