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Network Storage Options for Small Business

Network storage can help SMBs store, stream and access data. We look at the available options –and features -- from basic to advanced -- and offer guidance on specs to consider.

How to Boost Wi-Fi Performance

Does your small business wireless network need a performance boost? Before you spend money on a router upgrade, try these seven tips.

Upgrade to WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi Security

Don’t settle for consumer-grade security on your small business network. Our Wi-Fi network expert takes tells you how to lock down your Wi-Fi network using enterprise-grade security.

How to Connect Multiple Offices with VPN

A VPN can connect multiple offices and remote workers, help you pool resources, increase efficiency and boost productivity. We look at VPN options for small business networks.

Tips to Help You Secure Your Facebook Business Page

Security is a cost of doing business, and social media presence requires special attention. We look at the steps needed to protect your Facebook Business Page.

3 Free Boot Discs to Rescue Your PC

Get your PC back to work and running smoothly with any one of these three bootable discs.

6 Tips to Secure Your Small Office Network

Why put your business or personal information at risk? Our networking guru shares six tips that you can use to keep your small office network safe.

4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Network

A router does more than let you surf wirelessly. We look at four other applications and benefits that can improve your home network.

Top 6 Wi-Fi Android Apps for Small Business

Whether you want to find, use or manage Wi-Fi networks, these six Android apps will help you get the job done while you’re out and about.

How to Set Up a Small Business Wireless Network

We lay out all the main points you need to consider before you start building a wireless network for your small business.

12 Facebook Page Apps for Small Businesses

With the right apps, widgets and services, you can add custom content to your Facebook Page to improve your small business marketing efforts. We've got a dozen Facebook apps for you.

4 More Free Antivirus Options for Small Business

Who doesn’t love free stuff -- especially when it protects your business? We look at four more antivirus apps that won’t cost you a penny.

4 Free Antivirus Software Options

Our security expert looks at four of the top free antivirus software titles to help you choose the one that's right for you.

Tips to Secure Wi-Fi on Mobile Devices

Unsecured Wi-Fi on mobile devices can expose your company to security risks. Take a look at these tips to prevent mobile security problems before they start.

5 Windows 7 Tips to Simplify Small Business Networking

We love anything that makes networking easier (doesn’t everyone?), and these five tips deliver the goods for small businesses running Windows 7.

How to Securely Share Your Wireless Network

Our wireless networking expert shows how you can let clients, vendors and other guests share your Wi-Fi network without accessing your business files.

How to Fix 4 Common Wi-Fi Problems

Nothing kills your productivity faster than an uncooperative Wi-Fi connection. We show you how to fix the four issues you’re most likely to encounter.

SMB Networking: TRENDnet 450Mbps Wireless Router

This wireless 802.11n router review also includes a look at TrendNet's wireless adapter. Both routers provide fast performance, but sacrifice more advanced features in the process.

Untangle: Open Source Network Security Software

Take a look at how Untangle provides another layer of protection for your entire network, including PCs and mobile devices. We show you how.

Mobile Tips: How to Turn a PC into a Wireless Router

Whether you're traveling and want to share Wi-Fi access or just need to extend your wireless reach at home, a your computer can double as a virtual router. We'll show you how.

3 RADIUS Servers Designed for Small Business Networks

RADIUS server provides more security for small business networks, but they often cost more than SMBs can pay. Fortunately, more affordable options exist, and we take a look at three of them.

Mobile Security: How to Protect Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Before you lose,sell or repair your Apple mobile device, be sure to wipe, protect, or backup the data you store on it. We'll show you how.

Microsoft SharedView: Remote Collaboration Software Review

If you work with people scattered around the country, Microsoft's SharedVeiw lets you share presentations, training and demos as though you were all in the same location.

Exploring the Internet Explorer 9 Beta

We look at the changes and new features in the recently released beta version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

Create Your Own Wireless Hosted Network

Power your Wi-Fi devices on the road using your 3G/4G mobile data plan. We'll show you what you need to set up a mobile hotspot.

Wireless Networking: TRENDnet Mobile 3G Wireless N Router

Affordable, easy to use, the TRENDnet Mobile 3G Wireless N Router gives mobile small business workers the capability to connect Wi-Fi devices on the go, and even share their connection with others.

SkyDrive: Microsoft's Hard Drive in the Sky

If you're looking for an affordable online storage option, Microsoft offers 25 GB for free. Check it out.

How to Send Email and Files Securely

Why put your business data and privacy at risk? This tutorial shows you how to send sensitive email and files securely over the Internet.

Endpoint Security: Encrypt Your Flash Drive

Convenience is great, as long as you don’t inadvertently place your business at risk. We show you how to encrypt the data on those very convenient, if easy-to-lose, flash drives.

True or False: 5 Wireless Networking Assumptions

In the effort to secure a wireless network, it's often hard to tell the difference between Wi-Fi fact and fiction. We give five general wireless networking assumptions the truth test.

21 iPad Apps for Business Professionals

If you're one of the many iPad owners who want to use the mobile device for business, you'll want to nab these top 21 iPad business apps for your mobile device arsenal.

Small Business Software: 6 OpenOffice.org Extensions

You can make OpenOffice.org, the cross-platform, open source productivity suite, even more productive by adding extensions. We've got six that will make it a small business software powerhouse.

Faster, Safer Web Browsing with Third Party DNS

A third party DNS server puts a lot more pep in your Web surfing, provides protection against nefarious Web sites and other handy perks. Eric Geier shows you why it's worth the (minimal) effort.

When Windows Breaks, Call Ubuntu Linux

Yes, you heard that right. Ubuntu Linux is the best tool to resuscitate your Windows system. And you don’t even have to install it on your hard drive. Eric Geier shows you how.

Keep Track of Wi-Fi Hotspots with Easy WiFi

If you use multiple Wi-Fi hotspots throughout your day or week, Easy WiFi handles all your various passwords and configurations. It sure makes conducting mobile small business a whole lot easier.

How to Share and Stream Media in Windows 7

Windows 7 Internet streaming capability lets you share presentations, video and music with clients in the office or on the road — without a laptop. We’ll show you how in a few simple steps.

5 Advanced Wi-Fi Network Security Tips

Go beyond the basics of WEP vs. WPA and boost your wireless network security. You’ll sleep better for it.

Can Network Magic Pro Simplify Networking for SMBs?

Does Network Magic Pro 5.5 make network management easier for regular people? Check out this review and judge for yourself.

Windows 7 Networking Tips for Small Businesses

A look at how to use Windows 7’s HomeGroup networking feature, how to manage Wi-Fi connections, file sharing and more.

How To: Install Different Versions of Internet Explorer

Whether you need to see how a Web application will look in various browser versions or you're just a big old browser geek, Eric Geier show how you can run all the browser versions from IE 1 to IE 8.

Access Files Wherever You Go With Weezo

With Weezo and an Internet connection, you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting a file when you travel — across town or across country.

Build a Wi-Fi HotSpot: Install DD-WRT (X86) On a PC

You don’t need a router to use DD-WRT. Wi-Fi expert, Eric Geier, shows you how to install DD-WRT on just about any PC.

Upgrade Your Wireless Network Speed

Is your wireless network driving below the speed limit? Increased demand and older equipment add up to diminished returns. Eric Geier show how you can get back up to cruising speed.

A Guide to Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 offers an improved interface, plus new security and privacy features. Come on in and take a look.

12 Tips to Troubleshoot Network File-Sharing

Tuck these 12 tips into your networking toolbox and take the upper hand when it comes to Windows file-sharing.

How to Manage Windows Network Settings

Window’s netsh utility can teach you a lot about configuring PC network settings and help you make a few adjustments on your own.

Rescue Files from the Network Recycle Bin

When you drop a networked file into the standard Windows recycle bin, that’s all she wrote – it’s gone. Fortunately, salvation comes in the form of third-party software.

Safely Share Your Wireless Internet: Part II

In this two-part tutorial, we explore CoovaAP firmware and its hosted services. In Part II, our expert shows how to finish setting up the internal hotspot features.

Safely Share Your Wireless Internet: Part I

In this two-part tutorial, we explore CoovaAP firmware and its hosted services. In Part I, our expert shows you how to turn a simple router into a hotspot gateway.

Upgrading to Wireless N on a Budget

Its draft or beta status has been as prolonged as Google Gmail's, but that doesn't mean you should wait for the higher performance of 802.11n networking. Eric Geier finds complete kits just either side of the $100 mark.

Review: TrendNet Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader

This wireless access point lets you upgrade your network to wireless N capability without chucking your older, slower hardware.

A RADIUS Server for SMBs

RADIUS servers aren't just for large enterprises. Elektron RADIUS Server from Periodik Labs brings 'Wireless Without Worry,' to small businesses.

Windows Remote Desktop: Configuring a Firewall and Router

Before Windows can accept remote desktop connections via Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client application or via a Web browser, the firewall and router must be set to allow it. Learn how to configure both.

How To Secure Your E-mail

Sending and receiving unsecured e-mail can put your business at risk. We look at what it takes to secure and encrypt POP3 e-mail accounts.

Windows Remote Desktop: Setting Up Web Access

Last month we looked at enabling the Remote Desktop for connectivity via Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client program. Now, we look at Remote Desktop Connection client, which enables you to access your PC from within a Web browser, eliminating the need to have a client program installed.

OpenOffice: Tips and Tricks Part IV

In this fourth installment, we go into more detail on how you can personalize options in OpenOffice.org.

Windows Remote Desktop: Setting Up Traditional Access

Want to take your PC anywhere in the world, without carrying a thing? The Remote Desktop feature in Windows XP and Vista makes it possible.

WPA-Enterprise for Small Businesses (Part 3)

Part three in our series on WPA-Enterprise for SOHO covers installing and configuring the affordable and user-friendly Elektron RADIUS server.

OpenOffice.org Tips and Tricks Part III

In this third segment of the OpenOffice.org series we look at how to insert WordArt (actually called Fontwork), diagrams and page numbering in OOo documents.

OpenOffice: Tips and Tricks Part II

We continue our series on hidden timesaving treasures in Open Office with a look at how to import the MS Office custom dictionary, saving docs in the MS Office format, and how to use MS Office templates.

OpenOffice: Tips and Tricks Part I

This tutorial series shows how to replicate some of the MS Office functionality and features that OpenOffice.org 2.4 lacks. Soon you'll be more comfortable using OpenOffice for just about all your desktop publishing needs.

WPA-Enterprise for Small Businesses (Part 2)

Learn the basics of an 802.1x RADIUS server environment and the steps to setting it up to run WPA-Enterprise encryption.

WPA-Enterprise for Small Businesses (Part I)

An introduction to WPA-Enterprise security for small businesses and an overview of the best options for using it to secure a wireless network.

Beyond Simple File Sharing: Using Mapped Drives

More advanced sharing techniques are at your fingertips. Learn how to reach out and touch them.

Beyond Simple File Sharing: Using Hidden Shares

On a network? Have files you don't want everyone to see? We walk through how to hide whichever ones you want to keep to yourself.

Add a Mac to your Windows Network (Part II)

In Part II of our Windows/Mac sharing tutorial, we cover the nuts-and-bolts of file sharing between Windows and Mac systems on your network.

Add a Mac to Your Windows Network (Part I)

Macs and PCs really can get along. This tutorial will show you how to add an Apple computer (or two) to your existing network of Windows-based computers.

Sharing on a Wi-Fi Network Using Windows Vista

Learn how sharing resources in Vista differs from Windows XP and see exactly how to perform common network sharing tasks.

Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks Using Windows Vista

Vista’s wireless networking interfaces differ from those in XP, but they still allow you to perform common network connection tasks and configurations.

An Eye on Wi-Fi Security

Here's your chance to see what Wi-Fi eavesdroppers see — and it isn't pretty.

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