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Is Kodak Starting an Inkjet War?

Kodak 'bets the ranch' on new printers and cheaper ink, which analysts say will force rivals to respond.

Dell: 'We'll Fix This Business'

In a memo to employees, Michael Dell presents his plan for the near future.

Skype Offers Unlimited Calling Plan

Cheap rates and discount products are on the table for SkypeOut subscribers.

Windows Live Messenger: Skype Killer?

Does Redmond's new VoIP-meets-IM service have the power to disconnect Skype, or is it simply another case of 'we do that, too.'?

Skype Diving into E-Commerce

eBay adds 'Skype Me' buttons into its auction listings.

Hotspot State of Fear

Should you conduct business at a Wi-Fi hotspot? Security vendors say that Wi-Fi phishing and evil twins are serious threats; some analysts say it's a case of sowing the seeds of hotspot FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

Senforce Unveils Mobile Firewall

Senforce says it can protect the data on mobile, wireless notebooks from hackers and other Internet security threats with its new SPF+ firewall.

LucidLink Announces Wireless Security Upgrade

The company expands its product support and plugs security weaknesses — giving SMBs better wireless security.

WLANs Headed For the Dollar Store?

Full Mesh Networks wants to bring the cost of running an SMB wireless network down to one buck per user.

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