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Is Your Coffee Maker or Thermostat a Security Threat?

Hackers are using Internet of Things devices to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks and gain access into business networks.

IoT Security Tips to Protect Your Small Business

The benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) will eventually outweigh the risks but until that day arrives, SMBs need to know how to secure IoT devices now.

Internet of Things Security Looms Large for Small Business

Internet of Things security creates a formidable, but not insurmountable, challenge for small business. We explore IoT use cases and best practices for addressing IoT security issues.

Understanding High-Speed Small Business Networking Solutions

The world of high-speed small business networking solutions can be quite perplexing. We help you understand what the numbers mean and your options based on geographic availability.

Top 3 Small Business Technology Trends

The cloud, security, and mobile technology dominate the trends that will affect small business in the coming year. Here's what you need to know about small business technology trends.

What the 'Internet of Things' Means For Small Business

The Internet changed the way we do business. Now, the Internet of Things is about to do the same. How small business responds could be a make-or-break proposition. We explain why.

DRaaS: Disaster Recovery Technology for Small Business

If you lack a small business disaster recovery plan, or if your disaster recovery technology is a disaster waiting to happen, you need to know about DraaS and what it can do for you.

10 Small Business Technology Trends for 2015

Here's a quick take on some of the technology trends small business owners can expect to affect their business over the next year.

The Ultimate Guide to Tech Support for Small Business

Every business needs tech support. We look at small business IT support options that range from free tech support sites to paid outsourcing on local, regional and nation-wide levels.

Dump That Desktop: Is Desktop as a Service in Your Future?

Managing even a small fleet of desktop PCs takes IT time and budget that you can use for bigger and better things. Does DaaS make sense for your small business?

5 Small Business Resources to Cut Costs and Red Tape

Technology does a lot to help small businesses compete with the big boys. These five resources will help you cut through bureaucratic red tape and keep your costs down, too.

Small Business Cloud and Storage Trends for 2014

Data capacity needs just keep growing, and the cloud stands ready to meet small business storage needs. What trends will we see in 2014, and what do SMB owners need to know? Our experts weigh in.

5 Small Business Storage Products at EMC World

We look at five storage products that serve a range of small business IT needs. Basic, advanced or in between, EMC World has something for your business.

Should Small Businesses Adopt Desktop Virtualization?

Desktop virtualization can reduce maintenance headaches and save time, but don't expect cost-cutting to be one of the benefits. Is it right for your business? Here's what you need to consider.

Small Business Data Storage and Backup Trends in 2013

We look at the four main data storage and backup technologies that can help small businesses protect their most valuable asset in 2013.

VMware Designs Virtualization Products for Small Business

VMWare announces new virtualization products and tools designed especially for small business.

Is Server Virtualization Right for You? 10 Ways to Decide

Think that server virtualization might help your business improve efficiency and reduce costs? Great, but how do you know it's the right path for your SMB? Our 10 tips will help you sort it out.

5 Small Business Storage & Virtualization Trends

Small business storage needs continue to grow unabated. We look at five storage and virtualization trends that can help SMBs reduce costs and do more with less.

Server Virtualization Guide for Small Business

Our quick server virtualization guide covers the basics to help you can decide if it's the right small business IT choice for your company.

Small Business Server Review: LDA-Mini

The Lortu Data Appliance handles data backups, deduplication and makes it easy for small businesses to store files on- or off-site.

A Quick SMB Guide to HP ProLiant Servers

Our expert sorts out what's new in HP's ProLiant server family, and which models make the most sense for small business.

Inkjet Versus Laser Printers

Shopping for a small business printer? Historically, laser printers beat inkjet printers on cost, but a lot has changed in the inkjet versus laser printer debate. Here's what you need to know now.

10 Cheap Small Business Storage Boxes

Suffering from data overflow? We give a brief overview of 10 spacious yet affordable small business storage solutions to help you tame that ever-growing glut of information.

5 Cheap-and-Easy Disaster Recovery Tips

Protecting your critical business data is vital to your company's survival, but it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. We list five simple, affordable tips you need to get 'er done.

7 Small Business Storage Trends in 2011

Small business storage capacity needs continue to expand at an almost alarming rate, but these seven other trends can help you tame, or at least cage, that insatiable beast.

A Small Business Technology Guide to Blade Servers

Does a blade server make sense for your company? Our small business server expert explains blade servers, their pros and cons and which small businesses can benefit most.

Buyers' Guide: How to Buy a Small Business Server

Whether it's time to upgrade to a faster small business server or invest in your first, we've got the info you need to make a smart buying decision.

Business Printers: Inkjet vs. Laser

Are inkjets as good as laser printers? The answer depends on your small business printing needs. But if you're on a tight budget, think monochrome laser.

A Small Business Guide to Linux Desktop Software

A Linux operating system is an affordable alternative to Windows and Mac, but the choices can be confusing to the uninitiated. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Leaning Toward Linux: What SMBs Need To Know

If you’re thinking about diving in to Linux to save money, we’ve got the tips, resources and advice to help you swim, not sink.

EMC Gets Serious About Small Business Storage

Through the acquisition of both Iomega and Mozy, EMC offers a range of storage options designed specifically for small business needs.

Hosted IT: It's Big for Small Business

Let someone else manage your applications, storage, backup or even your hardware infrastructure? It’s a major trend in the small-business world.

Open-Source Options for Small Business

We take a look at the current state of open source for small business, and experts offer advice on how, or whether, to take the open source plunge.

Cost-Cutting Storage Strategies for Small Businesses

As data relentlessly accumulates, small businesses need to find ways to store and protect. We take a look at cost-saving strategies and new technology on the immediate horizon.

The Big Chill: How to Cool a Small Server Room

Servers don't like it hot. These tips will help you keep your cool and get the most out of your tech investment.

Tech Crisis? Don't Cry, Call for Helpdesk

We take a look at support options to keep your business on track when your technology heads south.

IT Outsourcing for Small Business

Outsourcing your IT needs isn't just for the big guys anymore. Going beyond the company walls, and even across the sea, can save you money on custom software applications.

Mozy.com Expands Its Scope

Brought into EMC's fold, Mozy's online storage options widen.

SMB Disaster Recovery Insurance Plan

MasterIT bears the disaster recovery burden for staff-strapped Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance.

Overview: A Crop of Entry-Level Servers

Small businesses have a wider selection of entry-level servers available than ever before. See what's ripe for the picking.

Seven Reasons to Move to Linux

As the Linux operating system continues its ease-of-use evolution, it becomes a much more viable option for small business owners. Here's why it may be time to ditch Windows.

Apple Bails on Storage Hardware

As Apple exits the storage hardware business, it turns its attention to software and takes steps to provide for hardware users.

EMC Embraces SMBs at EMC World

We look at online backup and disk array products that the storage giant showcased for small businesses at its annual conference.

SaaS and Security: Is Your Data Safe?

Software-as-a-Service applications offer big benefits to small businesses, but is it safe to place your company data in someone else's hands? Here's what you need to know.

A Small Business Guide to Network Attached Storage

Strapped for storage? It might be time to consider a dedicated spare room for all your business bits and bytes. Our guide covers the gamut from affordable to high-powered network-attached storage options.

Printer Pricing: An Inkjet vs. Laser Smackdown

The cost of color printing keeps coming down. Should small businesses snap up color lasers, opt for monochrome, or stick with color inkjets?

What Virtualization Means for Small Business

Virtualization is one of the tougher IT concepts to understand, but for certain small businesses, the potential savings in hardware, power consumption and office space could make the pain of learning worthwhile.

Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100: Big Storage for Small Business

Feeling a bit cramped for space, digitally speaking? Hitachi's storage server offers small businesses lots of room to grow at a relatively affordable price.

Novell's New Desktop-to-Server Software Suite

If the cost and rumored complexities of Microsoft Vista has you thinking twice about upgrading, you might consider Linux. Is Novell's Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition, right for you?

Quad-Core Processors: Do Small Businesses Need Them?

Servers and PCs with quad-core processors pack plenty of power, but do most small businesses have the data-intensive workloads to justify the expense?

Code Green Brings Data Loss Prevention to SMBs

Large corporations aren’t the only ones with information worth stealing. Small businesses can also prevent sensitive data from escaping with new appliances from Code Green Networks.

SMB Disaster Recovery Options Go Beyond Online Backup

Online backup is simple and cost-effective, but it's not an adequate backup solution for all small businesses. Setting up a complete replication site might be out of the question, but there is a wide middle ground.

Small Businesses Turn to Online Backup

Vendors offering online backup for SMB disaster recovery are multiplying. We examine some of the features to look for in a backup service.

Speed Up Your Remote Connections

Remote workers often find it slow going when accessing the company network. WAN acceleration can boost the transfer speed, and though some disagree, it's not just a big-biz technology anymore.

Server Snapshot: Dell PowerEdge 2970

The biggest difference between the PowerEdge 2970 and its 2950 sibling may be the processor, but a deep dive reveals others. The answers lie at the general-purpose server's core.

Getting the NAC of Security

Network Access Control adds yet another layer of technology to the security labyrinth – but some SMBs really need it.

A Toast to Easy Storage

By taking a no-hassle, appliance-based approach to storage, StorServer looks to make storage products as simple to use as a toaster.

Ink: A Blot on the Budget

Yes, it's expensive. And while printer companies argue about page yield tests and per-page costs, SMBs just want advice on how to save a few bucks.

Keep it Classified: E-mail Encryption for Small Business

E-mails packed with sensitive company and customer information can fall into the wrong hands more easily than you think. Encryption can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Storage Capacity Planning: What's Enough and What's Too Much?

We list different storage options and offer insight on how to get just the right amount of storage for your business.

The UPS and Downs of Power Protection

You've invested a lot of time and money on the technology that runs your business, and one piece of equipment -- an uninterruptible power supply -- can protect your tech and your data whenever electricity gets down and dirty.

Planting Seeds for Success

Industry Profile: SMBs that specialize in nurseries, landscaping or other green, leafy industries can grow their business with the right software. We take a look at what's ripe for the picking.

E-mail Archiving is for Small Firms, Too

Whether you need to protect yourself in the event of legal action, comply with federal regulations or take the load off of your e-mail server, e-mail archiving is smart for small business. We take a look at the many available options.

Visions of Vista: Which Version, If Any, is Right For You?

After multiple rounds of beta testing and feature adjustments, Mirosoft's new operating system has finally arrived. Here's an updated look at what each version has to offer and what to consider before stepping on the path to Vista.

Easy Storage for the Little Guy: Has the Time Come?

While some vendors still don't get that small business storage needs differ from big companies, many more are delivering cost-effective products that don't require an IT degree to install. We check out some of the best examples and look at what's coming in 2007.

'Storage Server' Defined: Part Two

We compare the capabilities of a standard server versus a storage server, discuss disk arrays and point you to vendors who can walk you through this storage wonderland.

'Storage Server' Defined: Part One

All servers are not created equal. In this two-part article, we look at what makes a storage server a storage server. Hint: It's not just the hard drives.

Is Linux Ready for Small Biz?

The open-source operating system can save small businesses a bundle, but it has a reputation for being complex to set up and maintain. What's the current state of Linux, and should you consider migrating? A few experts offer their opinion.

The Security Horizon: What's In Store for Small Business

The competition's fierce among companies that make anti-virus and digital threat software, and that means more product options for small businesses. Here's a look at what's coming to help you protect your critical data.

Suite Security Trends

Desktop security suites take a soup-to-nuts approach to fighting Internet threats &#151 without the software conflicts associated with using individual products from various vendors. We help you sort through the often-confusing world of security software.

The Spyware Who Loved Me

It takes the talents of James Bond to track down some of the stubborn spyware that hides itself on desktops and laptops. A new tool named SpyWall may once again offer you a license to kill the spyware lurking inside.

Get More Out of Your IT Dollars

Most big tech manufacturers don't acknowledge the little guy, but a value-added reseller represents lots of small businesses, and there's strength — and buying power — in numbers. Plus, VARs can offer excellent advice, services and ongoing support.

What's New in Small Business Storage?

Collaboration tools, easing legal document woes, simple storage networks and bigger/better/cheaper hard drives were the highlights for SMBs at the Storage World Conference.

Hard Drive Crash: Minimize the Carnage

A tech journalist shares the lessons he learned the hard way when his laptop crashed and his data disappeared.

How to Pick a Server � Strategies for Small Business

Your business may be defined as small, your IT needs are anything but small. Storage, performance and uptime are as important to you as they are to a Fortune 500 company.

The Zippo Lighter of Small Business Storage

Western Digital puts 6GB of your business data (and any other files you care to carry) in the palm of your hand.

Storage for Nothing, Backup for Free

Sites that offer free or low-cost storage and data backup can make a big financial difference for very small businesses.

Breaking Through the Red Tape

Bizfilings.com aims to help SMBs avoid the bureaucracy of incorporating by doing the legwork for them.

Trends in Wireless Networking

Convergence, security and lower prices continue to be the hot developments in wireless networking.

Storage and Small Business: Part Two

In the second installment of our two-part article, we look at storage strategies for small — and not-so-small — businesses.

Storage and Small Business: Part One

Big-name storage vendors are practically falling over themselves in a rush to offer small businesses a variety of storage options, but the response has been less than vigorous. In part one of this two-part story, we look at the options and how two SMBs make storage work for them.

Business Continuity for Small Businesses

We look at Unitrends data protection technology and how it can help small business stay in business.

Buyer's Guide: How to Buy Online Data Backup

Saving regular backup copies of your company's crucial data with a hosted, online provider can make a lot of sense for small business. It's affordable and typically more secure than any backup option you could provide on your own. We'll walk you through the questions you should ask before you trust your data to an online vendor.

Buyers Guide: How to Buy a Laser Printer

There's more to buying a laser printer than finding the best price. We take a look at all the factors, including the differences between laser and inkjet, the features you should consider and the total cost of consumables.

Microsoft Prepares for Backup Role

Could Data Protection Manager be the start of a big move into storage by Redmond?

Has Your Business Been RAID-ed?

RAID disk arrays increase server reliability and keep your data safe.

Dell Tailors Laptop to Needs of Small Business

Dell Latitude D510 has everything you need for the road and for the office.

Novell Serves Linux to Small Businesses

As an alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server, Novell dishes up a smorgasbord of server-based applications designed for SMBs.

Simplifying the Art of Presentation

LiveBooks presentation and marketing software makes life easier for creative professionals.

Continuous Data Protection: Solving the SMB Backup Blues

A new technology makes instant, real-time backup a reality. Is it time to toss your tapes?

Have Printer Will Travel

A portable printer could be the missing link in your mobile operation. Take a look at what's available to keep your SMB moving forward.

The Retail Touch

Touch-screen technology is finally affordable for small retailers, and it could be the next big thing for your point of sale system. Does the promise of increased efficiency and reduced cost deliver in the real world?

Your First Server — Finally

A network server can help you cut business costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency. Isn't it about time that you took the plunge?

Cellular PC Cards Keep Mobile Workers Connected

Wi-Fi's great, but it let's you connect only in specific locations. Connecting to the Internet using a cellular PC Card lets you logon anywhere. We discuss the options, pros and cons.

Three Tips to Perk Up PC Performance

Improve your company's PC performance &#151 without spending a fortune or calling for tech support.

Network Management on a Shoestring

How to take the frustration out of small business networking without breaking the bank.

XP SP2 Scare -- Just another Y2K

Wondering whether you should install Windows Service Pack 2 on your business PCs? Go ahead --it's safer than you've been led to believe.

Loving the Linux Desktop

Linux &#151 a word that normally causes migraines for non-techies &#151 is a whole lot easier to swallow as a desktop operating system. We take a look at Linspire to see what it offers small business.

Digital Pen Reduces Form-Processing Costs

HP's Automated Form System isn't for every small business, but if processing forms is a big part of yours, it could save you a lot of money.

OpenOffice Tips: Writer, Calc and Impress

Ready to take the plunge and use OpenOffice instead of the pricier, if more familiar, MS Office? We've got a bunch of tips to help you navigate the top-three programs.

Replace Microsoft Office with OpenOffice

Why pay for productivity software when you can have it for free? Take a look at OpenOffice, a program that delivers features similar to MS Office — but for a whole lot less.

My First Linux Server (Part II)

Using Linux to build a file server isn't all that difficult — honest. We'll walk you through the steps

My First Linux Server (Part 1)

Swimming against the tides of rising software costs? Maybe it's time to take the plunge and dive into using open source software at your small business. Linux is a lot simpler than you might think. And it sure can save you a few clams.

Are Big Storage Solutions Right for Small Business?

Data performance, storage capacity and disaster recover requirements are important factors for any small business network. But which storage solution is right for you? Odds are pretty good that an inexpensive storage device is all you need.

A Small Business Guide to Linux on the Desktop

Many small businesses are investigating moving from Microsoft to Linux, hoping the change will translate into saving money on software used to run their businesses. The goods news is, now is a great time to move to using Linux on the desktop.

What SMBs Need to Know About VoIP

Replacing existing internal phone systems with VoIP networks can cut costs, simplify administration, and enable a variety of new applications that could improve collaboration and productivity — even in a small business or home office.

Ten Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Linux

Linux is perceived as being difficult to use and manage. So why would small businesses want to venture into the land that Linus Torvalds built? Total cost of ownership is one thing, workable applications is another.

Software: To Build, Buy or Customize?

There is no doubt that choosing the wrong software can be a disaster. But do you buy off-the-shelf and make it fit your business, have a developer tweak the program, or build the software system from scratch?

Are You Giving Company Information Away?

There are a lot of tools available that are designed to keep business information away from prying eyes. They basically come in two broad categories — file wiping tools and drive scrubbers. Learn which type of solution suits your small business.

Things To Consider When Buying An Asset Management Solution

When it comes to asset management, size doesn't matter. Every business — large and small — needs to keep track of office inventory, hardware and software alike. But which solution suits your business?

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