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Affinity Internet Launches 'WebStore'

Affinity Internet recently announced WebStore, a new e-commerce application based on a popular storefront package from an unexpected partner.

Miva Fast Track Helps SMBs Set Up Shop Online

Some smaller companies don't need a big software program to get their e-commerce business up and running on the Web. Miva offers up a program designed just for them.

eStara Launches "Click-to-Chat"

eStara has announced the launch of its real-time text chat solution, which enables online shoppers to directly communicate with a human customer service representative at the click of a button.

States Taking Lead in Online Sales Tax Collection

While legislators in Washington have seemingly pushed online sales tax bill onto the backburner once again, states are now beginning to pick up the slack.

Study Shows eBay's Small Business Appeal

A study conducted by AC Nielson shows that eBay continues to have a 'significant impact' on America's small-business growth.

Affinity Internet Debuts Local Search Service

ValueTraffic Local lets small businesses target online advertising to Web searchers in specific geographic areas.

Affordable E-Commerce for SMBs

Affinity Internet's ReadyWeb Commerce aims to provide a simple, inexpensive solution for small businesses that want an e-commerce Web site.

eBay Launches ProStores for Small Businesses

To accommodate eBay Store owners who also run off-eBay stores, the auction giant announced ProStores. The service allows merchants to set up a storefront, complete with shopping cart and compatibility with most payment processing companies and shippers.

Studies Reveal Online Entrepreneurship Thriving

Yahoo, Register.com and Harris Interactive shed light on a growing trend.

Register.com Boosts Web-Building Possibilities for SMBs

The company adds new Flash-based animated templates and interactive Web form capabilities to WebSiteNOW.

Affinity Offers Enhanced Marketing Services for SMBs

Affinity Internet, a Web services provider for small to medium-sized businesses recently debuted a new 'deluxe version' of its ValueTraffic online marketing service — aptly named ValueTraffic Deluxe.

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