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Survey Reveals SMBs Love Virtual Offices

What are the top reasons for wanting to work away from the office? A new SMB survey offers some surprising results.

Is Your Android Smartphone at Risk?

Reports of malware-infected apps in the Android Market send Google scrambling to clean house.

GageIn Aims to Tame Flow of Internet Info Businesses Need

A new social networking service called GageIn aims to make it easier for companies to gather and track business info they need all from one location.

AT&T Debuts Office@Hand Mobile PBX for Small Business

Cloud-based system lets small businesses manage their phone system from a smartphone for a fixed monthly cost.

Macworld Expo Continues On, But Glory Days Are Gone

No Apple participation, no Steve Jobs, no long lines or crowded aisles -- yet there are still some products shown at Macworld Expo that small business may want to see.

Google Gearing Up to Take On Groupon?

After offering upwards of $6 billion to buy the popular deal site, the search giant appears ready to compete with Groupon directly with Google Offers.

Simplify A/B Test Marketing for Your Website

Want to change a color, add text or try a new design on your website? Optimizely makes it easy to know what's working and what isn't.

Dell Business Printer Line Refresh Has SMB Appeal

The new small business printers include multifunction, touch screen models and a universal print driver designed to simplify printer deployment and management.

HP Makes Big Web, Mobile Printing Play

New printers and ePrint technology give users the option to print from the Web and mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Google's Gmail Gets a Priority Inbox

The new Priority Inbox feature for Gmail is designed to let you always see your most important messages at the top of the page. How smart is it?

Lenovo Perks Up Its Desktop PC Design

The attractive ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one desktop is highly suitable as a small business computer, and it also offers security and desktop management features.

Cisco's Network Storage Targets Small Business

The Small Business NSS 300 network storage line boasts faster performance and integrated business applications.

HP Increases Storage, Networking for Small Business

Expanding its offerings for small business, HP adds more storage, networking and, with Microsoft as a partner, unified communications products.

The iPad Welcomed at the Office

Despite its consumer beginnings, the iPad seems destined to be the next must-have work accessory, according to a recent study. The business world appears willing to embrace -- and support -- the popular mobile device.

Small Business Marketing in the Era of Facebook

In her book, The Facebook Era, Clara Shih looks at how social networking provides broader access to customers and does so at unprecedented savings.

Google's New Look Focused on Results, Mobile

The search giant updates the look and feel of its results page with an eye towards making it easier for searchers to find what they're after.

Portable Pocket Projector Sales Set to Surge

The tiny projection devices may not be ready for the boardroom yet, but they already have found a useful niche and are poised for much broader adoption.

Web Marketing: Google Courts SMBs With 'Places'

New features and a name change for Google's set of small business marketing services (formerly called Local Business Center). It's designed for SMBs and big companies with local retail outlets.

KineticD Merges Cloud Storage, Remote Access for SMBs

The offsite data storage service, formerly Data Deposit Box, adds remote access to the desktop to its continuous backup service in a new cloud-based offering called KineticD.

The iPad Arrives: Mobile Toy or Mobile Tool?

The iPad may be a mobile device designed for fun right now, but like the iPhone before it, the iPad could find its way into the workplace.

Google Goes After Microsoft Exchange Server Customers

As part of its push to get more companies to try its Google Apps suite, the company now offers Microsoft shops a tool to simplify the migration process.

Google Buys an Aardvark to Improve Social Networking

Social search is the next feature Google plans to bolt on to Gmail. What will it do for small business marketing?

Get the Social Networking Buzz on Gmail

Gmail doesn’t just join the social networking fray — it aims to tame it.

Will the Super Bowl Sack Small Business Networks?

Monday morning quarterbacking will likely take the form of big network traffic spikes as employees (and yes, owners too) jump on social networks to either celebrate or mourn. You need to know the risks.

HP Goes Zero Percent on IT Financing

Program targets SMBs with IT products and services with lease-to-buy option.

Google's New Super Phone � Nexus One �Takes Flight

Tired of being tied down to one mobile carrier? Google’s Nexus One is available in an unlocked version, so you’re free to use your provider of choice. And that’s just one of its many features.

Google Templates Make Web Sites Easier to Build

Starter templates plus a public gallery of templates give people the ability to easily publish content on the Web.

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