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CIOs Becoming Mid-Market Staple

In the past, chief information officers primarily have walked the halls of Fortune 500 companies. But that is changing. Mid-sized are operating more like larger enterprises where the CIO plays a significant role in decision-making.

Chatting Your Way to Greater Productivity

Once just a toy for leisure-time pursuits, more and more small businesses are turning to instant messaging to increase productivity — some use free services while others prefer fee-based IM products for a certain measure of control over business communications.

Web Hosting: Cheaper and Easier for Small Businesses

Lower prices and better software mean that more small companies can afford the advantages of dedicated servers. However, one challenge is that dedicated servers are more complex to manage — unless someone else manages the server for you.

When VPNs Work for Smaller Businesses

Small businesses are increasingly finding that virtual private networks enhance the ability for employees to stay in touch. Once considered so complex and expensive that only large enterprises could deploy them, VPNs are becoming a staple business tool for many small businesses.

Picking the Right Wireless Plan

Wireless phones have become an essential business tool. An independent small business wireless expert helps you pick the plan that can best help your company succeed.

Getting To The Hotspot

Wireless hotspots can increase your productivity while you travel. But you must take care when preparing to use them. Learn what you'll need to know before your small business buys into using wireless hotspots.

The Handheld Sweet Spot

There are three mid-range handhelds that represent the sweet spot in the PDA market. These devices are powerful, have beautiful screens and are relatively inexpensive. Which handheld suits your small business?

Four Ways To Keep Up With E-Mail While Traveling

Once a luxury, e-mail is now an essential small business tool for communicating with employees, customers and suppliers that hold the keys to your success. But how do you keep up with e-mail when you are away? There are four different solutions — find the right answer for your particular circumstance.

Should Your Business Swap Handhelds For Laptops?

It won't work for every small business, but some organizations could save money and increase productivity of key personnel by trading in laptop computers for a handheld devices.

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