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SMBs Lag Behind Larger Companies in Technology Adoption

Small businesses are ten times less likely than enterprises to have invested in AI, and that could make them less competitive.

5 Open Source Network Security Tools SMBs Should Consider

These open source applications make it easy to secure your small business's network without breaking the bank.

7 Free Productivity Tools for Small Business

Open source and free productivity tools offer a full range of features, to help small businesses get work done and stay on track.

5 of the Best CRM Solutions for Small Business

Customer relationship management solutions can help small businesses increase their sales and find new opportunities. We take a look at five of the best CRM solutions available today.

Top 10 Open Source Ecommerce Tools

Free open source ecommerce software like WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop makes it easier to take your small business online. We list the 10 top open source ecommerce tools.

5 Ways to Repurpose an Old PC with Open Source Software

Wondering how to repurpose an old PC or laptop? Open source software can put that hardware back to work. We show you five options and—best of all—they don't cost anything.

10 Best Open Source Collaboration Software Tools

Open source collaboration software can help small businesses improve teamwork, increase productivity and decrease costs. We look at the best open source collaboration software available today.

75 Open Source Small Business Software Options

Save money and be productive by replacing your small business software with these free open source software alternatives.

54 Open Source ECommerce Tools for SMBs

Ready to open your own online store? Take a look at these open source software options for your all your ecommerce needs.

60 Open Source Audio and Video Software Tools

Creating and editing video and audio files takes good tools, and so we've got a list of 60 open source tools to help you channel your inner Speilberg or Madonna.

60 Ways to Protect Your Privacy with Open Source Software

Maintaining your privacy takes more effort than it did even five years ago, but these 60 open source software tools can help you keep your personal info from going public.

63 Open Source Financial Software Options

This mega list of open source financial software proves you don’t have to limit yourself to name brand (and pricier) software to track your finances.

Open Source to Go: 50 Portable Apps

Travel a lot and tired of using computers that don’t have your favorite open source apps installed? Check out this list of the top 50 portable open source apps.

70 Open Source Software Options for SMBs

Why buy pricey commercial software (and licensing) when you can get the job done as well and for less with open source software? We've got 70 ways to replace traditional SMB software.

Open Source Software: 55 Multimedia Apps

Looking for free open source software to handle your multimedia files? We’ve got 55 titles that replace pricier traditional apps to help you get the job done.

55 Open Source Networking Tools

This mega-list of open source networking tools includes something for everyone, whether you need to work on your home or small business network. There are even options if you want to grow into working with a large network.

58 Open Source Software Apps for Small Business

Why spend more money on small business software than you absolutely have to? A brand name doesn’t mean it's the best, and these open source software applications can do the job for less.

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