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Cingular Activates Wireless Broadband

The nation's largest carrier launches BroadbandConnect for laptop users on the go.

A Technical Look at Office 12

As Microsoft gets ready to launch Office 12 in 2006, it offers key customers a preview of what's to come.

Cisco Wants Your Business

The company's Linksys division unveils a new offering to deliver broadband, hosted business software and VoIP as an all-in-one hosted service.

Bandwidth.com Helps SMBs Find VoIP

The company unveils an online tool that tells SMBs if their network will support business-level VoIP.

VoIP For The SMB

Taking on the Baby Bells, Vonage pilot tests a VoIP service aimed at small businesses.

Women- and Minority-Owned SMBs Need Tech Support

A study commissioned by Microsoft leads to a task force and a series of programs to help bring technology training to an underserved demographic.

Yahoo, Sprint Deliver Mobile E-Mail

The Internet giant becomes more mobile with a cheap e-mail service available through the wireless carrier.

Verizon Helps SMBs Track Autos

The carrier debuts a new service to help companies manage their vehicles.

AT&T Delivers VoIP to Small Offices

The carrier expands its VoIP lineup with service for the SOHO market.

Comcast Answers VoIP Call

The cable giant will make Internet calling available for 15 million homes by year's end.

Avaya, Polycom Dial in Videoconferencing

A new joint venture may offer SMBs an easier way to reach out, reach out and see someone.

A Call for Federal VoIP Rules

Thinking of low-cost VoIP for your business? Keep an eye on Washington to see how regulatory changes may affect this new industry.

IBM Plan Helps Small Biz

SMBs could reap rewards from IBM's plan to expand its partner program.

Are You Really Ready for VoIP?

Switching to lower-cost voice over IP sure sounds good. But nothing is ever as simple as it sounds. Here are some pitfalls to look out for as you expand your IP network and replace your traditional telephone system.

Cisco Looks to Connect With Small Businesses

The networking giant looks to reach out to small businesses with it SMB Class Solutions, a multi-prong initiative that offers enhanced networking hardware, software and services.

InfoSpace Sees Green in Online Yellow Pages

The search specialist will pay $160M cash for local Internet directory Switchboard. A 'localized' philosophy is emerging in the search industry, which is of particular relevance to small businesses with local appeal.

Covad Targets SMBs with VoIP Services

Calling broadband telephony a 'natural extension' of its infrastructure, Covad announces plans to introduce business voice and data services. With all the competition in the space, why does Covad think it has an edge among SMBs?

Gateway To Buy Low-Cost PC Maker

Faced with slipping market share, the computer maker shifts strategy to create the third-largest PC company in the U.S. The deal helps answer questions about Gateway's commitment to the PC market in the face of slipping market share.

Startup Champions VoIP Services for All

Besides public sector clients, Inflexion will pursue small- and medium-sized business customers such as those spending between $2,000 and $8,000 per month on telecom services.

Verizon Courts SMBs With New Perk

Hustling to keep up with upstart telecoms and high-speed Internet service providers, the Baby Bell introduces a new portal for its small- and medium-sized business broadband customers.

Holiday Deals for Connectivity

AOL goes direct with a low-priced PC offer just in time for the holidays. Meanwhile, SBC tries a traditional approach to locking in customers — a long-term deal for DSL service. Either way, deals for connetivity abound this holiday season.

Cisco's 3-Pronged SMB Strategy

The network equipment maker is following a three-pronged strategy — advertising and marketing, acquisitions and partnerships — to woo small- and medium-sized business customers, which it believes will start spending on IT equipment before enterprises.

Trial Loss Won't Hobble eBay

While the auction giant would have preferred to win the first phase of its patent infringement trial, experts say its business is not in jeopardy and the case is far from over.

Linksys Deal Lands Cisco in the SOHO Market

The 'buy versus build' analysis is a business school staple. Armed with a set of variables, students are asked: Is it better to pay top dollar for an established widget company or start fresh and beat them at their own game?

SBC Introduces Small Business Bundles

SBC is launching a new service specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of small businesses. Could your small business save a bundle by buying bundled communications services?

Covad Offers Small Business Bundles

Dubbed TeleXchange, Covad is breaking into voice services for small businesses by offering a highly competitive bundle of high-speed Internet access and calling plans.

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