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Oracle Says: Get Smart

The software maker puts Business Intelligence Standard Edition One on the market for SMBs.

Netgear Makes NAS Move

Seeing growth potential in storage, Netgear buys NAS specialist Infrant to accommodate SMBs.

Cisco Bids $3.2B For WebEx

The networking giant sees WebEx as a key part of its online collaboration strategy for SMBs.

HP Dangles Storage and Financing

Aiming at the bigger end of the SMB continuum, HP offers storage systems combining iSCSI SAN, NAS and data protection in one box. Plus, new financing deals for even the smallest of small businesses.

New Dell Desktop Cuts the Power

The company announces its first business desktop computer designed to help corporations slash energy costs associated with using PCs.

HP's 'All-in-One' Storage Family

The computer systems maker will deliver a simplified networked storage packages for SMBs.

Big Storage For Small Biz

The S500 array marks NetApp's entry into the small- and medium-sized business market for storing data.

Laptop Thefts Highlight SMB Need for Data Security

Ernst & Young and Hotels.com are the latest corporations to suffer customer data loss through a stolen notebook. Small businesses should stand up and take action.

Another Delay for Vista?

Security software giant Symantec claims Microsoft is improperly using its code in Vista.

SMB Storage Set For 2006 Rush

This year is shaping up to be the key growth year in the SMB market for storage vendors.

Microsoft: Not Ready for Prime Time

The company announced delayed delivery of two highly anticipated products: Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Is Flash Storage Ready for Small Business?

Kingston Technology offers a USB drive with AES encryption. But are small business owners and managers willing to trust the technology with sensitive information?

Google Nets Web-Based Word Processor

Big G expands its business into online word processing and hopes the little purchase will help it take a piece of productivity software action away from Microsoft Office.

Microsoft's Vista Looms on the Horizon

Redmond offers up details on the six versions of its upcoming Windows operating system. That's right, six — specially tailored versions designed to please everyone.

IBM Improves the iSeries For Small Business

Changes to Big Blue's small-business servers include improving speed and efficiency.

Cingular Debuts Windows 5.0 Smartphone

The carrier issues the first Smartphone to run on Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Iron Mountain to Buy Backup Provider

The company agrees to purchase LiveVault, which stores PC and server data for small businesses.

Symantec's Data Backup: It's Continuous

The company shows off protection and security applications it says will make it easier for businesses to backup and restore data.

Next Stop For IBM's Express Servers: SMBs

Big Blue builds three new machines designed for small businesses, looking to attract new customers with a low cost.

Microsoft Platform Serves The Middle

The software giant appeals to medium-sized businesses with a new software bundle.

EMC Makes Case for CAS, IBM Hits 4Gbps

EMC offers its Centera content-addressed storage system in configurations more appropriate for small and mid-size enterprises. IBM counters with its TotalStorage DS4800, a midrange storage server that pipes data at 4 gigabits per second.

EMC Tackles Big Need for Small Business Storage

Vowing to make storage simple, EMC announced a new small- and medium-sized business strategy designed to harness new technology, channels and partnerships.

Dell Pumps Up New PCs

The computer maker trots out new laptops, desktops, workstations and services that will benefit SMBs.

Veritas Releases Backup Exec

The Veritas Backup Exec releases give SMBs better chance to protect and serve their data.

HP, IBM Roll Out the Hardware

HP upgrades its Smart Office strategy as IBM unveils new Unix servers for small to mid-sized businesses.

IBM Offers Low-Cost Storage Server for SMBs

IBM's new fit-for-the enterprise server is priced and packaged for the SMB.

A Standard for Single Sign-On Moves Forward

The Liberty Alliance project gives the nod to products that advance ID managemenet.

High-End Storage for Less

If your company requires terabytes of storage, but the five-figure price tag makes you flinch, check out this four-figure alternative from Dell and EMC.

EMC Targets SMBs With New NAS Product

The storage giant expands its small and mid-size business product line with the NetWin 110, a NAS system that runs Microsoft Windows storage software.

IBM Feels Your Integration Pain

Big Blue trots out a new piece of integration software for midmarket customers. With WBI-Express, IBM says it will help small businesses tie together disparate applications both internally and with suppliers, vendors and partners.

Dell Serves Up Oracle DB

Dell and Oracle expand a two-year deal by agreeing to offer Oracle database software on Dell servers as part of a low-cost bundle for SMBs. The two agree to pre-install Oracle's 10g database on Dell's PowerEdge 2600 or 2650 servers.

Brocade Dazzles SMB Market With New 'Utility' Switches

The storage switch maker tailors its new entry-level switches to dovetail with utility computing environments. The new SilkWorm 3250 and 3850 deliver solid performance and offer a wide range of features for reasonable price.

Small Businesses Focus of 'Stor-Wars'

As the storage market continues to grow at a rapid pace, the gap between the needs of the mid-market and enterprises is narrowing. As a result, HP becomes the latest storage vendor to upgrade its portfolio with products for cost-cutting SMBs.

Dell Cranks Out Storage Server for SMBs

Leaving partner EMC on the bench, Dell unveils a server for simple storage management. Dell's late entrance reflects its strategy of waiting until the market has been saturated by competitors before it sells lower cost products to lure SMB customers its way.

Big Blue Goes Small with New Intel Servers

New xSeries 206 and 306 servers are attractively priced, yet add value similar to what IBM uses in its mainframe machines. The new servers may come cheap compared to their xSeries predecessors, but they don't skimp on features.

Microsoft Sparks Web Services for eBay

Microsoft lets eBay developers use its Office suite to create Web services to manage and automate online auctions. The development could be of great interest to a variety of small businesses whose sales thrive via eBay auctions.

Dell Delivers New Small Biz Servers

The new single-processor PowerEdge 700 and 750 servers from Dell deliver enterprise-class performance and capacity to small- and medium-sized businesses — all for about the price of a PC.

Veritas: Buffed-Up Back-Up for SMBs

Back-up and storage player refreshes key products for smaller businesses with features formerly built for major enterprises. NetBackup 5.0 integrates software as a utility with data archiving, retention and retrieval.

Oracle Offers $9.4 Billion for PeopleSoft

The software maker sweetens its cash bid for PeopleSoft, offering nearly 19 percent more than current market value. The move comes as regulatory investigations get set to determine whether the merger would violate antitrust laws.

Gateway Keys Storage Push at Comdex

Gateway throws a storage party in Las Vegas, inviting customers to feast on its bargain basement hardware prices, while entering the storage area network segment with Hitachi and buddying up with SuSE Linux to go beyond Microsoft systems.

HP Fills out Integrity, ProLiant Server Lines

HP fills out its integrity and 'right-sizes' its ProLiant lines, offering everything from 8- and 16-way Itanium 2-based machines to Linux-powered clusters. New ProLiant 100 series is a general-purpose workhorse specifically designed for SMBs.

Oracle Ogles SMBs at Show in Paris

Oracle uses its show in Paris as a soapbox to expound the virtues of its next-generation 'grid' software to SMBs. Oracle believes its 10g database's new self-management features will help make it the database of choice for smaller businesses.

Gateway Looks to Be Driving Force in Small Biz Storage

The PC maker turned everything-to-everyone vendor fills out its storage drive lineup with three new models. Following up on its JBOD system and LTO Autoloader debuts in August, Gateway is engaging a competitive storage market crowded with rivals.

HDS Aims High for Small Biz, Compliance

Hitachi Data Systems trots out a storage box for its Thunder line and business continuity software and compliance features for its high-end Lightning server family. Taken as a whole, the system is geared for SMB storage consolidation, or for improving the state of business continuity.

Microsoft, Oracle Kick It Up a Notch for SMBs

Microsoft looks for new customers among small- to mid-sized companies. Meanwhile, Oracle trots out a single processor database for SMBs — something to rival IBM's DB2 Express offering. For the big brands, success in the SMB market depends solely on their ability to deliver value.

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 Arrives

The software maker rolls out two versions of its latest network-attached storage operating system with supporting products from leading storage hardware makers. The Standard Edition is a dedicated file and print server targeted for small businesses.

Gateway Eyes Dell's Server Model for Storage

The new rack storage lineup is not a breakthrough technology, but Gateway is confident enough about its pricing, service and support of SMBs to throw its hat into the storage subsystem ring.

IBM Taps SourceForge for Internal Linux Group

With security its main concern, Big Blue chooses VA Software's enterprise edition software for its internal open-source group. IBM also expanded its Linux practice in areas including global services and SMB solutions.

New WebSphere Software Serves B2B Integration Needs

IBM refreshes software from its WebSphere middleware portfolio to tie legacy applications to newer ones in a B2B trading community. There will be an 'Express' edition for small and medium businesses that want to integrate with a small number of trading partners as quickly as possible.

IBM Unveils Software, Services for Mid-Sizes Businesses

Gunning for Microsoft's market share, Big Blue unveils new software, hardware and financing programs for medium-sized businesses. Branded under IBM's 'Express' lineup, IBM follows through on delivering business solutions to mid-market enterprises.

PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards Try to Speed Merger

Looking to head off Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft tweak their agreement to speed up their merger process.

IBM to Release 'Express' Database for SMBs

Big Blue will roll out DB2 Express for cost-conscious customers in June as open-source databases continue to build a buzz.

Microsoft Touches Up Midmarket Business Software

The updated software for small- and medium-sized businesses offer 'superior' customer service, among other amenities.

IBM Preps Linux Package for SMBs

The new hardware and software combination package aims to supplant Windows in the small- and medium-sized business space. But are small businesses prepared to support Linux?

IBM Advances Express Software Lineup For SMBs

Hailing from its PartnerWorld conference this week in New Orleans, Big Blue airs some new software from its Express lineup specifically designed to put SMBs on the fast-track to sell-managing systems.

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