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Do the Samba with Linux File Servers

For basic small-business server needs, an inexpensive Linux server running Samba software can save you money without compromising performance.

Malware, Spyware and Other Ways to Ruin Your Day

IT consultant Beth Cohen takes an in-depth look at malware and offers tips on how you can both recognize infections and protect your PCs in the future.

VPN Gateway Appliances — Access Remote Data Like the Big Guys

Affordable, manageable products make it possible for small businesses to install their own VPNs. Access your data from anywhere on the road or around town.

Divorce ISP Style: Changing your Internet Service Provider

Whether you found a better deal or need faster service, learn how to change ISPs smoothly and without unnecessary downtime.

Is Your ISP Watching You?

Increasingly vigilant ISPs are quietly filtering their customers Web traffic to prevent malicious attacks. But the techniques they use may cause problems with your Internet connection and affect your business. Here's what you need to know.

Geeks for Rent: Changing IT Support for SMBs

Forget the kid down the street. SMBs are outsourcing their IT needs to providers that offer customized service and peace of mind.

Data Recovery Planning — What You Need to Know

Backup is just the beginning. You need a plan that restores your data quickly to get your company up and running in the event of a data disaster.

Beyond Backup - Data Protection and Business Continuity

Backing up data is one thing, but how long will it take you to recover and restore that data after disaster strikes? And can you keep your business running in the meantime?

Database Basics Part 4 — Your Dream Database

It's time to choose a database. Here's what you need to know to find the one that's right for you.

Database Basics Part 3 — How to Choose

How do you know which database is right for your company? Our database expert guides you through the pros and cons of both build-your-own and off-the-shelf applications.

Database Basics Part 2 — Spreadsheets and Databases

In part two of database basics, SMB guru Beth Cohen demonstrates how a database works by using a program most small businesses know intimately — a spreadsheet.

Database Basics — A Primer

Small Business IT guru Beth Cohen kicks off part one of a series on everything you ever wanted to know about databases but were afraid to ask.

Banishing Obsolete Software

Learn how to identify unsupported software and what to do when you find it. Migrating to modern software may cost you in the short-term, but it will ultimately save your small business from potentially expensive headaches in the long-term.

Smart Hardware Maintenance Strategies

Learn how to reduce your overall hardware maintenance costs while maintaining your computer systems at peak efficiency. First, don't spend money on needless upgrades. Second, don't waste money maintaining equipment long past its prime.

Lessons On Leveraging Suppliers

Do you find that some hardware vendors don't return your calls? Are you getting the feeling that they don't think you are worth their time? Learn how to make the most of your vendor relationships by picking the right supplier to suit your small business.

Emerging Technology and the IT Lifecycle

How can you be sure that you are making the best IT decision for your business? We discuss the IT lifecycle and the tradeoffs of implementing emerging technologies rather than established solutions for a small business.

Knowing When to Retire Old IT Systems

Is it time for you to look at the sustainability of your IT systems? Keeping old systems running can be very costly in terms of potential business risk and maintenance expense. Learn when it's time to say goodbye.

Backing Up Is Not Hard To Do

A good backup strategy is the best insurance policy you can have for your small business. Let's look at the fundamentals of backup strategies and data retrieval systems that make sense for smaller businesses.

Cyber Intrusion

Cyber intrusion can be very costly in terms of lost productivity, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable because they have fewer resources to devote to preventive measures. We look at the real costs of cyber intrusion.

Computer Maintenance Essentials

There are some fairly simple tasks that if done on a regular basis, can save your company when a computer disaster strikes. Implementing these simple guidelines will not prevent a disaster from happening, but it will allow you to get back to business faster and with fewer tribulations.

Practically Painless NT to Windows Server 2003 Migration

Completing a Windows NT to 2003 migration is serious business, but it is not impossible. Our experts can help you plan and administer a successful, and practically pain-free, Windows NT to 2003 server migration.

Network Security on a Shoestring Budget

In an environment where most small businesses are continually squeezed for time, resources, and funds, how can your possibly hope to fix and prevent network's security problems? Beth Cohen presents principles of 'good enough' computer security that might not prevent a massive targeted attack, but will take care of 90 percent of your network security woes.

Network Services: Outsourcing Pro's and Con's

Does outsourcing network services actually benefit your business and save you money? What are the tradeoffs of keeping network services in-house and outsourcing them? Learn what works best for your small business network.

Network Services: What Are Your Options?

There are basically three options for building and maintaining your company's networked services. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each solution before your company's critical computing needs hit critical mass.

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