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Apple Updates Mac Mini, Inside and Out

The new body design is similar to the MacBook, and Apple has also beefed up the internals of its book-sized computer with some decent processing power.

HP Envisions webOS-Powered, PC-Less Printers

It looks like Palm's webOS software won't just go into phones and tablets. HP is looking to use the lightweight OS in one of the products it's most famous for producing: laser printers.

Sprint Plans First 4G Smartphone for June

The company says its high-speed WiMax smartphone, the HTC EVO, is priced right for small business budgets.

Intel Gears Up for the Small Business Server Market

The computer chip maker plans to build a small business server platform based on a processor typically found in a netbook.

HP Aims Data Center Management Services at SMBs

HP’s looking at the larger side of small business and offering cloud-based data center management services and support programs.

Intel Introduces Core vPro Family, Aims to Woo SMBs

Four years and four generations into the vPro technology, Intel offers a slew of new enhancements, many of which are designed to help small businesses better handle PC security and management.

It's All About the Apple iPad

Apple finally reveals its much-hyped iPad — a device that falls into the gap between a smartphone and a notebook.

Dell Launches Desktop Built for Abuse

The OptiPlex XE is designed to take the toughest computing jobs you can dish out.

ViewSonic Broadens Its PC Portfolio

The monitor company strengthens its commitment to building computers by rolling out nine new models. How do they differ from Dell and HP offerings?

Dell Vostro V13 Offers Style, Substance and Low Price

The new slim-line Vostro V13 features sleek good looks in a lightweight frame, which is easy on both the eyes and the muscles of mobile small business owners. And the price is easy on the wallet, too.

Microsoft Office 2010: Would You Upgrade?

Will new functions and features in the latest version of Microsoft’s office suite, currently available in beta, tempt you to lay your money down?

Apple Cuts Prices, Updates Desktop Macs

From the Mac Mini to the Mac Pro, every Apple desktop product has been overhauled and updated — and the company is looking for a little less moolah in return. We have all the specs and details on the new goods.

Windows XP Gets Another Life Extension

We should all hope for as many life extensions as Windows XP.

Microsoft Office Apps for the Web Arrive

The company says it designed lightweight versions of the popular office productivity apps to offer more versatility, not to counter OpenOffice.

USB 3.0 - Get Ready for a Faster Reality

Intel's near-final spec will let USB vendors make products that can run 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

Dell Finds a Way to Continue XP Sales

While most computer makers offer upgrades, Dell offers to sell a $20 "downgrade" to PC buyers Windows XP.

Lo-Jack For Laptops?

More than 600,000 laptops disappear in airports in the U.S. every year. Some may have your personal data. Dell has a solution to that problem.

Picture This: Adobe's Photoshop Online

Company shows what its rich Internet application technology Flex can do in beta release of its flagship image-editing program.

Trend Micro Lightens Exchange's Load

Message Archiver is designed to provide a fast, searchable archive of e-mail.

Dell Offers Notebooks Built For Abuse

New XFR notebook is designed for punishing environments and extreme weather.

Intel Has Mobility On Tap for the New Year

A new ultra-portable platform and a flash drive you could easily lose in your pocket are just two of the latest gadgets that will be on display next month's Consumer Electronics Show.

Dell Gets Back To Basics With New Server Line

New servers and a new approach reflect a strategic emphasis on simplicity preferred by CEO Michael Dell.

Seagate Launches Flash-Cached Notebook Drives

Hybrid drives promise a performance upgrade far more cheaply than all-Flash solid-state drives.

Dell Throws Small Business a Storage Line

New storage server isn't much cheaper than the competition, but it won't scale up in cost as it scales up in capacity.

Mobile Workers Undo Security Measures

Trend Micro reports that mobile workers seem less wary of Internet security threats than their desktop-bound counterparts.

Fujitsu Announces Green Server for Small Business

Low-end, environmentally conscious TX120 server consumes just 163 watts of power and can easily hide under a desk.

Salesforce, Google Team Up for Small Business

The new deal targets the SMB market, not the enterprise as experts expected.

SMBs Playing The Ostrich When It Comes To Security

They think it can't happen to them, when their own employees could be the biggest risk.

Seagate Delivers Encrypting Hard Drive

On-controller chip will handle encryption and decryption in real time with no performance impact.

Are Your Computers DST-Compliant?

The upcoming change in the start and finish of daylight savings might throw systems off by an hour.

Vista Gets The Final Sign-Off

With his final Microsoft project off to manufacturing, Allchin sings its praises one more time.

Microsoft Takes Office 'Live'

Office Live offers integration with Microsoft services for small businesses.

New ThinkPads Offer Total Hard Drive Encryption

Lenovo's ThinkPad notebooks say 'access denied' without the right fingerprint.

Microsoft Ships Final Test Version of Vista

Looks like Microsoft may keep its own deadline after all.

Symantec Readies Phishing Protection Software

Just what we need, more Internet security software. Symantec prepares to add another layer of protection to online transactions.

Salesforce.com Updates to Summer CRM

The 20th version of the popular on-demand software offers SAP integration and partner access among the changes.

Microsoft To Take Dynamics CRM Live

A plan to add Dynamics CRM to its Windows Live lineup puts SalesForce.com in Microsoft's crosshairs.

More Delays for Office 2007

It's déjà vu all over again as Microsoft announces yet another delay for its Office 2007 software suite.

Microsoft Issues Critical Security Updates

Keep your PCs safer and your business sounder — download these patches that repair bugs in Windows, Internet Explorer and Outlook.

Windows Customers Squeezed Coming and Going

If you're thinking of sticking with Windows 98 instead of Windows Vista, think again.

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