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Sharpen or Share Your Small Business Skills with SkillShare

Here's a great Web resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn new skills. Or who want to share their knowledge with others. Learn anything – anywhere.

4 Tips for Promoting a Local Business

Our small business marketing expert offers ideas to help promote a local business, build a brand, create an irresistible offer, create Web content, and a whole lot more.

Business Survival Lessons from the Music Industry

The music business serves as a cautionary tale about what can happen when an entire industry digs in its heels and fails to adapt. What can small business learn from that example?

Small Business SEO Tips

Want to learn more about what search engine optimization can do for your small business? Watch this interview with SEO expert Adam White.

Web Tools to Deal with To-do Lists and Slow-loading Websites

Improve your efficiency with two free Web tools that can help you get organized and identify slow-loading pages on your small business website. 

SMB Marketing Tips: Ways to Promote a Local Business

Don’t let a small or non-existent advertising budget slow you down. Our small business marketing expert offers tips on how to get the word out on your local business.

2 Web Tools to Help SMBs Clean Out and Clean Up

These two small business Web tools can help you clean out unwanted software on your PC and then clean up on eBay with a secret weapon to help you make the most from your online auctions.

Marketing to a Captive Audience

A captive audience – think waiting room at the doctor's office or the auto repair shop – is a perfect small business marketing opportunity. Our expert entrepreneur shows how to make the most of it.

Get iPhone and iPad Apps for Free

Why pay money for iPhone and iPad apps? This Web tool alerts you when for-fee apps become available for free.

Crowdfunding Through Kickstarter

Calling all entrepreneurs: do you have a great project or product, but you need money to bring it to fruition? Say hello to Kickstarter.

Andrew's Awesome Asia Tour Part 2

Small business expert and entrepreneur Andrew Lock continues his travels through Asia.

Andrew's Awesome Asia Tour (and Marketing Observations)

Even when our small business marketing maverick goes on vacation, he comes back with marketing insights. Join the tour and see for yourself.

Learn How to Start Your Own Online Business

Web tools and resources can teach you almost anything, including how to start your own online business. Are you ready to take The Challenge?

How to Create an 'Experience' with Small Business Marketing

What can any entrepreneur, learn from Starbucks? Enough to incorporate these small business marketing tips. Plus, the problem with blanket customer-service policies.

Small Business Web Tools for Video Music and Website Colors

These two free Web tools will help you add music to you small business videos and identify the best colors for your website.

3 Essential Elements for a Great Domain Name

What goes into making a really good domain name? Our small business marketing expert reveals three must-have components.

How to Pick the Right Color Schemes for Your Website

Advice on choosing the best colors for your website, a reminder that "everything is marketing and marketing is everything," and a marketing tip from Coca Cola.

3 Web Tools to Host, Build and Protect Your Website

These three Web resources will help you get your small business on the Web by hosting a domain, building a site and making sure miss-typed URLs don’t take your customers astray.

3 Web Resources for Books, Video and Web Forms

Voracious readers will love this free book exchange, plus a great video search site and an affordable way to make your own Web forms.

Web Tools for Project Management, Web Design & Affiliates

Free and/or affordable Web tools and resources are a small business owner's best friend. Make friends with these three tools today.

How to Avoid 5 Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

There's a right way and a wrong way to promote your business. Our marketing expert lists five common mistakes you can easily avoid. Plus more free marketing tips and resources.

How to Be a Prosperous Entrepreneur

Our small business marketing expert interviews Randy Garns, the New York Times best-selling author of Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want.

Blog Vs. Website: Which Does your SMB Need?

If your small business has a blog, does it really need a website, too? Our small business marketing expert explains the best approach for promoting your business online.

Tips for Marketing Your MLM Business

Our small business marketing guru offers his take on networking marketing as well as a few tips on the best way to market an MLM business. Plus, a brilliant twist on user manuals from Samsung.

Choosing a Domain Registration and Web Host

Our small business marketing expert reveals his top pick for domain registration and Web hosting. And weighs in on which domain up-sell options are worthwhile. Plus, a time-saving Web tool.

A Social Network Exclusively for Small Business

Network with other small business owners, plus we've got two other Web tools and resources to help you run your small business. Best of all they're free.

Does Google Adwords Still Make Sense for SMBs?

Our small business marketing expert opines on whether Google Adwords is still a viable means to promote an online business.

Timeless Small Business Marketing Strategies

Our small business marketing expert looks at two different marketing strategies that stand the test of time. How can you put them to work for your business?

Web Tools: Resource Sharing with NeighborGoods

The smallest businesses often rely on creative thinking to get the job done while cutting costs. This resource-sharing site might be just the thing for cash-strapped mom-and-pop shops.

Small Business Marketing: How to Expand into New Markets

Get the best small business marketing tips and resources on the Web right here, right now. You know you need 'em.

Small Business Marketing Survey Web Tool

This Web-based tool lets you keep your fingers on the pulse of your small business by creating surveys to learn what your customers think.

Marketing Tips: Deliver Free, Upfront Value

Want to build trust quickly? Nothing overcomes obstacles faster than delivering value before getting paid. Our marketing expert shows how.

Web Tool Matches Star Power with Product Promos

Not plugged in to the Hollywood scene? Don’t fret. This Web tool helps you find a celebrity to pitch your products.

Building a Small Business Brand

Building a successful brand can be challenging; it's more than just a pretty logo. Get great advice, tips and resources from an expert in small business branding.

Get Schooled with Video Tutorials for Mac, iPad, iPhone

Membership has its privileges, and this Web resource offers more than 300 video tutorials to help you master your Mac, iPhone and iPad. What are you waiting for?

The Ultimate PC-to-Mac Web Resource

If you're making the switch from a PC to a Mac, bookmark this must-have website. It offers everything you need to know to be a Mac.

Does Your Customer Service Leave a Bad Impression?

Make no mistake: customer service is marketing. Does yours measure up? Our small business marketing guru shares a prime example of customer service gone wrong.

4 Eclectic Web Tools for Small Business

From legal services and Web ads to coupons and graphical charts, these Web tools and resources will help you get more done and save more money. What are you waiting for?

Creative Marketing Tips for Small Business

Andrew Lock offers plenty of helpful tips and marketing strategies that you can easily adapt to your small business. Watch this week's episode and learn how to stand out from the competition.

Build your Own Widget Web Tool

This week's mixed bag of Web tools includes a widget-maker, a resource for recording media and a great anti-spam tool.

An Interview with Jim Cockrum, the King of Free Marketing

Our small business marketing guru interviews the author of Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off.

4 Small Business Travel Web Tools

You can get there from here, and these four Web-based travel tools will help you find the best deals on flights, select the exact seat you want and keep track of your itinerary automatically.

Learn to Fail Efficiently

Our small business marketing guru interviews Rich Christiansen, successful entrepreneur and author of The Zig Zag Principle. Find out why failure is an option -- as long as you do it right.

3 Web Tools for Images, Video or Design

The Web tools listed here can help you record video on your computer screen, choose the right colors for your any design project or edit images on the fly.

Banish Boring Business Cards

That ubiquitous paper rectangle with your name on it won’t help you stand out from the crowd. Our small business marketing guru offers effective alternatives and other marketing tips.

3 Time-Saving Web Tools

When it comes to running your business, shaving minutes off your day is a good thing. We've found three tools to help boost your efficiency. Check 'em out -- quick!

4 Web Tools at Your Service

If you don't want to save time and money, don’t read this article. If you do, we've got four Web tools and resources to help you spend less money or carve more time out of your busy day.

How to Attract Advertisers for Your Website

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Our small business marketing guru shows how modeling the advertising strategies of successful online business owners can work for you.

3 Wicked Cheap Online Tools for SMBs

Get professional results without a big sticker price. From conducting conference calls, creating diagrams or cleaning out useless links, these three Web tools handle the job for either little or no money.

How to Get Your Business Noticed

Our small business marketing savant offers tips on staying top-of-mind, a very affordable outsourcing Web resource and marketing strategies from Five Guys.

3 Free Ways to Promote Your Small Business

If your budget can’t accommodate advertising, you can still get the word out using these free small business marketing tactics. Plus, learn an easy way to build buzz for your business.

Web Tools to Educate and Communicate

This Web tool cuts to the chase of the best business books and gives you actionable steps. Plus, an e-mail marketing service that's both affordable and feature-rich.

Small Business Marketing: How to Pitch a Joint Venture

Don’t make this rookie mistake as you look for joint-venture partners. Plus, learn what creating a theme can do for your small business and enjoy more free marketing advice.

2 Online Tools That Protect and Serve Small Business

One of these Web tools fights online theft, while the other lets you better serve your customers.

4 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Online Business

Get creative with video to showcase your business online. Our small business marketing expert shows you how.

4 Small Business Web Tools to Track News and Trends

Staying on top of news and trends is a whole lot easier when you have the right Web tools. Our small business marketing guru hooks you up with four Web resources to keep at your fingertips.

Free Marketing Tips: Be an Expert, Attract Customers

Our small business marketing guru offers tips on establishing expertise, rebranding products for a specific audience and a whole lot more. Watch the episode and improve your marketing skills.

Conquer Craigslist with a Small Business Web Tool

Craigslist is a great way to buy the stuff you need without spending a lot of money. Here's a Web tool that lets you find that stuff without spending a lot of time.

2 Web Tools for Small Business

We've got one Web tool to help you keep up with technology and another to help you promote your business. Ah, life is good.

Small Business Marketing Tips from American Idol Live

Can you apply American Idol-style upselling to your business? You bet. Plus, the right way to use text message marketing.

A Web Resource to Market and Sell Digital Goods

Looking for a place to distribute music, software, ebooks and other digital goods? TradeBit is a marketplace for buyers and sellers. Plus, hard to find 800 numbers just got easier to find.

Small Business Marketing: Focus on the Why

Our small business marketing guru says people care about why, not what, and he offers principles that you can apply to any business. Plus, learn the benefit of keeping it simple.

Connecting Entrepreneurs, Investors and Cash Flow

Whether you need money to fund your business dreams or you want to invest in the next great entrepreneur, RaiseCapital wants to play matchmaker. Plus, sound financial advice from Get Rich Slowly.

SMB Marketing: Outsource Your Video

Take a look at what a virtual assistant who specializes in creating video presentations, demos and testing can do for your business. Plus a nifty scout to search the Web for you.

Generate Back-end Sales Online

Our small business marketing maverick offers tips on how to create ways to bring customers back to your site for more sales. Plus, a great Web host and a marketing lesson from Zappos.

Turn Your iPad or iPhone into a Teleprompter

Don’t have thousands of dollars for a Teleprompter? No problem. Our small business guru says that, with iPrompter, your iPad or iPhone can put the right words in your mouth.

Design Tips to Improve Google Ranking

Our marketing guru offers a viewer tips on modifying his website to help it fare better with Google. Plus, an easy way to upload large files to Amazon S3 storage and a marketing lesson from Wal-Mart.

A Web Tool for Play, Not Work

Every small business owner deserves a break. When it's time to get away from it all, use this Web tool to find the perfect HomeAway from home.

Unconventional Marketing for Boring Businesses

Don’t be afraid to challenge the norms in your conventional business. Our small business marketing guru offers tips to help you stand out and be noticed.

Free Web Analytics for Small Business

This handy Web tool generates a variety of analytics reports on any website. Plug in your small business website to see how you're doing, or learn more about your competition.

Small Business Marketing Tips for Local Business

A bad economy is especially challenging for local businesses. Our small business marketing guru mines good tips for marketing in a small geographic area from local business owner, Matthew Perry.

Small Business Marketing Meets Affordable Printing

Eye-catching, full-color posters can make a real marketing statement, but that statement doesn't have to cost a small fortune. ShortrunPosters lets you print big without spending big.

Small Business Outsourcing with Craigslist

Sure, you know Craigslist as a great way to unload stuff or to find a great deal on office furniture. But it's also a great Web tool to find someone to do a job for you -- or freelance work for yourself.

A Cash Connection for Entrepreneurs and Investors

This small business Web tool helps entrepreneurs and investors connect, collaborate and, oh yes, make money.

Confessions of an Internet Entrepreneur

Do you want to start an online business? Our small business marketing maverick interviews Marc Ostrofsky, one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs of all time. Tune in and take notes.

Mining MeetUp for Local, Like-Minded Marketers

Meetup.com is a great way to network with other small business entrepreneurs, or you can start your own local mastermind group. Plus, two more Web tools to help your business.

Small Business Marketing Tips to Advertise Your Website

Small business marketing maverick, Andrew Lock, offers tips on how you can drive traffic to your website. Plus, incompetent entrepreneurs and a look at Amazon's 'prime' loyalty program.

5 First Steps to Building an Online Business

Want to be an online entrepreneur? Take action now. We've got the five basic steps you need to start your online business the right way, and a bunch of small business marketing tips, too.

Attention-Getting Small Business Marketing Tips

Added value -- it's a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd, and our small business marketing guru shows you a way to capture your customers' attention and dollars.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Get Financial Advice

Don't miss this interview with Garrett Gunderson of Freedom Fast Track, and learn how small business owners like you make better use of their money.

3 Web Tools to Boost Productivity and Social Networking

Manage projects for free; build Web forms; and join a social networking site for small business entrepreneurs. These awesome Web tools that won’t cost you a penny.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Our small business marketing maverick shares a resource to increase traffic to your website. Plus, the episode includes marketing ideas from Whole Foods that you can apply to your business.

3 Web Tools for Small Business Communication

Our small business marketing expert shares three Web tools -- Screenr, LogMeIn and TweetDeck -- that help small businesses keep communicating and stay connected.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Help, Don't Sell

Want more business? The key is to serve, not sell. Other small business marketing tips this week include blogging, upsells and a resource that finds domain names fast.

Tips from an Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Small business marketing expert Andrew Lock interviews the co-host of the top-rated audio show on iTunes. If you're into online marketing, you'll want to watch this interview.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Get 'Paid to Play'

Tune in to an interview with Garrett J. White, one of the most interesting and energetic small business entrepreneurs around. He founded the company Paid to Play, and who wouldn’t want to be that?

Small Business Marketing: How to Promote a Website

Looking for ways to promote your website? Our small business expert weighs in, plus he shares a cool mind-mapping resource.

Marketing Tips: Teleseminars Vs. Webinars

Which of these communication methods is more effective at engaging customers? Our expert weighs in on this small business marketing topic. Plus a Web tool to sync and share files.

Marketing Tips: Build a Twitter List

Our small business marketing expert shares tips for building a Twitter following and recommends software tools to leverage Twitter effectively. Plus, a free survey tool and ways to get customers into your store.

Small Business Marketing Tips: What's in a Sign?

Our small business marketing maverick is back in the saddle with his first, new episode of 2011. And this video's loaded with marketing tips to help you "get more done, and have more fun."

Small Business Marketing Tips: Product Names Matter

Our small business marketing maverick shows how great ads hook viewers, how one big company used product names to make its mark, how a simple copywriting tweak makes a huge difference.

5 Marketing Tips for Cross-Promoting Your Products

Our small business marketing expert reveals five ways you can cross-promote products. Plus, he shows what makes an ad successful, and shares a resource to learn more about your iPhone.

Marketing Tips: Unethical SEO Tactics

Does bad publicity drive SEO ranking? We look at one example; plus offline marketing tips, a WordPress video tips resource and event marketing tips.

Web Tools and Resources for Small Business

These three Web tools let you find where your small business website, or your competitor's, ranks in overall traffic, design a website for free or create affordable legal documents.

Free Small Business Marketing Tips

Our expert offers free small business marketing tips including a creative way to stand-out-from-the crowd, advice on whether to refresh a brand, and how to build celebrity status out of nothing.

Internet Marketing Strategies That Work

James Schramko, an Internet marketing expert, brings integrity and honesty to the industry. This interview offers Internet marketing tips to help you provide real value and create life-long customers.

3 Web Tools for Your Small Business

Brand your expertise through online videos, a source for free stock photos and photography tips, plus a Photoshop plugin to create amazing graphics covers.

Unconventional Small Business Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Our small business marketing guru shows why reformatting existing products and premium pricing structures can increase revenue.

Small Business Web Tool: Video Publishing

We look at three small business Web tools that let you publish your small business marketing videos on the Internet, hire freelancers and track down the best bargains on the planet.

Small Business Marketing: Stand Out from the Loud

We've got a clutch of clever small business marketing tips that range from blaring TV ads, the pros and cons of squeeze pages, a search engine for videos and a simple way to wow your first-time customers.

Small Business Web Tools: Learn, Earn and Grow

We've got three small businesses Web tools help keep your mind sharp, your ink black and your entrepreneurial spirit charged.

Marketing Strategies for Any Small Business

Big companies use smart marketing strategies to win customers and increase revenue. But you can adapt their techniques to your business. Our small business marketing expert shows you how.

3 Web Tools for Small Business Marketing

These Web tools and resources can help you find a virtual assistant, distribute your small business marketing videos and save money on printing marketing materials.

Small Business Marketing: Ads, Affiliates and Revenue

Andrew Lock offers up a dose of small business marketing tips. This week: what makes a TV ad more effective, a resource for affiliate marketing and how to leverage existing assets to make more money.

Cool Web Tools -- 2 Out of 3 Free

All three of these Web tools can help build your online presence and even boost your bottom line. Two are totally free and the third Web tool is totally worth it.

Small Business Tips: The Crazy Cost of Inkjet Printer Ink

Did you know that inkjet printer ink costs more than good champagne? Plus, marketing your business through your employees, and ways to engage customers on your website.

3 Small Business Marketing Web Tools

Whether you're looking for how-to videos, website analytics or free stock photos for your website, we've got three small business marketing tools to help you get the job done.

Small Business Marketing: Tapping the Aloha Spirit

Marketing tips from one of Hawaii's most successful small business owners. He believes that outstanding customer service must come from a genuine place to result in great success.

6 Hawaiian-Style Small Business Marketing Tips

Our maverick marketer vacations in Maui and still finds an island full of small business marketing tips to help you build a better business.

Small Business Marketing: Reliable Streaming Video

Online video is a great small business marketing tool, and our maverick marketer shows how to keep viewers watching instead of waiting for video to load. Plus, how not to talk to customers.

Small Business Marketing: Funding Resources

Need money to develop or market your products? Our small business marketing expert offers a couple of very handy resources. Plus, spelling counts and a marketing lesson from eBags.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Accepting Failures

Our small business marketing guru begets a Best Buy brouhaha, talks about failure as a part of success and shares a cross-promotion marketing strategy you can adapt for your company.

Get the Picture: Web Tools for SMB Graphics

Three free down 'n dirty Web tools to help you perk up a picture, find a fun font or browse images at photo sites with ease.

Nifty Clicks: Web Tools for Small Business

Check out these three free Web tools so you can stop registering on websites, track down those hidden 800 numbers and clue in to the biggest trends on the Web.

Marketing Tips: How Not to Run Your Business

Our marketing maven looks at two big brands and finds that one excels at repelling customers. Plus, tips for posting video on your blog or website and a cool Outlook plugin.

Marketing Tools: Distribute Press Releases

PRWeb is a handy site for sending press releases to journalists and news sites. Plus, a way to track your favorite shows and a site that lets you aggregate all your social media sites.

Marketing Tips: Shake Up Your Strategy

From burgers to business cards, this week's small business marketing tips show how bold strategy can make your business stand out from the crowd.

Small Business Web Tools: Help with WordPress Blogs

We've got three Web tools to help you master WordPress, find free video footage and stay up-to-date on the latest Internet marketing news.

Small Business Marketing: Don't Accept Status Quo

Look for ways to enhance your customers' experience and you'll reap the rewards. Our small business marketing expert shows you how. Plus, free Web tools.

Small Business Marketing: Cultivating Testimonials

Is it ethical to offer an incentive in exchange for a testimonial? Plus, subliminal details in logos, a Web-based video tool and a marketing lesson from Lego.

Free Small Business Web Tools

This week's grab bag of Web tools – all of which are free -- includes a file format converter, a keyword tool and a nifty way to search all locations on Craig's List.

Marketing Strategies: Lessons from Starbucks and AT&T

Small business marketing expert Andrew Lock weighs in on new strategies from two big companies. What can SMBs learn? Plus, a great Web tool from Google.

Small Business Web Tools: Online Invoicing

Take a look at this no/low-cost invoicing Web tool, plus a resource for Wordpress blog themes and a powerful Internet marketing tool for small business marketing.

Small Business Marketing: Free Market Research

This week our small business marketing guru reveals a free market research site, opines about the best duration for eBay auctions and shows how customer involvement drives sales.

Small Business Marketing: SEO Tools

Take a look at these three handy resources to help boost your small business marketing efforts in SEO, writing sales letters and distributing videos.

Small Business Marketing: Customer Education

Do your customers 'get' what you do? Do you need to explain it a bit better? Marketer Andrew Lock looks at the line between education and overkill, and offers more small businesses marketing advice.

Social Media as a Small Business Marketing Strategy

From the effective use of social media to a resource to help you make money blogging to a big marketing lesson from Citrix, Andrew Lock offers the best small business marketing tips.

3 For Free: Web Tools and Resources

Free content is good, especially when it comes in the form of helpful tips that you can give your customers. Plus, humorous 'not news,' and a free tool to make videos.

Small Business Marketing: Ideal Domain Names

Finding a good domain name isn’t easy, but Andrew Lock shares tips on how to do it. Plus, free video conversion software and small business marketing ideas from the Celebrity Apprentice.

3 Mostly Free Small Business Web Tools

If you need inspiration, products to sell or a quick translation, Andrew Lock has just the Web tools you're looking for.

Small Business Marketing: Web Design Tips

Andrew Lock outlines must-have small business website design features, offers tips on standing out from the crowd and highlights a marketing lesson from the Four Seasons that you can use for free.

Web Tools for Small Business Marketing

We found a Web site that sells stock images -- guaranteed safe to use -- at big savings. Plus, appointment scheduling made easy and a way to see if you're getting a fair deal on rent.

Small Business Marketing Strategies You Can Adopt

Andrew Lock shows how to serve your customers by challenging industry norms, innovate with existing products and combine information with promotion to with your customers.

Web Tools: Improve Your Copywriting Skills

We love free Web tools, and CopyBlogger is a terrific small business marketing resource. We also have a nifty outsourcing site, plus the best free collaboration tool we've seen.

Small Business Marketing: Customer Service Gone Wrong

Another example of the negative marketing impact of poor customer service, plus productivity tips, a resource for business start-up funds and a big lesson from Hilton hotels.

Free Marketing Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs

How to drive how to drive the right kind of traffic to your small business website, productivity tips, a more efficient homepage and why it's good to be a gatekeeper.

Small Business Web Tools: Outsource Your Copywriting

Here's a free Web tool to help you hire an expert copywriter so you can spend your time focused on what you do best. Plus, an easy software downloader and a great way to cash in on gift cards.

Add Disney Magic to Your Small Business Marketing

A small business taking marketing tips from Disney isn't as Goofy or Mickey Mouse as it sounds. Find out how you can incorporate effective marketing strategies from the Mouse House.

Small Business Marketing Tools: Goal Planning

A free marketing tool to help you track your goals, a site to let you know if someone's stolen your Web images and a place where everything costs you $5.

Small Business Marketing: Create a Loyalty Program

Why reinvent the wheel when you can borrow concepts from other industries to create your own loyalty program? Plus, a resource for creating membership websites and recurring income.

Free Marketing Tool for Small Business SEO

Looking for a free search engine marketing tool? MarketLeap can help. Plus, a look at free TV online and a resource for borrowing and lending money.

Marketing Tools: Automate Your Follow Up

Small business CRM software to simplify customer follow-up, plus a secret weapon for selling on eBay, tips that save you time and a lesson from Honda on target marketing.

Web Tools: Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

ProBlogger can help you build your personal brand, plus a look at a free online classifieds site and the place to go when you need to know how stuff works.

Marketing for Small Business: Create a Referral System

Andrew Lock shares his ideas for designing a customer referral system, tips on webinars as a marketing tool plus a simple marketing strategy from Hertz that SMBs can employ.

Marketing Tips: Email Management Strategies

Tips on how to reduce email overload, a resource for marketing on Twitter, and StarBucks learns a big lesson on listening to customers.

Small Business SEO: How to Use Google Analytics

A free resource teaches you how to use Google Analytics, plus a site for affordable stock video footage and a free Internet marketing tool to help you research keywords.

Internet Marketing Tools: Organic vs Pay Per Click

Creative advertising, preventing image theft and an interview with Shelby Larson, founder of ContentDivas, about driving sales through organic marketing strategies.

Marketing Tips: Embed Ads in Video

LiveRail.com helps you place ads into videos, plus a great marketing content resource for your Web site and a site that tests all kinds of marketing ideas and publishes the results for free.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Managing Contacts

Can any one tool corral contacts from your various sources? Plus, a FedEx failure, a $5 resource and Noah St John helps small business entrepreneurs take out the 'head trash.'

Entrepreneurial Strategies for Small Business Marketing

Three expert entrepreneurs offer tips and tactics to build a multi-million dollar business, to improve your productivity and to make money from your social media network.

Internet Marketing Tools: Web Analytics Service

CrazyEgg offers a colorful twist on your small business Web site traffic. Plus, a site for downloading free books and a nifty stopwatch with loads of features.

Marketing Strategies: Commit to Customer Service

This week Andrew Lock's small business marketing tips include the power and simplicity of customer service, a free outsourcing tool and an update on GotBiz.TV (hint: it's no joke).

Web Marketing Tools: What's Your Reputation?

Is your small business reputation on the line? Use this handy Web tool to find out. Plus, a how-to video resource and Google offers free social networking tools.

Small Business Marketing Tips: How to Write Better Copy

This week's marketing tips include a free copywriting Web tool, productivity advice to reduce your workload and a look at how studying your customers can increase revenue.

Handy Web Tools for Entrepreneurs

TripIt.com keeps your travel itinerary available no matter where you go, plus an SEO resource to keep tabs on your competition and a great source for large business posters.

Marketing Tips: How to Transfer Big Video Files

We look at ways to store and transfer large files over the Internet, affordable stock photos, and a tip from the OutBack restaurant that you can easily adapt to your small business marketing strategy.

Web Tools: Blogging Made Easy

NinjaWeb Setup takes the pain out of small business blogging. Plus, a free marketing resource to help you get interviewed on TV or radio and the 'Pandora' for books.

Marketing Tips: How to Find Copywriters

Andrew Lock reveals a great marketing tool to find copywriters, interviews author Nick Nanton about celebrity branding for entrepreneurs and shares a lesson on tying ads to current events.

Small Business Software: Build Your Own Web Forms

Need a contact form for your Web site? Do it yourself with Wufoo.com. Plus, a tool for adding streaming audio and Google Alerts as a marketing tool.

Marketing Tips: Optimize Audio for Google Searches

Google doesn't recognize or index audio files, but that doesn't mean your small business SEO strategy has to take a hit. Andrew Lock offers an easy, affordable solution.

Small Business Software: Easier Invoicing

Freshbooks automates invoicing. Plus, a Web tool that summarizes lengthy documents and a site that gives you the inside scoop on property values.

Marketing Tips: How to Track Direct Mailings on the Web

Plus, Andrew Lock offers a small business marketing lesson on solution selling and an interview with business success coach, Marc Accetta on the value of edutainment.

How to Find Free Stock Video Footage

You don't have to pay a fortune or anything at all, to find and use stock video footage. Check out SpinXpress. Plus a how-to marketing resource and a way to make Flash-based e-learning tools.

Marketing Tips: Google and Duplicate Content

Does Google penalize you for blasting videos to multiple sites? Plus, a source for all those gift cards you'll never use and tips on the psychology of reciprocity.

Free � and Massive � Online Storage

4Shared provides 10GB of online storage for free, plus affordable options for massive storage. Plus a one-click tool for uploading Web files and a resource to help you create products to sell online.

Marketing Tips: How to Sell Misunderstood Products

Plus, tips on how to find a supplier for your new small business and the wonders of scarcity marketing (hey, it works for Disney).

Money-Making Web Tools: Calling All Affiliates

ClickBank gives both affiliates and vendors a marketplace of their own, plus an affordable outsourcing site and a free auto-response e-mail generator to help market your products.

Marketing Tips: How to Price a Brand New Product

Plus, tips on naming products, daily inspiration and why quality beats creativity every time.

Get it Online: Low-Cost HelpDesk Support

Kayako’s helpdesk applications won’t dent your bottom line as you improve customer support. Plus, a free source for public domain videos, and a site to help you create and launch ads on mobile devices.

Marketing Tips: Planning for Seasonal Trends

Plus, a resource to help you plan and track your goals, advice on choosing an e-commerce shopping cart and a tool to help you form new, presumably better, habits.

Find It for Less on the Web: Free Business Cards

VistaPrint offers free business cards and a host of fee-based options, plus a site to keep you updated on all the latest topics and a search source for video that goes beyond YouTube.

Web Tools That Save You Money: Free Web Design

Imagine a free tool that lets you easily build a Web site that’s actually attractive. Plus, fabulous freebie site for software you’d actually use and a resource where you can buy high-quality printed envelopes.

Marketing Tips: Pricing Your Products and Services

Plus, marketing guru Andrew Lock shares the best place to find dependable mailing lists; offers a great resource for market testing and tracking; and highlights Ikea’s event-based strategy.

3 Handy Web Resources: Free PR for Small Businesses

Want to get the word out about your business or expertise? We’ve got a tool for that. Plus, a travel site that saves you money and time and an invaluable Web site that helps you bypass Byzantine phone trees and speak to an actual human.

Marketing Tips: How to Sell in a Competitive Market

Plus, fun as a persuader, a tool to find the perfect helper and a lesson from Samsung on the advantage of tapping underserved markets.

Handy Web Tools: Outsourcing Through Guru.com

Plus, a way to send big files from within popular software (think Outlook, Office and Photoshop) and a full-featured printing service that ships anywhere in the world.

In-N-Out Burger: 4 Big Marketing Tips for SMBs

Andrew Lock goes on location to demonstrate how small business owners can easily apply the marketing strategies that help this fast food company stand out from the crowd.

(Mostly) Free Web Tools: Manage Your Money with Mint

Plus, a Pandora-like site for video, boffo graphics to make your own media covers, and a corporate-quality e-mail marketing service that won’t cost you a cent.

Marketing Tips: Embed and Distribute Online Video

Plus, marketing guru Andrew Lock shares his story, a Twitter tool for quick updates and a lesson from WinCo supermarkets on the effectiveness of proof points in ads.

Top Web Tools: Create More Effective Sales Letters

Plus, record video interviews for free, an online marketplace for graphic design projects, and where to find reliable, easy-to-use WordPress themes for your Web sites or blogs.

Marketing Tips: How to Sell DVDs Online

Plus, the great PC vs. Mac debate, how you can record video interviews, and a lesson from Hotels.com on differentiating yourself in a competitive market.

Marketing Tips: How to Promote Any Business

Plus, creative ads that catch your eye, formatting sales letters and a lesson from Delta airlines on the benefits of customer care.

Free Web Tools: Add Printable Coupons to Your Site

Plus, more free resources including: a digital clipping service, a domain typo generator (never lose another customer to a miss-typed URL) and a way to stay up to date on your industry’s trends.

Marketing Tips: The Benefits of Targeted Ads

Plus, Andrew Lock recommends a graphic design resource and looks at getting big results for not much money.

Nifty Clicks: Edicy, TubeMogul, StatCounter, Faster Audio

Looking for cool Web tools? Andrew Lock’s latest resources let you build a Web site for free, distribute videos online, track Web analytics, and speed up audio files to learn in half the time.

Marketing Tips: Customer Service IS Marketing

This week’s episode of Help My Business Sucks shows how good customer service drives loyalty, looks at Web sales conversion, and takes advice from NetFlix.

Marketing Tips: VC Funding, Follow-up Tips, Conde Nast

This week, unconventional marketer Andrew Lock looks at a funding show called Dragons Den, offers advice on prospect follow-ups, and a lesson from Conde Nast.

NiftyClicks: Apture, Fawnt, One-Time Offers, YouConvertIt

This week’s crop of Web tools help you discover content for your Web or blog, find free, professional-quality fonts, easily create one-time-offers, and convert just about an file format you can imagine.

Marketing Tips: More Customers with Less Advertising

Our resident marketing guru, Andrew Lock, offers up a rant about poor customer service, along with handy tips and more advice on how to make your company stand out from the competition.

NiftyClicks: Backpage, IM NewsWatch, Yotify, BackPackIt

This week, Andrew Lock’s batch of Web tools and resources includes a free online classified site, a source for Internet Marketing, a cool service that finds anything and an affordable Intranet for your business.

Marketing Tips: PPC Spy, Domain Name Typos and Dell

Andrew Lock’s marketing tips, insight and resources will help you climb out of the box and stand out from the crowd.

NiftyClicks: Complaints, Web Calculator, Ping.fm, Coupons

From protecting consumers and figuring out how much your Web site is worth, to posting on social media sites and finding rock bottom prices online, Andrew Lock delivers the best Web tools and resources.

Marketing Tips: GotBiz.tv, Nervous Customers & TextBoom

More marketing insight, strategy and fun with Andrew Lock, the host of Help, My Business Sucks!

NiftyClicks: Printing, Finance, Slides & Free Video

No one collects better online tools and resources than our favorite online marketing expert, Andrew Lock. Add four more NiftyClicks to your online arsenal.

Marketing Tips: Bad Service, Printable Coupons, Jet Blue

Andrew Lock offers up fresh tips on how to make your business can stand out from the crowd because “marketing is everything, and everything is marketing.”

NiftyClicks: SmartDraw, SitePal, Coupons, Zentation

You can never have enough Web tools and resources, especially when they’re free. Andrew Lock’s latest collection of NiftyClicks will help you get the job done.

Marketing Tips: Problem Customers, PDFs and Hyatt

Learn more unconventional marketing tips from Andrew Lock and enjoy a preview of his new Web network for entrepreneurs, GotBiz.tv.

Marketing Tips: Domain Name, Cheap Airfare, Gift cards

This week we delve into Andrew Lock’s Help! My Business Sucks archives for more great marketing ideas and resources to help you build your business.

Marketing Tips: Odd Business Names, Free Local Promotion

Unconventional marketer Andrew Lock offers up fresh advice on how to help your business stand out from the crowd.

NiftyClicks: Backup, Web Design and Free Music

Andrew Lock, host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares more cool online tools. Take a look at what Mozy, RedAlt, ColorSchemeDesigner and AudioMicro can do for you.

Marketing Tips: Convert Clicks, Mesh, Loyalty Programs

Take a few tips from Andrew Lock, the man who knows that “everything is marketing and marketing is everything.”

NiftyClicks: SpotRunner,WordPress, Blist, Google Insights

Here’s another batch of handy Web resources from our favorite maverick marketer, Andrew Lock. These practical tools can help you “get more done and have more fun.”

Marketing Tips: Pet Potential, Web Promotion and M&Ms

It’s time for the latest Webisode of "Help! My Business Sucks!" and watch as marketing maven Andrew Lock shows entrepreneurs how to “get more done and have more fun.”

NiftyClicks: When Is Good, TED, Woot and 5Min.com

Marketing maven Andrew Lock offers up four sites that can help you be more productive, efficient and knowledgeable as you run your business.

Marketing Tips: Go Viral, Virus Protection, Social Media

Marketing maven Andrew Lock shows how to “get more done and have more fun” in this week’s episode of Help! My Business Sucks!

Marketing Tips: Social Media, $8K, TV Ads, New Customers

Marketing maven Andrew Lock shows how to “get more done and have more fun.” in the latest Webisode of Help! My Business Sucks!

NiftyClicks: Loot, iFreelance, PlanetBargains, SideStep

It’s time for more NiftyClicks from our favorite marketing maverick, Andrew Lock. Check out his selection cool tools that can make your life a little bit easier.

NiftyClicks: BuySellAds, BookMooch, OVGuide, TextLinkAds

Andrew Lock, marketing wizard and founder of Help! My Business Sucks, shares more Nifty Clicks – cool tools you can use – to make your life a bit easier.

Nifty Clicks: Xobni, SBA, Acrobat Alternative and FixPicture

Andrew Lock, host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares more cool online tools that make your life a bit easier and help you get more out of your work day.

Nifty Clicks: LegalZoom, Widgets, PDFs, Cheap Gas

Andrew Lock, irreverent marketing guru and Web host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares more of his favorite cool tools to make your life a bit easier.

Marketing Tips: Keywords, Gadgets and Fried Chicken

Check out the latest Webisode of "Help! My Business Sucks!" and watch as marketing maven Andrew Lock shows entrepreneurs how to “get more done and have more fun.”

NiftyClicks: Domain Search, SeatGuru, Free Advice

Andrew Lock tracks down and shares more practical Web sites to help you “get more done and have more fun.”

Nifty Clicks: BugMeNot, CoolIris, File Zipping, SpySweeper

Andrew Lock, irreverent marketing guru and Web host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares his favorite cool tools you can use – to make your life a bit easier.

NiftyClicks: TravelZoo, Gliffy, Yelp and Meetup

Andrew Lock, irreverent marketing guru and Web host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares his favorite cool tools to make your life a bit easier.

Nifty Clicks: Free Customer Surveys, Conference Calls

Andrew Lock, irreverent marketing guru and Web host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares his favorite cool tools to make your life a bit easier.

Nifty Clicks: DeadLink, Skype, Simulscribe, PhotoBucket

Andrew Lock, marketing wizard and founder of Help! My Business Sucks, shares more Nifty Clicks – cool tools you can use – to make your life a bit easier.

NiftyClicks: Cool Web Tools and Resources for Small Business

Welcome to NiftyClicks. In the first of this ongoing series, marketing maven and Web wunderkind Andrew Lock offers up six clicks that can help you be more productive, efficient and knowledgeable as you run your business.

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